Friday, October 10, 2014

Advanced Technology Adopted by Today's Top Chiropractors

Chiropractors use various machines and instruments in their practice in order to realign the spine, as well as other joints. However, before going to a chiropractor in your area, it's best to be familiar with the types of machines they use. 

For starters, the main type of treatment most chiropractors use is the 'spinal manipulation.' This requires common things, such as tables. Though, they also use a number of tools that are considered to be more advanced and here are some of them.


This equipment is utilized in order to reduce the patient's inflammation. Likewise, the ultrasound machine is one of the most popular instrument that most chiropractors use, because it's capable of reducing the inflammation, which could be the main reason for the stiffness problem and alignment that the patient is suffering from.

Also, an ultrasound is a type of machine that's capable of reducing the swelling, spasms, and improve the blood circulation because of micro-massage. It provides a deep heat therapy generated from sound waves that's applied to the patient's tissues and joints.

Activator Adjusting Tool

Chiropractors use this tool to pound or press on the patient's back gently. It's a compact, handheld tool that could aid in realigning the vertebra that has been misaligned. Likewise, it could help in moving the back to its proper position and stabilize it at the same this. The activator adjusting tool has several features, such as a spring-loaded device that's capable of giving the back area a slight and gentle tap. However, some chiropractors are more acquainted in using a small mallet instead.

The Bly-Hillman chiropractors in Bloomington, IL utilize this technology for their patients. They have reported phenomenal success with this particular tool and use it on a wide range of patient cases.

The small mallet is used to apply accurate amounts of pressure on specific areas of a patient's body. The activators are very helpful, especially when the practitioner has to deal with a patient who has underdeveloped bone structures like elderly people and infants.

Light Laser Therapy

Light laser therapy (or cold laser therapy) is a non-invasive treatment that uses a handheld device. Also, laser therapy uses certain wavelengths of light in order to promote healing process by interacting with cells. There are instances where low level laser therapy has been utilized to eradicate pain, reduce spasms, swelling, and increase the overall functionality.

Not all chiropractors are using this form of therapy, as it's relatively new in the chiropractic community. If you need to find a chiropractor for laser therapy, or want to learn more about how this technology is used in standard chiropractic program, check out this chiropractor's website and click here to learn more.

TENS Machine

The TENS machine is another instrument that chiropractors use. It could stimulate the muscles and nerve cells of the body, allowing it to relax as it aids the practitioner to move the joints and the body around with ease. Furthermore, the TENS machine is battery-powered, convertible, and is considered to be a stimulation machine that could ease off the pain. It has the capability of helping people to handle pain with the use of various strengths of electric current. In a nutshell, it's mostly used on patients who suffer severe pain.

Disc Decompression Machine

Last, but definitely not the least, is the disc decompression machine. It's used in spinal decompression traction therapy to provide instant relief on the back and leg pain, as well as arm pain. In this procedure, the patient undergoes relaxation phases, proper positioning, and a spinal disc is isolated and placed under negative pressure, which causes a vacuum effect.

This accomplishes two things, such as stimulating the growth of blood supply and promoting a healing process. As you can see, the top chiropractors are on top of their game when it comes to integrating the best and most effective technology.