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5 Woods Finish Mowers for Performance Lawn Care

Do you desire a professionally groomed lawn? Are you looking for the ideal Woods finish mower to fit the bill?
Woods Finish Mowers

If yes, then you're making a great decision to invest in a premium lawn mower manufacturer. Woods finish mowers better ensure that your lawn is not only clean, but also crisp and well-manicured all year round.

There are many manufacturer that offer finish mowers, and each of them comes with unique features. The main reason as to why Woods finish mowers are popular among homeowners is that they come with a unique rounded front and tapered-side rear discharge features that increase maneuverability. This increases productivity while minimizing trim time. Some of the most popular models include:

Woods PRD6000 Rear Mount Mower

Woods PRD6000 Rear Mount MowerThe PRD6000 finish mower from Woods comes with a three-point hitch Cat 1 feature, a 60-inch cutting width at the rear discharge, a 15-40 HP tractor power range and a strong eight gauge steel deck. This mower is perfect for mowing sports fields, parks and large lawns. Because it's a popular model that's been produced in volume, it's easy to find replacement Woods finish mower parts for the PRD6000.

This Woods finish mower is equipped with floating lower hitch terrains that manage uneven terrain. Its Kevlar belt and clutching cover protect delicate components hence increasing the lifespan. To reduce shock loads, this finishing mower has anti-shimmy caster wheel springs. Other compelling features of the Woods PRD6000 finish mower include: powerful 60hp gearbox, tubular caster wheel arms for strength and a 6-year gearbox warranty.

Woods RD60 Rear Mount Mower

Woods RD60 Rear Mount Mower
Among the line-up of Woods finish mowers, the RD60 model works best with 15-35 HP compact tractors. It has a 60-inch cutting with and an overall width of 61 inches. The three-point hitch on the Woods RD60 rear mount finish mower is that of Cat1 make. For high quality cuts and great material distribution, this machine has a 4.6 inch deck depth together with baffling and rear discharge design.

For better maneuverability and better grass discharge, the Woods RD60 has rounded front corners and tapered deck sides. Its ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures that hook-ups are safer, the machine is faster and easier to use.

Woods RDC54 Rear Mount Mower Woods RDC54 Rear Mount Mower 

The RDC54 model has a 54-inch cutting width and a rear discharge. It uses the limited Cat 1 make in its three-point hitch. This mower is perfect for 15-25 hp compact tractors. It’s rounded front corners and tapered deck sides improve grass discharge and maneuverability.

The Wood RDC54's idler pulleys are loaded with springs. Lastly, this Woods finish mower has a 4.6 inch deck depth in-built with a baffling and rear discharge design for even material distribution and state-of-the-art cuts.

Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing Mower

The Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing mower has a 12.5 foot cutting width and is ideal for 25-60hp tractors. It has three decks that can be mounted to a heavy-duty tractor for triple cut capacity. This implies that you can mow up to 7 acres per hour at 5mph. With its superior cutting capabilities and contoured wing decks, you can mow uneven fields of turf while maintaining quality cuts.

Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing Mower

For strength, the Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing mower comes with round skid rods at the deck. Its rounded front and tapered deck design makes it easy to mow close to objects without damaging them.

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing mower has a 17-foot cutting width and is designed for 40-80hp tractors. It has carrier bearings on the input driveline that provide support required for making tight corners. This Woods finish mower also has a rounded front and tapered rear deck design that makes it easy to mow close to objects.

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower

Other features of this mower include an optional mulching kit, an anti-scalp roller kit, countered deck wings and a three-year spindle limited warranty. The Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower is premium machine that will deliver an incredible ROI.

The Woods finish mowers are designed to offer high quality cuts while making the work easier for the user. Ensure that you pick the mower that suits your needs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Top 3 Addressing Systems for Accelerated Mailing

Although email and digital channels have consumed most business communications, tangible mail is still an important and effective means conduct certain operations. In fact, for some businesses, mailing is a major component to their commercial model. And as a result, these companies invest in mailroom equipment and mailing machines, such as addressing systems and postage meters.

