Thursday, October 29, 2015

Land Pride Technology Leads The Market in Land Clearing Equipment

Land Pride has been a leader in equipment for grounds maintenance since 1986. Currently, Land Pride is known as a leader in a various types of lawn mowers, tractors, and skid steer mounted implements, to name just a few of their top product lines.

The implements from Land Pride include grooming mowers, rotary tillers, over seeders, rear blades, rotary cutters, and more land clearing equipment. They are cognizant of the products they build and understand properly how the customers will use them. The knowledge enables company to come up with a product or products that will perform in the years to come as expected. They also make such outstanding equipment, Land Pride sales and parts dealers have it easy when working with these products.

Land Pride Leads Functional & Dependable Equipment

Land Pride has facilities of research and development enabling the products it produces to undergo rigorous testing. The products are designed and made in compliance with the latest standards of the industry and the government. Land Pride is a branch of a manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products. The company is known as Great Plains Mfg. and they are multi-industry company in various sectors.

Customer service and support is also a top priority of this brand. Land Pride has phone ordering, online parts ordering or even a personal visit depending on convenience and preference.

Products Land Pride Offers

Land Pride leads the way in a wide range of products. Some of the equipment that they are recognized in include:
Compact Drills
Compact drills form Land Pride are ideal for pasture, roadside sheering, wildlife conservation and reclamation management.
Rotary Cutters 
The rotary cutters have what it take to tackle the toughest job available. There exist models which perfectly does the job however how tough the job might be.
Skid Steer Attachments
Land Pride works by putting your skid steer loader to work with skid steer attachment. They offer a complete spectrum of attachments for many different needs.
Dirt-Working & Earthmoving Equipment
Land Pride offers a full line of dirt-working and earthmoving products to satisfy the need from commercial applications to a home owner.
Rotary Tillers
Land Pride offers rotary tillers that are American made and guarantees quality results to meet your need whether large or small.
Snow Removal Equipment
Land Pride provides snow removal tools to enable you to direct snow where you want it. You don’t have to worry anymore about the heaping snow around the compound.
Grooming Mowers
If you may wish to have a clean cut look all the time, the company will offer you grooming mowers to achieve your goals.
With the use of seeders of Land Pride, you are guaranteed of getting the job done with exceptional results.
Zero-Turn Mowers
If you wish to cut your mowing time down to a minimum but still retain quality, then zero-turn mowers from Land Pride are a win. These incredible lawn mowers are becoming the new standard, even for homeowners.

Land Pride Technology

The company has manufacturing facilities in north central Kansas and other plants located in Kipp, Abilene and Lucas. Its employees normally come from rural and agricultural backgrounds hence they know what the locals need. The background knowledge enables the employees to come up with relevant products for the locals.

Land Pride is determined to go extra miles to meet the current technological demands of its customers. It has several dealers across Canada and US. Land Pride is not only leader in turf equipment but also known as a leader in tractor implements in North America. It stands out as the only choice regarding obtaining durable and powerful equipment services.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When to Consult an IT Support Specialist for Data Recovery & Backup

Data is the cornerstone of almost any successful business; it is the basic part of the enterprise, on which everything else depends. Owing to this, it is crucial for you to protect and preserve your company's data (critical files, internal documents, applications, etc.) just to be on the safe side in the event of disaster. And to do so, you need to implement an effective system backup as well as recovery plan.

Backing-up files can safeguard your business against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware malfunction, and even natural calamities. This is where IT support or data recovery specialists come in.

While a data recovery technician may be responsible for ensuring data backups are performed, their major role is to salvage inaccessible data from corrupted or broken secondary storage, when it can't be accessed in a normal way. Below are some key benefits to hiring an external data backup and recovery specialist for your company, regardless of your company's size;

1) Keep Your Systems & Backups Up-To-Date

An external IT Support technician will keep your system and its backup up to date, using their expertise together with state-of-the-art tools and software. This means when you get back up and running, you won't have to update to a more complete version, or try to reconstruct what you had previously.

Your system shall have been updated to the most current version, totally matching the prior one. This will ensure there is no confusion and frustrations getting your business back on the rails, because all of your essential items will be right where you left them or the way you left them.

2) Reduce Downtime

Downtime can be one of the business's worst nightmares, data recovery technicians understand this. That’s why when you call in a professional upon the occurrence of a disaster; they will get to work right away to recover your systems. They can identify the problem instantly and get your systems back up and running so you can get back to making money.

3) Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud-based backup services is a form of data backup where data is backed up to a remote, cloud-based server. Cloud-based computer network backup services allow you to access your information from anywhere, even if a disaster strikes and your organization's computer system is damaged.

