Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Inside Look at Robotic Spine Surgery

robotic spine surgeonThe primary goal of spine surgery has always been to help the patient realize a successful and sustainable outcome with minimal complications. However, in the last fifteen to twenty years when technology in the medical field has taken off, robotic spine surgery has allowed for more specific goals and objectives with greater efficacy.

Some of the most goals behind robotic spine surgery include: allowing the patient to return to as normal a life as possible after surgery; to get them to that point as quickly as possible; and to minimize the amount of trauma done to the body during the surgery. If you think you might be a good candidate for robotic spine surgery, then read on to learn more.

Advantages of Robotic Spine Surgery

As a form of minimally invasive surgery (or MIS,) robotic spine surgery has many benefits. There is improved safety when using a robot guided by the CT or MRI scans of the patient. The robot knows where to, and where not to, go. This is true for both simple and complex surgeries so accuracy rates have risen dramatically when it comes to MIS spine surgeries, resulting in fewer instances of patients having to have their spinal surgery re-done within a few years.

Also, there is a minimized use of radiation, as the CT or MRI scans only have to be done once prior to the surgery, instead of having to have the patient under constant radiation in the operating room to see where the instruments are in the spine as most robotic devices are also equipped with cameras.

For more insight regarding the advantages of robotic spine surgery, see the video below of Mazor's Spine Assist technology:


Applications for Robotic Spinal Surgery

There are many types of spinal problems that robotic spinal surgery can be used for, including: degenerative spinal conditions, spine tumors, spinal deformities, and more. If there is a slipped disc or instability in an area of the back, the robotic spine surgeon may perform a fusion of two or more vertebrae. Before robotic spine surgery, this would include an incision to open up the back long enough to expose all vertebrae involved in the fusion.

Now, it can all be done with the robotic device using MIS. Because of this, the recovery time for this type of surgery has drastically reduced and patients are getting on with their lives faster than ever.

Robotic Spinal SurgeryA study done recently looked at over 600 surgeries where nearly half were considered MIS. Over 3,200 implants were placed during these surgeries and the overall accuracy rating was over 98%. The use of robotic spine surgery compared to open surgery on the spine has led one study to determine that implant accuracy has improved by at least 70%, the radiation that patients get with each surgery has been reduced by over 50% and the amount of time that each patient stays in the hospital after surgery has been reduced by over 25%.

There are many types and designs of robotic spine surgery devices and each one is proprietary to the manufacturer and the surgeon that uses each one will need training on how to use them. Chances are that a spine surgeon will have a preferred robotic spine surgery unit that he prefers to use so that he or she is comfortable with it every time in the operating room.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 5 Automation Systems for Packing, Shipping, & Logistics

At the end of every production process, the finished product has to be efficiently and functionally-packed and secured for shipping. However, the growing volume of smaller, more regular and frequent orders has challenged conventional means of storing, packing and shipping products, but it is also forcing companies to look at their logistics operations in ways they never considered necessary before.
Automation Systems

For this reason, automation systems are now the future of industrial and logistics automation. Some processes have been completely automated. This has the advantage of saving labor, but automation systems are also used to save energy & materials as well as to enhance quality, accuracy and precision.

This same code of automation systems, to reduce labor time spent on manual entry in the planning process of the movement of procured and sold products in the supply chain, also known as logistics system, helps lower costs and impact the end result, all while reducing error and enhancing overall customer service. In this article, we are going to have an in depth look at five automation systems that provide the greatest impact on packaging, shipping, and logistics processes.

Strapping Machines 

Strapping Machines are the perfect way to secure goods, packages, or cartons for safe hauling: quickly, efficiently and with nominal use of materials. Essential for many types of logistics and fulfillment warehouses, strapping machines are suitable for all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes. Cardboard boxes which correspond to the European packaging standards are particularly well-suited to strapping.