With respect to the former, there are a number of low-to-high end addressing systems on the market. Also known as address printers, these addressing systems enable businesses to fluidly and efficiently print envelopes in volume fashion. Check out three top-rated addressing systems for accelerated mailing. Shop these addressing systems at if your interested making a purchase.
AS-940 Addressing System Neopost
Shown here is the AS-940 Addressing System from Neopost.

Neopost AS-940 Addressing System

The AS-940 addressing system from Neopost gives top value for a mid level workload. Graphics and addressing speed the focus of this hi-tech mailing machine. Neopost boasts an entry level price for this high-quality printer. See what makes the Neopost AS-940 addressing system a powerful address printer for the price.

Addressing System Features

  • Up to 22,000 prints an hour - The maximum performance allows plenty of production numbers. This address printer promises mailing house level performance hour after hour.
  • High resolution of 600 dpi - At high speeds, you can get crystal clear printing on every piece. This is important for eye-catching graphics not to bleed together. Also provides the most readable type.
  • Common document size handling - The Neopost AS-940 addressing system handles documents from 5 inches by 3 inches up to 15 inches by 13.5 inches. The print area is 2.5 inches by 15 inches.
  • Unit size - The unit tucks neatly into most offices. It measures 20 inches long by 21 inches high by 18 deep.

Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System

Pitney Bowes offers the top mailing machine technology in this easy use address envelope printer. The Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight address system is a powerful address printing machine that has fixed heads to provide maximum durability.

You can get options to take your mailroom work to the next level. The Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Address System also includes a high-output ink dryer and an integrated conveyor.

Addressing System Features

  • Software plugins for managing mail - Keeping your list of addresses clean is a snap with any Pitney Bowes software. You have growing opportunity for saving money on wasted mail.
  • Cost saving mode for printing - Precise printing allows you pick a Light Mode for using less ink for pieces with fewer graphics. The marketing message gets there at a more exact supply cost.
  • Remote warnings and maintenance capability - This feature is designed to free operators to multi-task. The operator can track ink levels and production operations from a linked PC.
  • Higher and faster capacity - You can print a maximum of 30,000 pieces of mail in an hour with the Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight address system. The media can be 1/2 inch thick. USB and Ethernet provide even more speed options in print.

Accufast PMx Addressing System

Accufast PMx Addressing System
The Accufast PMx is stand-alone address printer is designed to give you more productivity without moving other items in your shop. Accufast boasts X-Pansion tech included to move your mail even faster. Commercial printing from this inkjet printer rolls right in ready to produce.

Addressing System Features

  • Easy to place size - The Accufast PMx has an adjustable height with a weight of only 160 pounds. It is from 37 inches to 41 inches tall. The width is just under 21 inches with a length of 42 inches.
  • Durable frame and wheels - The welded steel frame will put up with bumps and scuffs of a busy shop. The castors lock in place with step locks.
  • Variable printing resolution - Get from 150 up to 600 dots per inch horizontal and from 300 up to 600 dots per inch vertical.
  • Industry standard productivity - At 10-inch runs, you can print 15,000 pieces per hour. This measurement is printing 300 by 600 dot per inch.

There you have a great selection of addressing systems to check out right now. You are sure to find something that fits your business, budget and work flow.

3 Vital Internet Marketing Platforms for Plastic Surgeons

If you are a plastic surgeon, there is no greater tool you can utilize than the internet. Search engines, social media sites, local directories, and surgery websites all offer opportunities to connect with new patients and cultivate a powerful web presence. Moreover, plastic surgeons that build a stellar online reputation are more like to convert web leads into quality patients.

We took the time to define three of the best Internet marketing platforms that can help plastic surgeons establish a strong online presence.
Search Marketing SEO PPC Plastic Surgeons
The search results are one of the most important Internet marketing channels
for plastic surgeons and related medical professionals.

Search Marketing (SEO + PPC Advertising)

Search Marketing is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing, but it could also be very confusing. Search marketing makes use of both organic SEO and PPC (Pay per click) advertising to help position a plastic surgery practice in the search results for targeted keywords.

