Friday, January 22, 2016

Load Volume Scanner: A Revolutionary New "Weighing" System

The load volume scanner has gained immense popularity and has been significantly used by many companies because of its advantages and roles in the industrial technologies and processes. The load volume scanner uses an entirely different technology that entails the use of volumetric scanning that generates 3D images of the load in the truck.
Load Volume Scanner System
The basic inputs define the general weight per cubic meter and material density because the system takes scanned volume data and converts it to the preferred weight metrics. It is considerably used for excavation and in the mining industries mainly because it generates accurate weight and volume metrics as well it helps in ensuring that the haul trucks are loaded with the right and expected amount before it leaves the mining site.

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Next-Level Volumetric Scanning Technology

load scanner 3D imageThe load volume scanner integrates an advanced patent with pending algorithms that works with laser technology whereby it allows delivering of dynamic non-contact solution used to monitor the material loads on the trucks. The scanners have many features that ensure reading and analyzing of payloads is easily done. The scanners have lead profiling features that analyze the density of the loads accurately hence can be able to tell whether the loads can overturn the truck.

The load volume scanner is a revolutionary high capacity weighing machine that has been proven to offer great wealth and benefits many companies that include those in the construction industry, agriculture, and mining. The load volume scanner technology has been considered to provide an alternative that is cost-efficient as compared to the truck sales. Here are surefire reasons why this revolutionary system offers a sound solution for mining companies engaged in high-volume payload management operations.

Affordability & Efficiency 

portable load scanner unit
The technology and components behind the load scanner has been proven to be affordable as compared to the heavy duty truck sales such as axle scales and weigh bridge scale systems. This makes the load volume scanner a very affordable investment in both industrial companies. Moreover, the load scanner can also be rented for short term use hence makes work easier and affordable.

Portability & Versatility

The scanner is easily transported from one job site to another that makes it an ideal machine needed by the mining and construction industries. The machine can be towed by any operator when they need the load volume scanner in a particular mining or construction site.

The load volume scanner executes the payload management results accurately concerning the review of different items that are loaded on the truck sales. The scanner has been considered to be suitable for a person who seeks to manage both their mining and shipping needs quickly and confidently.

An Accurate & Reliable "Weighing System"

The load volume scanner generates accurate volume metrics and converts them to weight metrics accurately. The machine generates accurate volumes and weights calculations as many times as possible and does not require to recalibrate its system. The load volume scanner has been proven to offer exceptional accuracy when determining the volume and weights of the loads on the trucks.

Load Volume Scanner Means Functionality

Besides measuring the weight and volume of the loads on the trucks, the load scanner functions by ensuring the loads are properly distributed in the truck beds. The 3D imagery by the scanner gives real-time data, and immediate feedbacks concerning any inadequacies of how the loads are distributed on the truck hence enables operators to optimize the high volumes operations. Moreover, the system gives real-time data with a variety of variables that influence the actual performance of the loaded truck.

load volume scanner software Kiosk Display & Software Integration

The load volume scanner system allows users to manage and operate loads on the trucks using an exceptional touch screen kiosk system. The system is fully dynamic and integrated software that conveys comprehensive solutions to the payload management operations. The load volume scanner has been proven to be suitable for an advanced industry application and its payload management systems.

Monday, January 11, 2016

An Inside Look at Wheel Loader Scales from Walz Scale

walz scale on-boardWhen it comes to fully-functional, dependable wheel loader scales, Walz Scale is an industry leader in various types of industrial weighing systems for a wide range of large hauling vehicles and earth moving equipment. Walz Scale's wheel loader scales use on-board weighing technology. These advanced systems are installed right on the wheel loader and digital readout displays are integrated in the cab so operators can see the load weight in real-time and while in motion.

On-board loader scales ensure the ultimate in accuracy and convenience without any need for frequent calibration. These wheel loader scales from Walz Scale have proved to be an ultimate tool to boost the overall efficiency of the entire payload management process. Walz Scale offers wide range of loader scales that have been designed to work on-board any type of wheel loader used worldwide. Once installed, these weighing systems can efficiently and seamlessly provide you accurate weight measurements of the vehicle load.
wheel loader scales walz scale
Some of the features offered by these loader scales include:
  • Simple operation
  • Works with all wheel-loaders
  • Precise results
  • Graphical operator interface
  • Robust scale design
  • This scale is field installable
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • In-motion weighing
  • Multiple communication protocol options
  • Field serviceable
  • Field installable
Walz Scale offers three types of on-board wheel loader scales to its customers, each with its own specifications and levels of capacity. No matter which of the model you choose, an on-board loader scale is going to boost throughput with timely and accurate load weight measurements. Let’s have a close look at each of these three scales.

WK50 Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50 scale is the ultimate in efficient payload management. These on-board loader scales are built on rock solid foundation, and bring many advanced functions and features to today’s operators. You can also add a ticket printer (optional) to loader terminal. The company’s integral printer has been designed to provide continuous operation in tough conditions.