An external IT support specialist can transform your vulnerable regular backup system into cloud. This ensures your business continues to operate without any interruption, allowing it stay on track. Not even your clients may learn there is some kind of issue going on behind the scenes.

4) Flexibility & Savings

You may agree with an IT consultant to receive their specialized services on as-needed basis. This gives you greater flexibility in the relationship, while allowing you to get extra benefits for the business. In as much as you may pay a higher hourly rate for a consulting service, your IT consulting investment will actually save you money in many ways including getting more efficient and cost-effective solution and cutting on wages. You can save on salaries and perks, employee benefits, as well as tax contributions.

Compared to hiring a full-time employee, bringing in an external IT support or data recovery professional is the best way to ensure that your organization's most important asset-data is safeguarded and retrievable with fewer problems. Doing so also enables you to save significantly in both the short and long run.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Neopost USA's neoShip Software Streamlines Shipping & Receiving Operations

Shipping and receiving operations have long faced challenges as a result of growing cost and changing rules. Today, Neopost USA has a solution for all businesses and individuals who would love to mainstream the process by making it efficient and cost-effective. They achieve this with the advent of neoShip, one of the most advanced mailing management software solutions for shipping and receiving.

Over the years, Neopost USA has played an instrumental role in providing mailing solutions, shipping services as well as digital communications to people across the 31 countries in which they operate from. Their mission is to connect and help further interactions regardless of the distance. But they do it in a new and innovative way, thanks to the age of multi-channel communication which provides room for speedy delivery and response.

neoShip Software Overview

The Neopost neoShip software platform offers a holistic solution when it comes to shipping all types of packages. It can actually be accessed from a desktop computer by logging into MyNeopost online account. The process should end with a creation of a USPS compliant shipping label. It is as follows:

(a) You will choose your package type and its weight
(b) Fill in the destination shipping address
(c) Choose the date in which you want it delivered, rate and perhaps some extra USPS services
(d) Print the shipping label so it can be affixed on the package

neoShip Software Features

USPS extra services include signature confirmation, parcel tracking, return receipt, electronic return receipt, adult signature-restricted delivery, and many more. With such features, you also expect the software to provide free web-tracking capabilities, address verification, postage refunds, pickup requests and canceled shipment. These features make it convenient to use the platform when shipping a parcel.

neoShip software is a revolutionary piece that will change how people deliver items through shipping. Below are just a few features that provide the advantages and edge that most logistics business, mailing divisions, and shipping and receiving operations demand.
  • Save money with commercial base pricing - When you use their two products -- Prior mail and Prior mail express, you will enjoy huge discounts, whether you're shipping a single package or multiple of them.
  • Save time - Through its powerful built-in features, you can process all your mail and packages efficiently, thus helping you cut down on your trips to the post office.
  • Printing your shipping labels - Using an inkjet printer, laser printer, or a Neopost's thermal label printer, you can actually enjoy the kind of convenience and flexibility never seen anywhere before.
  • Ability to track your package and work with detailed reports - Ideal with most bulk mailing machines, you can confidently track your parcel each step of the way until it arrives at its intended destination. You can also create detailed reports guided by your shipping history and transactions.
  • The free address corrector - Even if there's a mistake on the 'ship-to' address and you didn't realize it, the platform will automatically correct it for you so your parcel doesn't have to end nowhere or in the wrong hands.
  • The free insurance on all mail - Both priority mail and priority mail express products have free insurance you can take advantage of. Priority mail has an insurance value of up to $50 while Priority mail express has $100 attached to it. 
As long as you're using a Windows PC computer coupled with a compatible printer, you should be able to comfortably take advantage of the service. As the perfect complement to support high-volume shipping warehouses and small mailing operations alike, neoShip from Neopost USA is one of the fastest and most efficient way to send packages across the globe.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Supply Chain Automation Technology: 5 Systems Revolutionizing The Logistics Industry

The technology used for warehouse distribution and order fulfillment is constantly changing. With such a demanding and challenging business model, it is important that today’s technology matches the needs of the business, workers, and the customers. Here are five innovative advancements in technology which includes the areas of in-motion cubing systems, automated checkweigher systems, cold seal packaging systems, RFID tags, and autofulfillment.

In-motion Cubing Systems

In-motion cubing systems are extremely important to the warehouse and shipping business as they determine the weight, volume, and dimensions of shipping packages. An advancement to this area are the in motion cubing systems from Walz. This innovative system specializes in dimensional scanning and weighing, which is ideal for conveyors.

Walz solutions are some of leading dimensioning system products in this area because they have experience with over hundreds of in-motion cubing systems all across the world. There are options for dynamic conveyor belts as well as static weighing, scanning, and labeling. The Walz in-motion package scanner is of the top cubing systems for conveyors. The system measures every item to determine the dimensional size and weight.