The strapping machine functions by pulling and fastening a band of plastic and metal around the products, thereby keeping them immobile during transport. Depending on the needs of the logistics company, there are you semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping machines which enable you to reliably and efficiently bundle your packages, boxes, parcels or other items, or have them secured for shipping – all with maximum availability.

Cubing & Dimensioning Systems 
Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Cubing and dimensioning systems have been central pieces of warehouse and logistics equipment for decades. They offer precise and real-time parcel size and weight data since they are equipped and integrated with software. This allows workers to store materials safely on racks, collect them on pallets, and then load them on trucks.

Many operators opt to use the new dimensioning and cubing technology systems and equipment because of their precision, dependability, and turn-key installation. Unlike the conventional cubing and dimensioning systems, these new automation systems are effective, convenient, cost effective and durable. Like mentioned above, the logistics company can integrate them with their business’s existing system (e.g. conveyor systems) and this helps reduce setup costs.

Automatic Box Cutter Machines

Automatic Box Cutter MachinesAutomatic box cutter machine is a technology in the logistics process which automatically opens boxes on a conveyor system or other “pass through” environment. These automation systems was invented because of a gap in automation technology which exists in large warehouses and distribution centers. Looking at few advantages of using an automatic box cutter machines, you can see the how their function is highly valuable in a variety of high volume industries.

The speed and accuracy of this system aid in numerous key areas. These include repacking mixed cases, opening and processing returns, and more. Since the machines are programmable and are completely safe to products, there is less product waste and you save more labor time on being cautious with a box knife. Therefore, besides increasing the speed and accuracy of workflow, the automatic box cutter machine also reduces strain and likelihood of injury on the personnel. From modular to intelligent you’ll find automation systems that engage you and suit your needs.

Applicators & Labeling Systems

Applicators & Labeling Systems
Automatic label applicators can rapidly apply pre-printed pressure sensitive labels to all sorts and sizes of products and packages. Each applicator and labeling system model is uniquely designed for addressing specific labeling requirements. Any of the automatic label applicator is matched with a labeling head and is capable of delivering repeatable label placement accuracy. These automation systems vastly improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your packaging line.

They help reduce labor costs, minimize operator fatigue and prevent label wastage. Applicator and labeling systems are generally cost effective, and simple to operate as well as maintain. They are widely used in the third-party logistics and shipping process in different industry segments such as cosmetics, fancy goods, gifts article, consumer products, agriculture, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are available as part of the complete logistics system offering. They can transport goods vertically, horizontally, around corners, and also handle declines and inclines. However, market-leading automated conveyor systems range offer more than just optimal transportation. They join processes together, and help deliver and take away products – automatically, as well as on cue.

These automation systems can store products and packages until the next machine or person needs them, sort or merge the packages intelligently, and can facilitate several functions that add value to the order-fulfillment process, like packing and weighing. There are various types of conveyors including roller-type conveyors for cases, chain conveyors for heavy cargo, accumulation conveyors, and inclined belt conveyors. They are available in flexible designs to match and accommodate the features and installation requirements of customers’ loads.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Athletic Apparel Technology Behind Today's Top Cycling Jerseys

Cycling is passion that many individuals enjoy for countless hours at a time. For this reason, it's essential for cyclists to wear top-quality jerseys made from premium materials and fabrics to help keep them dry and comfortable.

In this post, we're going to take a close look at some of the athletic apparel technology behind today's top cycling jerseys. So if you're shopping for a new cycling jersey, you may want to consider buying a product tailored from one of the follow types of fabric.

Airpass Pro+

Airpass Pro+ Cycling Jersey
Primarily composed of polyester, Airpass Pro+ is one of the most popular and widely-used material for cycling jerseys. This type of fabric is common because of the advanced moisture-wicking technology used in its manufacturing. Due to this technology, the perspiration is wicked from the body, and even after copious sweating, the jersey can still remain dry. This feature makes it very comfortable for the cyclists.