WK50S Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50S loader scale delivers highly precise data collection. You can use these on-board loader scales to maximize throughput and efficiency. Simply add a ticket printer (optional) to WK50S weighing terminal. This printer offers 24/7operation in tough environmental conditions.

WK50XS Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50XS wheel loader scale provides you accurate and reliable weights at the most affordable price. Its reliability and durability is due to company’s accurate and reliable sensor technology. These on-board weighing systems allow users to interchange up to five different attachments.

wheel loader scaleThe WK50XS scale is best for all those who want to track production data and maximizes truck loading time. The integral weighing system allows for field installation and also provides accurate weights. This scale system offers all necessary tools to operators to perform operations accurately and efficiently. Unlike other scales, the housing of these loader scales is designed to relentlessly work continuously in the toughest environment.

You can easily use the running total function to manage production. You can manage production by day, shift, week or month. It comes in the form of kit with all necessary components required to easily install the system.

Like all on-board truck weighing systems, the installation of WK50XS is simple and easy. In fact, customer can easily install their own scale system if they choose. The beauty of this on-board scales system is that it comes with a backing of largest service force. Installation, calibration and onsite service support is available through their network of service offices.

Walz Scale also offers certified test weights for accurate scale calibrations and verifications. Their ability to bring these certified weights straight to your site, ensures you’re using the systems that are proven accurate.

Friday, January 8, 2016

3 Cutting-Edge Home Audio Speakers from Sonos

If you want to listen to music anywhere in your house without cables trailing everywhere, Sonos is your answer. Sonos has some of the best home audio systems on the market.

The company's high-quality speakers and home audio systems are known for exceptional sound and ease of setup. Though they come at premium prices, Sonos home audio gives you a great experience that you would not hesitate recommending one to a friend.

Sonos Play:5 
Sonos Play5 Home Audio

For true room-filling sound, Sonos Play:5 is your best bet. The first Play:5 was released in 2009. It was a big hit until other systems came to the market. The new Play:5, according to Sonos, is a quintessential speaker for the age we are in. The home audio system is bookshelf sized and is offered with 6 synchronized drivers; 3 woofers and 3 tweeters. It produces a big and clear sound with a lot of bass and a nice definition in mid and high ranges. Unlike earlier models, the hard-to-press buttons on speakers have been replaced by touch controls which makes selecting songs and adjusting the volume a cinch.

You can orientate the new Play:5 on either side vertically or horizontally. This gives it more flexibility. The front grille of this speaker is made of plastic. Play:5 comes with Trueplay, a software that allows you to optimize the sound of wireless speakers in their position. The software uses the touch of your iPad, iPod or iPhone to measure the response of a speaker in your room and tweak it to sound better. It costs about $499.

Sonos Playbar 
Sonos Playbar Home Audio

Today, not only can you get audio anywhere in your house but you can easily get up to 5.1 surround sound right in your living room. The Sonos Playbar is offered with 6 mid-woofers which does a great job in covering the low frequencies and 3 tweeters to cover the high frequencies (all these operate on 9 class-D amplifiers). The Playbar easily connects to your TV using one optical cable and a power cord. By simply connecting the speakers to your home Wi-Fi system by use of the Sonos controller app, you can play all the music you want without wiring.

The right and the left tweeters are angled out to bring out clearer and louder sound. According to the manufacturer, the Playbar is able to make 24 million calculations to keep the system in a state of balance. Easily create a 3.1 home theater system by pairing the Playbar with a Sub or a 5.1 home theater by pairing the Playbar with a Sub and 2 other speakers. The Playbar costs $699.

Sonos Play:3 
Sonos Play3 Home Audio

In terms of price and size, this is the best home audio from Sonos. Though Sonos products are known to come at premium prices, the Play:3 costs only $299. This does not mean that its quality is below bar. Using the home Wi-Fi connection, the home audio system will stream music from NAS drive or a computer, or from online services. At 26cm wide and 16cm deep, the Sonos Play:3 can fit perfectly on a bedside cabinet.

Just behind the speaker’s grille, there are three drivers – one tweeter that sits in between 2 3-in mid-range drivers. Each of the drivers is powered by its own amplifiers. At the back of the speaker is a bass radiator to improve bass performance. You will need a Bridge unit if you will be using wireless.

If you're locally-based in central Illinois, one of the places to find Sonos home audio systems, as well as many other leading brands like Bose and Sony, visit:

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5 Top-Rated Industrial Barcode Printers in Review

When buying the best industrial barcode printers, you must have information about their reviews when you need to buy a good one within a given market. Through the reviews, you will know what to look for as features go in terms of some of the top barcode printers with industrial-grade technology. Here is a review of the top five industrial barcode printers currently leading the market today.

1. Datamax M-Class Mark II Barcode Printer

industrial barcode printer
The Datamax M-Clas Mark II barcode printer is an exceptional industrial printer that you can buy when planning to buy one. It has smaller footprint that makes it ideal for users looking for powerful industrial printers with space limitations. The M-Class 4206 printer from Datamax is a perfect solution for healthcare, logistics, and warehouse or retail applications. Its modular design makes the maintenance and replacement of parts easy since it has a flexible design that allows for a wide of options when using it.

