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FQHC Billing Software: Top Platforms for Better Patient Billing

FQHC billing
Success and reliability in the medical billing process for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) is a must for patient retention and a solid billing platform. In order to not only achieve, but maintain a solid healthcare platform, reliable and functional medical billing software needs to be acquired.

Today, there are numerous FQHC billing software platforms available for your medical billing needs. These software systems specialize in keeping the payment process simple and straightforward with the least amount hurdles. Below are some examples of such FQHC billing software we’ve reviewed and discussed for your convenience.

NueMD Billing Software

NueMD is an extremely popular and widely used billing platform among medical practices and FQHC billing consultants alike. Its slogan is “See Patients. Get Paid.” Extremely simple to use, this FQHC billing software offers a comprehensive and complete selection of different service and functionalities for practices of all shapes and sizes.
NueMed FQHC Billing Software

For instance, you have the option to manage your appointment scheduling, the management of your practice itself and the billing software, your electronic health records, and other medical billing services.

NueMD sports a full feature set and many robust billing capabilities. It prioritizes accuracy and reimbursement of all your claims to make sure they’re filled out as soon as possible and reimbursed properly. It operates its own claims clearinghouse and allows you to process an unlimited number of claims.

Centricity Practice Solution 
GE Healthcare FQHC Billing Software

Centricity’s billing software specializes in financial and clinical management for medical organizations and practices. Much like NueMD, a comprehensive and complete selection of functionality for your electronic medical records (EMR) and all your practice administration needs.

Centricity is developed and designed by GE Healthcare, a company that places a very broad and vague focus on several different systems that span the entire continuum of healthcare services. This specific software includes a well-developed and nicely rounded set of integrations, with compatibility for external systems throughout the entire community of healthcare. This includes medical imaging systems, medical devices, and more GE Healthcare products.

Centricity software shines in its reporting of clinical outcomes. It’s powerful and efficient reporting contribute to the critical process of benchmarking that’s important to each and every practice. As a result, those who utilize Centricity are better prepared to participate in programs of paying for performance medicine. Finally, Centricity offers powerful interoperability. It offers a program called Clinical Messenger, which provides communication within patients and the other practices involved in the patient’s care circle, creating a nice web of effort.

eClinicalWorks FQHC Billing Software

Finally, eClinicalWorks is another emerging leader in the realm of medical software solutions. The company puts customers and employees first, and has therefore built a reputable consumer base as well as software that has garnered the best reviews and most solid performance ratings, among great satisfaction and usability.

The eClinicalWorks software is certified and specialized in helping practices meet meaningful use requirements for Stage one and Stage two. It’s ICD-10 compliant and even includes and ICD-10 help and search feature to help providers find the ICD-10 codes they need with accessibility and ease. It’s available as an on-premise solution or as a hosted solution. It offers a patient portal, electronic health exchange, eClinicalMobile, P2P, and even a unified EMR and PM system.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 3PL Software Solutions in Review

Third party logistics (3PL) providers rely on advanced software platforms to manage all aspects of their clients' supply chains. From streamlining communications to keep track of inventory, 3PL software is vital tool for success in managing logistics.

There are constant new advancements in today's 3PL software platforms. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing system or introduce a new platform for your logistics operations, below are three top 3PL software solutions designed for advanced 3PL's and in-house supply chain managers alike.


This 3PL software is designed specifically to optimize how third-party logistics service providers operate. 3PLink is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is fully automated and can help to increase productivity, responsiveness, reliability, and accuracy.

With clients’ web visibility security 24/7, wireless scanning or EDI, and automated reporting, customers are guaranteed satisfaction, as it also leads to top quality power with a quick Return on Investment (ROI). With this kind of software, you can add new technology and buy what is needed today as your client base demands.
3plink software 3pls

3PLink has been a market leader software since 1987 and continues to use cutting-edge technologies in order to help companies increase accuracy, reliability, and productivity.

Benefits of 3PLink 3PL Software

  • This software is user friendly, fast in operation, and very easy to learn.
  • Customer response and service is excellent.
  • It can help you to design or configure reports hence making your customers happy, as these reports are custom designed just for their specific needs.
  • It is also robust in configuration options.
  • It can guarantee satisfaction on the part of customers by offering automated reporting, wireless scanning, and KPI dashboards.