The material of Airpass Pro+ is also designed with AIRthrough for ensuring maximum breathability. Airpass Pro+ also provides 30+ SPF UV protection. The fabric is used by many companies, including Sobike, Excelsior, Brainstorm Gear and cycling jerseys. The many benefits of this material include its quality of being able to dry quickly, sun protection and breathable.

Bio-Ceramic Cycling Jersey

Bio-Ceramic has been recently introduced to the market of cycling jerseys and is gaining a lot of attention and demand. It is being appreciated by professional cyclists for its high level of comfort. Bio-Ceramic is composed of ceramic oxides and natural minerals. Both these elements are then mixed together at very high temperature. Due to this composition the material is able to release far infrared light which then helps in stimulating the blood flow by penetrating deep down into the muscles.

As a result, the stamina is improved and helps to reduce the body aches. Bio-Ceramic material is also very absorbent in nature and it has a very soft touch. Due to all these features the jerseys made from this material are very expensive. Ale, Santini and arragons do make use of this material for their cycling jerseys.

Merino Wool 
Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

Merino Wool is another popular material used for manufacturing cycling jerseys, particularly vintage-style cycling jerseys. The material is the most water resistant material available in the market. It has around ten times more ability to absorb and release the moisture, if compared with polyester and nylon based materials.

Merino Wool acts according to the weather. In warm weather, it keeps the cyclists cool by using the quality of heat absorption and evaporation. While in cold weather it traps the body heat so as to keep the athletes warm. It can be used in sunny days as well as it is UV resistant. It also has the quality of being odorless and hardly gets any stain. Merino wool is very soft in touch and perfect for sensitive skins. Isadore, TORM and jura cycle clothing are few brands that manufacture merino wool cycle jerseys.

All the cycle jersey materials have their own features and qualities. The type of material chosen by the cyclists depends on many factors like weather, area and skin type. Choosing the right type of clothing improves the performance largely.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Web Presence Optimization: A New Look at SEO & Internet Marketing

Over the last few years, SEO best practices have significantly evolved from focusing keywords and website optimization to optimize all content and platforms across a brand's entire web presence. This change marks the emergence of Web Presence Optimization (WPO), a new and more cohesive approach that takes SEO and Internet marketing to higher level.
Web Presence Optimization Strategy Ideas

Unlike SEO that centers on a brand's website (and the search metrics surrounding the site,) web presence optimization focuses on an entity's website, blogs, social media profiles, and search engine presence (organic and paid) to improve its overall visibility, findability, and engagement with users. The main aim of the web presence optimization is to optimize across all possible platforms in an all-inclusive manner.

WPO is beneficial to businesses as it gives an insight into the business digital footprint by tracking, managing and measuring the entire web presence for organic search without breaking the budget, which makes it suitable for all businesses small and large.

How WPO is Reshaping SEO

WPO is Reshaping SEO
The web presence optimization brings together social media, SEO, and content marketing as an integrated practice that ultimately leverages the power of earned and owned media for greater discoverability of the business content in social and search platforms. In making this success, the methodology used takes into consideration all essential factors such as the recent Google’s algorithm changes and the role of the content marketing as the basic ingredient of a strong web presence for effective content marketing and greater content discoverability.

Some SEO and internet marketing companies are really making a push for web presence optimization. is one such company that has created specific programs for web presence optimization and marketing.

In addition to the primary factors, the smart marketers are also focusing on two related secondary trends that help set their outcomes and strategies apart from the competitors. These secondary factors include the keyword-driven content for the sales funnel and content distribution. By using data to inform their content marketing, the digital marketers have an opportunity to deeply understand how their prospects search terms change as well as possible content gaps throughout the sales funnel. This allows businesses to create content that is relevant for each stage of the sales funnel based on the relevant keyword progression.

