Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Do On Board Truck Scales Work?

On board truck scales were introduced several years ago to help operators weigh and monitor the loads of heavy duty trucks and equipment. With the scale system tangibly equipped on the actual trucks and equipment themselves, on board scales have helped to enhance the efficiency of weighing payloads (such as mining resources, crop harvests, etc.) making any weighing operation more streamlined and profitable.

The technology behind on board truck scales has evolved drastically over the years, making them more simplistic and affordable. In this article, we discuss the functionality and features about today's on board truck scale systems.

Features of On Board Truck Scales

Unlike platform-based truck scales, on board truck scales have load cells, which are designed to withstand vehicles that are filled to capacity. They have a digital indicator that displays the vehicle’s weight throughout. There are audible and visual set-point warnings that allow truckers to capitalize on payloads.

The main component of the weighing system has numerous load cell sensors that bolt a truck chassis and its body. The sensors are used to accommodate the entire weight of the truck body. They are very accurate and can be customized to make sure they can withstand additional weight when a vehicle is overloaded. The sensors come in a variety of sizes to suit the wide range of vehicle bodies.

Operation Behind On Board Truck Scales

On board truck scales operate in a simple way. The scale is wired through the truck's ignition switch to keep it active each time the vehicle is in use. Truckers do not have to press any buttons to operate the scale. The truck’s weight will simply appear on a screen inside the vehicle.

On board truck scales have easy to use digital displays on the indicator. The weight is displayed every time the truck engine is on. The scales have three set points that act as warnings to the truckers. A plug-in keypad is used to set the set points to make sure they are not interfered with when the truck is being operated. The keypad is unplugged once the points are set and the scale is ready for use. A red light appears on the display when two of the three set points are exceeded. When the third set point is surpassed, a buzzer sound is produced. Some of the weight on the truck has to be removed for the buzzer sound to go off. The combination of audio and visual warnings ensures the truck is within an acceptable weight.

Applications Beyond Trucks & Vehicles

On board scales can be used in other applications besides trucks. They are also applied in conveyer belt systems. The belt scales are used to measure the flow rate or weight of material that travels over a conveyer belt. These scales are integrated into the belts and use a microprocessor system to perform the calculations. Some of the conveyer belts are customized to stop the belt from moving when a specified mass if attained. They can also have alarms that indicate a problem with the conveyer system. These on board scales are widely used in mineral extraction, ship loading and port handling.

The rail industry relies on the on board scales to prevent overloading. Some of the loads transported by rail have to be weighed. Rail scales are essential to ensure that the trains are not overloaded. Overloading can compromise safety and this makes on board scales vital. The scaled are installed inside the train and if it is overloaded, it sends out a warning.

Many manufacturers now make on board scales for a variety of applications; however, only few are capable of producing highly accurate and fully-support on board scale systems. Companies like Walz Scale (with a dedicated branch coined Walz Onboard ) showcases some of the best technology on the market. Walz Scale's on board scale systems are custom tailored to all types of vehicles and heavy duty machinery, such as conveyor belts and grain dump trucks (for farmers.) Pioneers like Walz Scale are the go-to companies to work with when it comes to dependable and accurate on board scale systems.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Automate Harvest Management with Farm Truck Scales & Weighing Software

Scales are indispensable devices used to measure things in a precise and accurate manner. Weighing scales play an imperative role in agricultural and farming products industry.

Farm truck scales and harvest management software helps to provide an exact measurement of the yields that are produced in an agricultural farm. Today’s farming operations demand accurate weighing scales that dependable, reliable, accurate and affordable.

Farm truck scales offer proven solutions for a wide array of agricultural applications like tracking farm yields, managing feed ingredients and livestock performance or trading in agricultural produces.

The Gains Earned from Farm Truck Scales

Accurate and precise farm truck scales are essential, not only as a fair practice but also every bit counts when it comes to taking the produce to the market for sale. The farm truck scales offer an economic approach to truck weighing for today’s farmers and agriculturalists.

Such truck scales are tough enough to deliver accuracy in the agricultural products industry and complies the vital information accurately at each and every stage without any undue delay in the operation. Farm scales are also perfect for producers who are looking out for innovative ways to incorporate a new or existing grain dump. The amazing benefits of farm truck scales include a variety of advantages:

1. Most designes are fully electronic truck scales that are precision engineered to ensure high accuracy and durability.

2. Some models of farm truck scales (such as grain dump truck scales) feature diamond-safety steel decks for above the ground, low profile weighing.

3. Quality farm truck scales incorporate galvanized components to ensure enhanced life expectancy of the scale.

4. Some farm truck scales are also equipped with a suspension design that guarantees excellent protection to all the load cells.

5. Most scales simple to install and available in a multitude of scale sizes to fit your needs. You do not use a rental crane or any other equipment to install it. They are also available in numerous configurations to match the needs of any farm application.

6. Yield management software (such as the Yield Pro application developed by Walz Scale can be integrated with the farm truck scales to control the harvest data from any location provided you are connected to the internet or wifi signal. This remarkable tool will make the harvest process absolutely simple. It also emails every detail of your weighing process instantly after the load has been delivered. You can also manage your drivers and trucks with the Yield Pro harvest management software.