Slingshot Enterprise Business Suite Software

Slingshot 3PL software offers resource planning solutions to small and big businesses. Slingshot software offers a good supply chain planning, forecasting, order fulfillment and the best breed procurement, supplier management, warehouse management and demand planning within the suite.

Slingshot 3pl softwareApart from offering advanced technical applications to their customers, they also deliver their ERP software on the internet hence there is no need for additional programming or hardware, giving you constant access no matter where you are.

When you have Slingshot software, it can accelerate communication between you and your suppliers, decrease error caused because of manual entry, and increases your procurement options.

Benefits of Slingshot Enterprise 3PL Software

  • The software is flexible and can adjust to fit your needs.
  • Apart from having a cloud-based deployment, Slingshot is also scalable.
  • Has a friendly user interface, which is easy to use.
  • It can help you define time, resource needed, and deliverables for proper deployment.

Infor Supply Chain Management Software

Infor Supply Chain Management software is designed to help businesses by optimizing their supply chain. The software platform can be applied to demand planning, strategic sourcing, supplier management, procurement, sales planning, manufacturing planning, and operation planning.

infor supply chain management
With analytics from Infor SCM’s core, it can help companies or organizations to gain greater visibility on every aspect of supply chain ranging from scheduling and focusing to planning and execution.

Benefits of 3PLink 3PL Software

  • Infor SCM can help you improve shipping and inventory operations.
  • Can help companies optimize labor and resource utilization.
  • With this software you can improve both internal and external communications. External communication includes customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • It can help organizations develop the ideal network for their supply chain that can meet their current needs.
  • The software is also designed to improve worldwide supply chain collaboration.
  • It allows companies to respond quickly and effectively to the market’s fluctuations.

Therefore, in order to use the 3PL software you need to understand the requirements for your business, have the product in-depth demonstration in order to determine the software capabilities and domain expertise of the vendor.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Powerful Software Solutions from Neopost USA

mailing systems software
Neopost USA is a worldwide pioneer in mailing system technology. Neopost trusts that individuals deserve better facilitation of business communications, particularly via traditional mail mediums.

This is what defines Neopost USA a leader in both mailing system machines and software solutions. In focus of the latter, below we review three powerful software solutions from Neopost USA and what users can expect.

1. ProShip

ProShip can give the most complex business principles tweaked to spare cash. It can connect with exceptionally many-sided rules for ideal shipment techniques. With its greatly quick handling, ProShip can stand the most difficult delivery prerequisites.

Leverage ProShip software from Neopost and appreciate the advantages of advanced shipper software solution. With capacity for complex rate design structure and exploiting the transporter rebates, you can transform your transportation stations into benefit focuses.
ProShip Mail Management Software

Expand Customer Visibility

ProShip's bundle shipping framework how about then you quit think about when a bundle was dispatched, where it is, and when it will be conveyed. ProShip can be designed to let their clients see their request and shipment data quickly.

Print All Required Shipping Documentation

With ProShip's propelled printing motor you will have all capacities for printing all transporter required delivering records, including transportation names, worldwide documentation, for example, Certificate Of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Shipper Export Declaration, and so forth.

Expand Personnel Interoperability

Decrease shipment handling and following time and dispense with transportation blunders, expanding delivery staff proficiency and reassigning work force to other useful zones.

High-volume Shipping

ProShip's outline permits it to handle various distribution centers in the meantime. With its product construction modeling it permits an excellent rate while applying the most confused and various business arrangements.

Versatile Solution

ProShip is composed as a multi-level framework where PC workstations get to ProShip's transportation usefulness and information from a focal server. ProShip's particular methodology offers a decision in segments. This decision takes into consideration versatility from a solitary workstation to an undertaking level arrangement.

2. NeoShip 
NeoShip Mail Management Software

NeoShip is the ultimate Simple, Powerful Choice for Online Shipping. Neopost's effective web shipping arrangement, NeoShip, guarantees full IM®Pb consistence from the USPS® for all their bundle shipping prerequisites.

IM and IN-Series mailing frameworks, dispatching straightforwardly from their desktop has never been less demanding. NeoShip is a staple among mail management software solutions and is proven effective in many applications.