Automated Checkweighers

The second advancement in technology is in the automated checkweigher systems. This innovation is also from Wakz. The Walz checkweigher systems offer extreme precision when it comes to scaling.

This is an advancement because it is a far better system than the traditional load cells. There is also a food and drink option that comes with the ability to choose a metal detection. The checkweigher systems under the Walz umbrella also have extremely fast services which makes their systems more leading edge than the others.

Cold Seal Packaging

The third advancement in technology is in the cold seal packaging systems. One of the leading brands in this category is WalzEQ's cold seal packaging machines. This system has several specifications that are above the other cold seal packaging systems. One specification is a touch screen, which allows operators to make easier adjustments.

The Walz cold seal packaging machine has the material for the sealing head where both rolls form the protective pouch. Another is that the machine uses two Rolls of cold seal material that makes the pouch. In terms of the sealing head, the systems does the length cut and end seals all at once. The length for the products is also unlimited for feed models.


The fourth advancement in technology is the RFID tags. Before the RFID tags were invented, monthly inventory counting was laborious. Each and every product total had to be counted and entered in manually. The RFID tags are barcodes that allow products to be scanned. This is a great innovation as it increases the accuracy and cuts down on time.

Autofulfillment Machines

The final advancement in technology is the autofulfillment machines. These machines combine with prior warehouse machines to pull paperwork once an LPN or SKU has been scanned in. With technology changing every day, these five innovations may soon be a thing of the past as more and more logistic warehouses start implement new and advanced technology into their supply chain management operations.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Has Technology Made Web Presence Optimization Easier for Businesses?

Technology has transformed how people carry out their businesses nowadays. In today's digital age, the secret to attaining success in business is to expand one's web presence and generate more traffic to a company's web properties. 

As a result of this business marketing shift, web presence optimization has become a buzzword in today's business communities. In its very essence, web presence optimization is a strategic integration of various digital marketing channels to be more cohesive and even synergistic in nature. Improving a company's web presence aids in generating solid leads, cultivate a reputation, and entice visitors to take action.

The advantage of developing and executing a web presence optimization strategy is that it's dynamic and constantly evolving with technology and new innovations. Technology, through various aspects and such as social media, search engines and SEO, mobile marketing, and other web-based platforms, has elevated how businesses invest in marketing and optimizing their web presence.

Social Media & Web Presence Optimization

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have tremendously changed internet marketing to most small, medium and large businesses. Social media aids in generating potential leads and interest in businesses.

Adding links to social media accounts a crucial step in making visitors and clients navigate a site freely. Since a majority of the people currently have social media accounts, it is, therefore, important to make clients updated on a regular basis regarding what is happening in a business. A post on social media can reach a wide range of clients. Social media hence have smoothened how clients communicate with their customers.

Social media, therefore, improve a firm’s brand recognition, brand loyalty as well as conversion rates. A business can easily convert potential visitors into loyal customers through social media. Social media, while reducing marketing costs, aid in giving a business higher brand authority. It is thus a powerful tool for enhancing the internet presence of a firm.

Mobile Marketing & Web Presence Optimization

Mobile marketing is the closest way a marketer can get close to a consumer. Lately, about 90% of Americans use mobile phones, and about 64% have smartphones. It is pervasive and personal thus provide maximum proximity to a marketer seeking to reach their consumers. Perhaps, mobile marketing is an effective tool as it allows for a marketer to contact the right individual at a flexible time and place.

It is important therefore for companies and other marketers to have mobile friendly websites when selling their products. This is because a majority of the people does research for the products they want by the use of their mobile phones. Leveraging web presence optimization with mobile marketing is thus a flexible way a marketer can succeed in their online marketing. Through it, a firm can reach a considerately large number of consumers.

SEO & Web Presence Optimization

Technology through search engines, and improving a site's keyword rankings via SEO (search engine optimization), has undeniably improved how a site can be made available to Internet users. Research shows that most consumers make decisions in visiting websites based on the first few results that they get online.

Sites that rank highly in search engine realize better web presence optimization efficacy. The use of relevant content, a strong and SEO-friendly website, and link acquisition from other sites is ideal formula for a business to improve its web presence in the organic search results. While doing this independently is challenging for most businesses, there are a number of web presence optimization companies adept in SEO, such as the Web Presence Group.

Laying the Foundation to Your Company's Web Presence

Establishing high quality and clear websites aid in giving it the attractiveness that it needs to win browsers stay a bit longer and read more on it. Additionally, such sites have a compelling force that attracts clients and convert them to potential customers.

Technology has therefore led to the building of sites that are simple to navigate provide the best experience to customers. Valuable sites get more target visitors consequently leading to business growth.