7. In essence, the various types of farm scales can provide a cost-effective means to manage harvest production on a farm. As a result, agricultural producers can realize greater operational efficiencies, as well as accuracy in determining the value of harvest loads.

8. Some models of farm truck scales, such as those offered by Ag Weigh, help to facilitate the drivers to access and exit the farm truck scale system safely and easily.

9. Agricultural producers can choose from the different types of farm truck scales available in the market today. You can choose from the grain dump truck scales and anhydrous truck scales. The anhydrous truck scales are steel deck farm scales that incorporate either “U” beam or “I” beam structural supports to ensure that the truck is fully supported.

Farm truck scales are touted as a perfect choice for today’s farmers who are on the lookout for a dependable solution at an affordable rate. Buy a farm truck scale if you are intending to automate your weighing processes in the farm industry.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Attributes That Define Reliable & Responsive IT Support Companies

Hiring the right IT support company to help manage and maintain your business's technology and computer network systems is a critical decision. Whether to be hired in-house or outsourced service, the responsiveness and dependability of your IT support firm can influence your company's production and overall bottom line.

To help you find the best prospects, the following are attributes that define reliable and dependable IT support companies. 

Dedication to Problem Solving

Top-notch IT support companies are dedicated to permanently solving problems related to information technology. They pride in leaving their clients satisfied such that the clients recommend the company to others.

For instance, where clients find difficulties in running new programs or applications, the IT company will ensure that the client gets help within the shortest duration possible. They follow all the steps and procedures even during crisis situations to the extent of pursuing loose ends if need be.

Cloud Technology Expertise

Most adept IT companies are experts when it comes to latest technology, such as cloud technology and virtualization. These are some of the most desirable skills in the field of Information Technology. These companies are always updating their staff on the most recent technologies. Constant updating and training of information technology experts improves their competency.

Most professional IT companies also regularly host IT programs and events for their clients. What they usually do is to first gather the most innovative and the best IT technologies that are available and then pass them during specially organized events to their clients. The expertise and the competence of the staff will enable them to always meet the information technology of the clients and keep them happy.

Efficient Client IT Desk Support

All top notch IT service provision firms are always at the forefront when it comes to modern data handling and real time technology. Modern data handling skills and real time technology will ensure that clients are provided with excellent and high class desk support.

Such firms usually stand taller than their peers because they are in a position to offer responses to their clients all the time. This means that they are easily accessible hence very convenient. Top notch IT companies should also have customer care service representatives that are courteous and well trained.

Highly Safe and Secure IT Services

The world is fast changing and it is no longer enough that a company simply owns a firewall and an antivirus that will serve to protect its vital business data. With the advancement in technology, companies should understand that there are super viruses that can put any business, whether small or big or even government agencies into total chaos.

Dependable IT support companies like Facet Technologies, Inc. have the capability, both software, hardware and the technical know-how required to secure the information technology system of a company. Such IT Companies have intelligent tools and software like Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) that are used for monitoring information. Such tools facilitate the collection of information. The firms can also use the software to immediately produce reports.

Innovative IT Solutions

Top notch information technology companies usually offer innovative solutions to their clients. Such business IT support companies usually partner with good suppliers of IT equipment so that they constantly keep providing innovative technological solutions that will enhance the day-to-day performance of businesses. Such successful companies usually have partnership-level skills and competent knowledge that will offer innovative solutions.

For IT companies to be successful, they should be willing to communicate effectively to their clients. When it comes to service delivery, communication is very important. Such successful firms therefore listen to their clients’ issues and address the issues raised.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Essential (and Free) Downloads to Help Protect Your PC

Both businesses and individuals have become so reliant on PC's that they depend on them to manage many aspects of their day to day lives. When computers crash or become infected with viruses and malware, expensive computer repair and virus removal services can be the result.

Taking preventive measures against such risks is key to minimizing instances of malware and virus infections. These measures all come down to having the right resources to continuously scan and remove anything potentially malicious on a computer.

Below we share with you a few great resources definitely worth downloading. These software downloads are safe, free, and come highly suggested by many PC repair specialists.

Revo Uninstaller

Withe Revo Uninstaller, you can remove all of the unwanted programs that come standard with your computer. Although all PC's have an uninstaller in the control panel, this stock uninstaller will almost always leave unneeded folders behind. With Revo Uninstaller, you can fully clean and free-up space on your computer.


MalwareBytes is highly professional tool that thoroughly scans your PC for any malicious files. The software will also fully eliminate these files and thus minimize harm on your computer. After using MalwareBytes to clean up any issues and malware on your PC, make it habit to run the scan every week or two to keep your computer optimized and at peak performance.

Super AntiSpyware

Super AntiSpyware software is another great software platform that scans your computer for spyware threats, and eliminates them from your PC. Because it's difficult to know for sure which websites might be harmful in adding threats to your PC's operating systems, Super AntiSpyware helps keep things in check.

These three downloads are very helpful for PC's owners. It takes about an hour to download and run each software program, but the time is well worth it. You can keep your PC run smooth and issue-free for many years with the help of these three downloads.