3. EMS - (Enhanced Mailing and Shipping)

This is a web associated data administration framework. It gives complete control over measuring, rating, preparing and bookkeeping of all outbound mail and sending. EMS permits clients to choose from any significant local or universal bearer - for example - FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne, and USPS — analyze administrations and rates, and process the shipment with expense precision and productivity.
EMS Mail Management Software

By pinpointing the most minimal expense transporter that meets their conveyance criteria for each shipment, EMS can essentially decrease transportation costs – regularly as much as twenty percent. Get spare time by eliminating trips to the post office with this mailing and shipping software. One-quit preparing for mail pieces and bundles. Advantage from the cost savings associated with commercial base pricing. Acquire an online consolidated view of all shipments. Stay educated by following every bundle as it goes to its destination.

With EMS, make a summary or detailed reports based on shipment history, operator shipments and/or transactions great for record and office chargeback. EMS's multi-bearer capacities give you a definitive one-quit shopping arrangement – a solitary framework with the same simple interface, mailing/transportation process, beneficiary database, and shipment history for every one of the transporters you utilize.

Friday, November 20, 2015

An Inside Look at Land Pride Mower Technology

Land pride technology
Land Pride has devised some of the most advanced landscaping technology to date. Take a look and some of Land Pride's mowers and grooming equipment and you begin to get the idea this is a company that has invested in research and science to its engineering and design.

Land Pride has a reputation for high quality mowers and rotary cutters. Below we profile a few of Land Pride's most state-of-the-art mowing and grooming machines designed for serious land clearing and landscaping jobs, not small yards. When it comes down to mowing large estates and cutting vast, open fields, Land Pride has the advanced mower technology to handle the job.

Land pride all flex mowerThe AFM4216 All-Flex Mower

You are looking at a mowing angel with this innovative Land Pride design. This awesome mower has a slim design with independent deck floatation and a turning radius of zero so you can mow a clear zone all around the machine with precision.

Sporting three wing decks provide a transport width of 8’10” which will work perfectly for larger public areas, the AFM4216 All Flex can reduce cutting time for larger areas, this is the model you want.

The AFM4211 All-Flex Mower

When it comes to finishing mowers, this particular model from Land Pride offers you the perfect cut quality you are going for. Again, deck floatation independent of the body allows you to cut expansive areas with precision. You can catch those spanning edges and produce a good finish mowing job in less time than you would normally expect with the AFM4211 All-Flex mower.

Land pride all flex mower

Then some of the real beauty comes in. Sometimes you have to transport the mower for some distance. Using hydraulic cylinders, this amazing Land Pride finishing mower actually lifts the wing decks to narrow down to a width of 7’8”. You can ride fast and far through narrow territory to get to the next spot.

The FDR36 Grooming Mower

If you need power, durability, and functionality, the FDR36 Grooming Mower offers the muscle to create perfect edge mowing and steady flow over unsteady territory. The mower alone gives you professional appeal because of such advanced capability. Need replacements parts for this Land Pride grooming mower? No problem. This popular model is designed for decades of maintenance with easy to find Land Pride mower parts all over the web.

Land pride grooming mower

This is a rear discharge mower for commercial use. It has a 90” monster width to consume huge amounts of grass at a time. The blades spin at 16.500 fpm, making this one of the best grooming mowers on the market. There is also a Category 4 drive to quick-couple this through harsh terrain, but you come up with the best results every time.

Land Pride Disc Harrows

Whether you're building a large garden or maintaining a large farm, you need to have a competent disc harrow. Land Pride makes some of the best disc harrows in the industry. Land pride disc harrow

There are the DH1560, the DH1572, and finally, the DH1590. These numbers and letters may not mean much but they describe a line of powerful disc harrow models with features like blades which are heat-treated which is perfect for tilling good farming beds. You can order different disc gangs depending on applications. You get strength and speed with all models of disc harrows and Land Pride rotary cutters. Look into this company’s products for all your professional or high-scale landscaping needs.

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3 Trusted Names in Sorting Machines & Sortation System Technology

sorting machines and sortation systems
Over the last few years, running a large business successfully has become increasingly difficult due to the increased competition, rising labor costs and the growing demand for more accurate and responsive operations. As result many manufacturing and warehousing operations have embraced unique forms of automation technology to become more cost-efficient.