While it's possible for plastic surgeons to try both SEO and PPC independently, many choose to outsource these services to a proficient SEO or Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO for surgery practices.

If you hire an Internet marketing company for plastic surgery search marketing, like Optimized Surgeons, you will get strategies that is built entirely around your geographical area. They will also send you reports of the progress your site is making in terms of the page rank. Being in the number one page of Yahoo, Bing and Google on your target keywords will help you immensely in gathering patient leads.

Social Media Marketing

You already know that having a strong social media presence is both indispensable and valuable in this era. Meals are being instagrammed and everyone’s thoughts are being expressed in just 140 characters. The whole world revolves around big social media networks.
Social Media Marketing Plastic Surgeons

Although the use of social media wont be the same with your firm versus your personal accounts, you can use your business Twitter account for keeping up with your current or potential patients, and you can inform them with updates within your business. For Instagram or Facebook accounts, you can use it in promoting and displaying before and after pics of your patients’ enhancements - all under the patient’s consent, of course.

Some strategies and ideas for your social media accounts:
  • Daily updates on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Weekly blog publishing
  • Daily Instagram photos of your office activity
  • A YouTube channel where you can discuss your surgical procedures or educate patients
  • Social contests
  • Advertising on social networking platforms

Content Marketing

Just imagine how your potential client would feel comfortable once they are directed to your official website. You can provide all the information they would want to know on the procedures they are interested in. It will also give you a more qualified venue for answering inquiries and desires of the patient.

This is the number one arena where your potential client will feel connected with their surgeon. We guarantee you, your website visitors will surely pick up their phones and call your office for a quotation on any of your offered services. They are already looking into your website which means they are absolutely interested. This content marketing can also impact plastic surgeon SEO strategies to bring more valuable content to the site.

It is not rocket science but apparently, a lot of plastic surgeons do not make the time to add content on their websites. It is important that your blog or website has consistent postings because this will already serve as an answer to your patients’ questions.

The content you post on your website can be shared and published into your social media accounts. Those that will click the link to your article will help in giving your website a boost on the keyword-relevancy, authority and credibility! Utilizing all of these tools will definitely get you a good social media presence and more patient leads!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Formax Pressure Sealers: 5 Machines for Optimal Workflow

Formax is at the forefront in the manufacturing and design of innovative paper processing technology, particularly pressure sealers. Formax pressure sealers employ innovative AutoSeal technology that is patented and designed to optimize pressure sealing workflow for users. Formax also provides desktop solutions ideal for small offices upwards to multinational corporations.

Formax pressure seal mailers are the ultimate solution for a variety of business documents that can be printed on a piece of paper. This effectively saves time and costs. Thus results in a secure document with a professional look.

Formax partners with reputable and established companies like the Walz Labeling and Mailing Systems as dealers for their high quality products. The following are some of the leading pressure sealer products in Formax product portfolio.

Formax FD 2002 Pressure Sealer

The FD 2002 pressure sealer from Formax is one of the most powerful pressure sealers manufactured by the company. It is capable of handling and effectively processing self-mailers that are sensitive.
Formax FD 2002 Pressure Sealer

The Formax FD 2002 pressure sealer has integral folding plates that make setting it up and using it all the more easier. In order to ensure precision folds, the FD 2002 has knobs for fine tuning. It also has a three roller drop in mechanism. It features an integral touchpad control panel that is quite easy to use. Its features also include:

1. Hopper load capacity of up to 250 forms
2. Speed of 8000 forms per hour
3. Fully enclosed storage cabinet
4. 18 inch conveyor with foto eye technology

Formax FD 2032 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2032 Pressure SealerThe Formax FD 2032 pressure sealer is able to process sensitive self-mailers efficiently. It can process forms with lengths of up to 14 inches. This pressure washer is capable of processing up to 11000 forms in one hour. Its feeder can accommodate up to 350 forms at any given time.