Where to Focus Your Web Presence Optimization Strategy

With web presence optimization, digital marketers also understand that although businesses invest a lot of resources and time in creating content, they do not do enough on distributing it through the right channels at the right time and to the right audience to fully maximize the returns of their efforts. Businesses need to understand that a published and minimally socialized blog post or any other content through the business social channel is only scratching the surface. The best WPO strategies should focus on social influencers and utilize every social influencer as a distribution point for the content to create a strong web presence.

A strong web presence gives the business an opportunity to audition for the attention of prospects based on who, what and where they are seeking. In web presence optimization, focusing on who offers your business with an opportunity to create positive attributes by creating a strong foundation that reduces the chances of negative attributes in the future. It also enables customers to aid your sales team in reinforcing your brand reputation and trust through association.

WPO enables the business to be found for what it is offering leading in early-stage opportunities. By focusing on the where aspect, the WPO helps your business put efforts and resources into channels that generate quality backlinks, grow domain authority and increase keyword rankings naturally and sustainably.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In-Motion Wheel Weighers Make Wake in Truck Scale Technology

For freight forwarders, shippers, and companies associated with logistics and transport functions, establishing internal systems to comply with highway truck weight regulations is critical. Stats reveal that overloaded trucks enhance damages to infrastructure and really pose greater hazards such as traffic accidents among the issues of other roads. With truck scale technology evolving, new systems and methods of weighing trucks are available.

In-Motion Wheel Weighers
Wheel weighers have become very advanced, low-profile weighing tools for many
different applications, including mining, farming, logistics, and freight.

In-motion wheel weighers, a type of portable truck scales, are one of the most highly-sought weighing systems in logistics and distribution sectors (as well as various other industries.) Highly-enforced regulations have prompted a lot of companies to adopt accurate, durable and reliable weighing devices to remove guess work. Offering optimal accuracy, efficiency, and portability, in-motion wheel weighers are among the best options available, and some truck scale companies are offering this advanced system for rent.

New Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

In-motion wheel weighers are lightweight and also completely mobile systems which can be used almost anywhere for heavy-duty vehicles weighing. They are really low-profile systems which feature an easy weighing platform in which trucks drive on.

As a truck passes over the weighing system, the scale will record the real weight of the vehicle and axle weight. They usually come with highly sensitive load cells which are capable of recording the exact weight of a truck. The system can then send the data to a particular remote terminal or mobile application.

See the in-motion axle scale model from AgWeigh. This video is of the AXW-Series axle scales from AgWeigh, a specialized truck scale supplier that offers weighing systems specifically for farmers and agricultural producers. Learn more about this company at

This portable truck scale is also equipped with rugged ramp enables trucks to drive over the wheel weigher slowly at 3-5 MPH speeds, just slow enough in order that the wheel weigher could calculate the axle of the truck and even load weight while in a specific motion.

As you measure the gross weight of a particular vehicle, the axle weight has to be measured first. And then, any addition gives the total weight of the truck. As an empty truck’s weight is determined, then it easy to calculate the transit goods net weight.

Benefits of In-motion Wheel Weigher Scales

In-motion wheel weigher scales offer a wide variety of benefits for customers. Some of the most notable benefits of utilizing portable wheel weigher scales are:
Wheel Weigher Scales

  • High degree of accuracy. With the load cells being ultra-sensitive, these truck scales give accurate weight readings therefore becoming the wide-known solution in vehicle weights measurement.
  • Highly portable. It comes in a package of wires, terminal and weighing pads. It is too easy to carry and also takes the least space in the cars back. The huge portability has really made these the most sought-after scales available.
  • Easy to install. Wheel weighers are pretty simple to install than other weight measurement system. It needs the least time to install and then record truck weights. Due to their compact sizes, these portable truck scales could be installed by one person. It doesn’t need any additional infrastructure to set up.
  • Cost-effective in truck weighing. They can be really used at any time or place. Additional, these portable axle scales record vehicle weights irrespective of the time, axle number, and speed.
For more information about where to buy or rent portable in-motion wheel weighers, visit