This has inspired companies to integrated automated sortation systems and technology to help improve throughput capacity, productivity, efficiency, accountability, and accuracy while also ensuring a cost-effective flow of good to the consumers.

If you are looking to automate your business operations, the following companies are the leading manufacturers and producers of sortation systems and sorting technology that you should consider.

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) - Custom Sortation Systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems (or CASI) is a USA based company that offers tailor-made solutions to meet its clients unique business needs with an aim of providing real returns. The company offers businesses with an extensive range of solutions that range from warehouse software and controls to the state of the art dispensers and sortation systems and 24V DC conveyor. CASI sortation systems are designed with a plug and play modular design, which enables easy redeployment reducing implementation time and hiccups at the site.
casi sortation systems

The CASI systems are built for large cases, mailers, parcels and item level sortation applications with various automation needs that include zone routing, carrier sort, reject systems and sort-to-order among others. You invest in CASI's sorting machines and sortation systems at, a national supplier of CASI in the U.S.

The sortation solutions by Cornerstone Automation Systems are highly configured to meet the client requirements and come tied together with a conveyor, controls, and software. The sortation solutions by CASI include pop up sortation, overhead sorters, and pushers and diverts, high-speed sort, item sorters and merge conveyor.

Learn more about the sortation systems offered by CASI, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Dematic - Innovative Sortation Solutions

dematic sortation systemsDematic is a highly innovative global leader offering a wide range of logistics and material handling solutions to businesses with an aim of improving quality and efficiency in order to gain a competitive edge. The company is largely celebrated for developing sortation systems with standardized controls and software for the leading parcel freight companies, retailers, and distributors that optimize operations.

The Dematic sortation solutions are designed to handle an extensive range of products with high throughput capability. The sortation solutions by Dematic include circular sorters, linear sorters, hanging garment sorter, pouch sortation and divert systems.

Visit the official site of Dematic to learn more about their sorting systems.

Beumer Group - Intralogistics Sorting Systems

Beumer Group is a highly successful manufacturer of intralogistics solutions in the line of loading, conveying, packaging, palletizing, sorting, loading and distribution technology. The company together with the India’s Enexco Teknologies employs over 4,000 professionals with an aim of providing solutions for long-term success. The company over the years has been able to design sortation equipment and software that are critical components in today’s highly sophisticated and competitive market.
beumer group sorting machines and sortation systems

The sortation solutions by Beumer Group helps to improve throughput, efficiency, and productivity in wide business applications that include postal and courier, clothing and footwear, food market industry, mail order companies and newspaper distribution companies.

The company can also design and manufacture sortation and automation systems for industries with extreme variation in product types, frictional behavior and shapes such as the baggage handling solutions for freight centers and airports. The popular sortation solutions by Beumer include the belt tray sorter and the crisplant LS–4000CB cross-belt sorter. The belt sorter helps sort items efficiently and gently irrespective of shape, size or surface characteristics of the items.

See the official site of Beumer Group for more info.

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An Inside Look at Nerds on Call of Illinois

Starting as a Central Illinois-based computer repair shop, Nerds On Call has grown its local roots to now offering a wide spectrum of digital solutions ranging from remote virus removal to home audio technology.

Nerds on Call specializes in on-site Mac, PC, laptop, and iPod repair services, as well as remote virus removal services for customers all across the U.S. Recently, the Illinois business has gained reputation across the nation through their introduction of remote-based solutions. Nerds on Call continues to grow and expand into many facets of technology.

Technology & Computer Services at a Glance

Nerds on Call is your go-to shop whenever you have an issue with your computer. Put simply, Nerds on Call is a comprehensive computer repair service; all your computer problems solved. Some of their services include:

1. Setting up a new computer which involves installing an operating system, installing software like music players, browsers and other basic computer setups.
2. Troubleshooting and eliminating malware, spyware and viruses, including installing antivirus software.
3. Computer repair services; if a part of your computer (i.e. screen or monitor) is broken or simply not working, you can have it replaced by Nerds on Call computer repair technicians.
4. Transfer of data, finding lost or deleted files (data recovery).
5. Residential and commercial computer networking.
6. Establishing Internet connections.

Other services include windows server management, hardware troubleshooting, printer setup, network cabling and regular computer maintenance services. Nerds on Call specializes in PCs, laptops, Apple devices, and video game consoles. Whether you need a software installed, iPod repair, or your computer is slow or you cannot access some important files, Nerds on Call can help you.