Users of the Formax FD 2032 pressure sealer have a choice of two conveyors. The conveyors have an integral foto eye feature which ensures that forms are arranged in a sequential fashion. The FD 2032 standard features include:

1. Fog control
2. LED indicators
3. Six digit counter
4. Fault detection
5. Touch pad control panel

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer

Formax FD 2084 Pressure Sealer
The Formax FD 2084 pressure sealer is able to process 2800 forms an hour, making it one of the most advanced and top-of-the-line Formax pressure sealer machines.This translates to about 400000 forms in a month. These pressure sealers utilize pressure seal technology. The FD 2084 is able to process continuous pressure seal forms in an organization of medium size and in terms of volume.

1. It is capable of folding, separating and sealing seal forms in a continuous fashion in a line.
2. The pressure sealers can store up to 3 custom fold configurations in its internal memory.
3. It is able to process forms with lengths of up to 20 inches. It is a heavy duty pressure sealer with continuous feed capability.

Formax FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

The FD 2054 is one of the most powerful pressure sealers from Formax. It is fully automatic and is efficient and quite easy to use. It is able to automatically detect and adjust accordingly depending on the length of the form. It detects different lengths from 11, 14 and 17 inches. It is one of the most efficient pressure sealers currently available in the market.

Formax FD 2002IL Pressure Sealer

This is one of the Formax pressure sealers that are able to effectively interface with laser printers that have specific MICR capabilities. The Formax FD 2002IL pressure sealer also integrates seamlessly with non-MICR desktop laser printers. This ultimately ensures that it is able to provide enhanced and foolproof document security.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cutting-Edge Security Technology Behind Today's Banks & Financial Institutions

Security is the number one priority of any corporation, but it is even more important for the banking industry. In this digital-age more and more sensitive data is being processed on internet connected networks which are increasingly vulnerable to hackers.
Digital Security Systems for Banking

In order to keep that data protected network security system focus on three things: a good firewall, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection. These bank security systems focus on the digital aspects of banking, which have revolutionized how financial institutions operate.

Digital Security Systems for Banking

The firewall is the first line of defense in protecting any networks security even if that network isn’t connected to the global network. The firewall is a simple gatekeeper which selectively blocks or allows traffic through the network.

This selection is based upon rules that are decided by the Network Administrator and relies on the person doing that job to be up to date on the latest news and tricks that hackers are using to sneak past firewalls. Companies that specialize in bank security systems, like Seico Security, are starting to adopt such security technologies into their suite of solutions.

Normally this would mean that any good banking system is dependent on well-educated and proactive Network Administrators but thanks to development in detection and prevention programs they are not the only line of defense.

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) have become much more sophisticated. These actively monitor the traffic on the network 24/7 whether or not someone is there. The first thing these systems do in their monitoring is look for strange or unusual activity on the network.

If most of the network activity takes place between 9am and 6pm, the detection systems record this normal activity and watch for activity that shouldn’t take place outside of those time frames. The second part of the detection system is just how much data is moving on the network; when there are sudden increases data moving through at a time where it shouldn’t the system flags that activity and block it from taking place.

IDS/IPS is fully customizable and available from many providers. Cisco is one of the highest ranked and most well-supported supplier of IDS/IPS systems and frequently stays ahead of the game with the Cisco Self-Defending Network IPS 4200 Series Sensor by monitoring the known hacker networks for the latest exploits and tools being used.

This allows them to “pre-patch” vulnerabilities in their systems removing some of the human error out of the equation. However, most providers do this same thing and has become nearly industry standard by this point.
Bank Security Technology
Add caption

In IPS there is an active pre-patch shield in place that forms a second security wall around the network which allows for a quick response to possible intrusions; the pre-patch shield identifies the possible intrusion and simply resets the connection to that intrusion.

This is a very simple but effective method in preventing nefarious entities from entering the network through known vulnerabilities until it is repaired. On the back of this is IBM’s Protocol Analysis Module (PAM), this system from looks at the network data on a deeper level than an IPS can. Learn more about this system by visiting IBM.

Monitoring & Pinpointing Unusual Activity

One of the popular ways for hackers to get into a network is to hide their activity deep within normal data transfers on the network. PAM allows us to look deeper at normal activity in order to find strange behaviors that may be hidden from the IDS and IPS system.