When using it, you will have an increased productivity that makes it one of the best industrial barcode printers when you compare to other models available for sale.

2. Zebra 110Xi4 Industrial Barcode Printer

This Zebra 110Xi4 Industrial Barcode Printer is one of the highly rated printers that you can buy when you want a perfect one during your purchase. Some of its features will definitely makes it excellent is its ability to handle everything that ranges from paper to tag stocks and specialty label when using it.

When using it, you can easily change it from one given label media the other. With a consistently high quality print, you will get a range of thicknesses when you need these amazing deals well. It has tiny component labels, compliance labels, and wide-web (such as chemical drum) labels, which makes it excellent when you need a good printer during your purchase.

zebra industrial barcode printers3. Zebra 140Xi4 Industrial Barcode Printer

These Zebra 140Xi4 printers can easily maintain pace with the high-volume production line. When using them, you will get a 14"/356 mm-per-one-second print in terms of speeds thus providing one of the top technologies on the market. You will improve productivity in the batch printing with the print-and-apply lines.

When you buy them, you will have a fast processing to improve your productivity. This printer has a powerful memory that can stores more fonts, label formats, and graphics. It also compatible with most Zebra industrial barcode readers and scanners.

4. The Zebra 105SLPlus II Industrial Barcode Printer

This Zebra 105SLPlus II Industrial Barcode Printer will provide you an icon-based with a multilingual graphical LCD interface. When using it, you will be able to minimize user training thus making the printing process faster and simpler. It is also durable when compared to other models that you can easily get in the market during your purchase.

5. Zebra 170Xi4 Industrial Barcode Printer

The Zebra 170Xi4 Industrial Barcode Printer can help you improve your pace when working with a high-volume production line. As one of the leading industrial printers from Zebra, has a fast processing ability to increase your productivity. With its durable printhead mechanism, you will deliver an outstanding print quality when using it at the same time reducing downtime for the printhead replacement.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the top five industrial barcode printers that you can choose when buying them from a given market.

5 Most Recent and Effective Innovations In Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a holistic health practice that involves the examination of the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical and structural disorders experienced in the spine and the skeletal structure. The process is bounded by different types of spinal adjustments based on the complication experienced. The most common one though is the spinal misalignment.

Manual adjustment methods have been in use for quite a while in this treatment but thanks to advancement in technology, new equipment has found its way in the chiropractic field heightening it to a greater level. Here are the most effective innovations in chiropractic care.

1. Disc Decompression Machines

Disc decompression is among the most potent and innovative systems in the chiropractic field. Its main operation module is offering therapy that aids in stretching and relaxing the spinal cord. With the regular upgrades and advancements, disc decompression machines are set with computerized technology that is used to regulate the amount of stress applied to the spine.

Due to this feature, chances of muscle contractions can hardly be encountered. To make it even more convenient and reliable, disc decompression tables can be adjusted according to the patients' needs to achieve more comfortable and relaxing sessions.

2. Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy is another innovative invention that has served a significant purpose in chiropractic. Class IV or cold laser therapy is structured with top notch technology that enables it to offer fast healing in the treatment process. This implement is effective at relieving chronic pains, severe injuries, and arthritis.

The curative property behind cold laser therapy is endowed with an infrared red light that penetrates the injured spots to offer relief from pain. It can also be used to heal wounds, reduce inflammation and repair broken tissues and muscles. Laser therapy is a reliable procedure that has been accredited to be painless, safe and productive, and is now being adopted by most chiropractors

3. Adjustment Instruments

Spinal adjustment instruments are used to treat joints’ complications and to improve their performance. The complications addressed here include joint pains, inflammation, and misalignment. There are various marques offering these machines: the top ones include ProAdjuster and Pulstar.

These chiropractic adjustment tools are deemed potent than the previous treatment modes since they are safer, and they can solve different body complications. They are inbuilt with computerized systems that are set with contemporary treatment inventions in chiropractic.

4. Insight Subluxation Station

Patients can get their chiropractic conditions with the use of this machine. The Insight Subluxation Station can be able to scan the patients and give out accurate results, that will in turn help to decide on the better and efficient treatment to opt for. There are various modern applications in this tool that facilitates the tool’s accuracy. Appropriate safety standards have been put into account as well.

5. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Another great innovation in this field is the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy that has revolutionized the chiropractic treatment with a significant step. Its treatment module is centered on therapeutic ultrasounds that can generate strong shock waves. It is used to treat injuries and muscle problems such as the muscle strains. The only drawback linked to this therapy is denaturing of tissues.

The need for chiropractic care has risen due to increase in spine and other bone complications. This has fueled research in this sector that has in turn led to diverse inventions and innovations to cater for the treatment. Among the most recent and effective innovations ever experienced in this field have been shown above.

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