What Makes Nerds on Call So Reputable?

Expertise In All Types of Computers

Nerds on Call have the expertise to repair all brands of laptops and computers, including Apple. They can work on laptops, tablets, desktops, wireless and mobile devices. Being part of Facet Technologies, the computer service has garnered a team of experienced specialists who ensure the job gets done within a short time.

Remote Services

You do not have to be in Central Illinois to have your computer repaired. You can be in a remote location anywhere in the US and still have your issue attended. A specialist will guide you (on phone) through the troubleshooting and repair service until you have the job done.

Fast, Secure and Smart Services

Nerds on Call have a record of responding to customer issues fast whether on-site or on phone. While having your computer repaired on-site, the specialists will have the computer repaired fast to reduce downtime. This is possible thanks to the high number of technicians.

The service leverages on the most advanced computer security hardware and software to ensure your data is secure from hacking and viruses. The technicians are highly trained and use proven techniques to solve your computer problems the first time.

Residential & Business Solutions

Nerds on Call also caters to specialized demands for individuals, small business as well as large businesses. Besides computer repair, Nerds on Call sell new computers, used computers and computer parts and accessories. The beauty of buying computers and computer parts and accessories from an expert is that you can be sure the items are high quality and tested.

Their latest introduction to the list of products are drones. The Syma X5C is a lightweight yet solidly built and well balanced drone. It comes with a camera to up the fun in your drone flying adventure.

Convenient Locations

You can access Nerds on Call in Peoria, Normal, Pekin, Peru and Farmington, Illinois. They have a shop in each of the towns to ensure they are closer to the people of Illinois.

For more information, contact the Nerds on Call Headquarters in Peoria, Illinois at:

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Portable Wheel Load Weigher Technology for the Win

For most mining companies, public works operations, ag producers, farmers, and other businesses that demand easy weighing of heavy truck loads, portable wheel load weighers work exceptionally since they are easy to install and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

wheel load weighers

The advantage of investing in your own truck scale or load weighing systems is that you get the convenience of weighing your goods or products on your own time unlike truck scale rental systems. If you're seeking portable wheel load weigher technology to suit your weighing needs, below are three models worth exploring.

AXW-Series In-Motion Wheel Weighers

The AXW-Series of in-motion wheel weigher scales from Walz Scale includes the AXW-45, AXW-95, and AXW-110 systems. Unlike other portable truck scales and wheel load weighers, these systems from Walz Scale offer in-motion weighing of vehicles weighing up to 110 tons.

These wheel load weighers are ideal for providing both truck axle and total vehicle weights in simple to use portable unit. With these advanced wheel load weighers from Walz, you can now weigh your large vehicles in the field without need a designated weigh station.

OTR Wheel Weigher Scales

The OTR wheel weigher scales from Rice Lake are designed to weigh extremely large vehicles with massive OTR tires. Unlike other portable truck weigh scales that can only capture a limited width of tires, the OTR weigher scales can weigh all over-sized construction and mining vehicles with ease, providing accurate weight measurements and dependable durability.

The OTR wheel load weighers are ideal for applications such as farming, mining, shipping, and freight. With the portability of these wheel weigher scales, you can easily weigh your products or goods at a location of your own choice. All you have to do is set-up the unit on a slightly flat surface, which takes 15-20 minutes.

RFX Wheel Load Weighers

The RFX series of wheel load weighers by Intercomp are mainly designed to weigh heavy duty vehicles under harsh conditions. The RFX wheel weighers comes with integrated ramps that provides accurate weight measurements in a portable design.
wheel weigher scale

These scales can weigh most oversized vehicles and they can be used in farming application, mining, shipping and freight. The RFX wheel weighers can be installed in a portable place, they consists of 2 weighing pads, a digital weighing terminal and access ramps.

With the above wheel weighers scales, it's very easy to weigh trucks and ensure that only accurate weights are transported. Most wheel weighers are very easy to install and you don't require the help of a technician to help you on how to go about them.

Businesses or companies with greater needs can buy multiple devices and weighing systems in order to easily facilitate the process of weighing trucks. Farmers who would like to install the portable wheel weighers at a permanent location in their farm can construct concrete foundations on shallow pits where the pads can be placed.