For example, hackers will try to hide their activities behind the IP’s of normal customers accessing their accounts. This can sometimes slip through the Firewall, the IDS, and the IPS security since it seems to be normal activity but PAM takes a deep look at the data and makes sure that what the IP sends is what is normal for that IP to send.

If the hacker is trying to download a virus to the system through a client's IP’s this will show up as excess data in the connection and PAM can shut it down. Since PAM is as customizable as the other security systems, this means that there can be a strict restriction on what outside data and connections are allowed or those restrictions can be loosened for a specific client, IP’s, or outside networks.

Network security is a critical infrastructure of the banking industry which is in continuous motion and development. Providers for IDS and IPS are constantly updating and monitoring the effectiveness of their systems to help support the banking industries data and networks.

Monday, May 2, 2016

3 Computer Shops in Peoria for Impeccable Customer Service & Products

computer shops in Peoria, ILAre you look for some of the best computer shops in Peoria, Illinois? The good news is there are plenty of Peoria computer stores to choose from, and some offer comprehensive technology solutions that may have becoming a loyal local customer.

Personality matters as does the right inventory of computers. Each computer shop you see here offers a great variety of computers combined with knowledgeable customer service. Let's get the conversation started and take a look at three top-rated computer shops in Peoria, IL.

Nerds on Call

Boasting a reputation for timely and reputable services for computers in Peoria and the neighboring areas, Nerds on Call is well-known destination for a wide range of computer products, repair and virus removal services. As part of the Facet Tech family of company, Nerds on Call is supported by some of central Illinois' leading IT and technology specialists.

Their website says "We Can Fix It." Any that means just about any computer or digital device, including iPods, Apple computers, and other brands. And unlike other local computer shops in Peoria, IL, the experts at Nerds on Call also offer a life chat on their website if you have any questions.

Apple Mac Computers Peoria ILFocusing on almost every type of computer repair imaginable. from Mac and Apple to PC repair Nerds On Call has become the trusted source for locals in a wide range of computer needs. What you may not already know is Nerds On Call specializes in custom computers for both high-end professionals and gamers. This is in addition to being experts in computer repair and virus removal services making them a full-service solution in Peoria for all things computers.

If you have ever had high-end business or gaming needs, then you will understand the importance of this specialty. With the ever changing specific needs within niche business and gaming you often need more in one area and less in others. For instance gamers require very specific type of graphics and response from the input mechanism or they can fall behind in global rankings. The highest speed internet can only take you so far without a machine that becomes an extension of that speed.

Retro Tech

Ready for a computer shop with a museum in it? Then you are ready for Retro Tech. This shop is actually a non-profit organization that collects electronics and computers then gives them the refurbishment treatment to offer them to people in need.
computer sales

Driven by an internal mission statement of "Bridging the Digital Divide" they provide computers to assist seniors, students, physically challenged, and low income people for over fifteen years now. As far as numbers go they have supplied up to two hundred computers a month to those they service.

The good news for the general public is items not used in this service are offered in the Retro Tech thrift store. Of course they are made available at a price that is discounted.

Geek Squad

Have you ever noticed those uniformed geeks hanging out inside Best Buy helping people bringing computers back into the the store. This is Geek Squad.

Because of their relationship with Best Buy you can expect a wide variety of this and last season's computers. Having been a thriving computer business for years, you are also promised national chain quality educated customer service. With Geek Squad, you can expect main stream, mass market-focused service that can handle a little bit of everything.

Going beyond Best Buy's store hours, you can expect 24/7 computer technical support via their website. You can also schedule an appointment online, reschedule or even cancel. One specialty you may not expect here is the retrieval of files accidentally lost or deleted. Even from a hard drive crash. They say songs and photos are the most common cause for retrieval requests.

The same holds true for business. With the capability to custom build you will both save money on the unneeded mass market inclusions and blow the competition away. But that is only if you possess the same mad skill as Nerds On Call at doing what you do.

There you have it: three great shops to find computers and computer service in Peoria, IL. Remember to lead with your need, do your research, an you will never go wrong.