Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Popular Bush Hog Finishing Mowers for Large Properties

Bush Hog finishing mowers
Do you have a large property that you hate mowing? You might have considered hiring somebody to help, but before you do, you should take a look at these five popular Bush Hog finishing mowers that will give you a professional-looking finish every time. Bush Hog finishing mowers offer an added level of efficiency and quality for those who own a tractor or pulling equipment to hook-up the finishing mower.

Bush Hog RS2650B Finishing Mower

This lawn mower doesn't fool around. In fact, when you get done enjoying its easy-to-grasp controls and braking feature on your own lawn, you may be tempted to go into professional lawn mowing just to share the amazement at all good a lawn looks once it's been mowed by this machine.
Bush Hog RS2650B Finishing Mower

Take advantage of the mulching kit that ensures that you never have to fertilize your lawn again by producing fine mulch that can be fed back into your lawn. It's fast and spacious and you'll be glad for the braking system to help avoid accidents if something unexpected ever happens.

Bush Hog RDTH72 Finishing Mower

This is one of the best rear discharge finishing mowers on the market and can provide a smooth, even cut every time you mow. You can adjust the high blade for the results you want and the high blade is designed to reduce streaking.
Bush Hog RDTH72 Finishing Mower

The blade speed is fast at 18,000 FPM and comes with a 5-year warranty on the gearbox to show how confident Bush Hog is in this mower. It's designed to be towed, but don't let that be a turnoff because hooking this up is very easy.

Bush Hog RDTH84 Finishing Mower

Bush Hog RDTH84 Finishing Mower

This mower is rated to be towed by tractors with 30-55 PTO horsepower and boasts an adjustable Kevlar reinforced belt. This covers an amazingly large area within a short span of time and, while the manufacturer does recommend keeping up with routine maintenance like greasing the moving parts, this mower can last for many years. Additionally, it's easy to find the right Bush Hog finishing mower parts for this model, as well as the others mentioned in this article.

Bush Hog FTH-600 Finishing Mower

This model is ideal for contractors or anyone who finds themselves frequently mowing large lawns. It's available in a width of 60 inches, about medium-sized for Bush Hog finishing mowers but still amazing for finishing a lawn quickly.
Bush Hog FTH-600 Finishing Mower

The manufacturer is confident enough in this mower's toughness to offer a 5-year gearbox warranty regardless of how much you use it to delight owners of large lawns and dislike the idea of mowing it themselves. However, you totally need to try this mower among Bush Hog finishing mowers to completely appreciate it.

Bush Hog FTH-720 Finishing Mower

This is basically a ramped-up version of the Bush Hog FTH-600, with a slight boost to the blade speed and a very noticeable boost of the mowing width to 72 inches. You'll basically be mowing your lawns faster and smoother with a mower that's designed to hook up to a tractor and chew its way through the square feet of your yards quickly.
Bush Hog FTH-720 Finishing Mower

The Bottom Line for Bush Hog Mowers

If you have some large lawns to get through quickly and need a mower that is designed to handle those intense jobs and last a long time, you will not regret investing in a Bush Hog mower. Look for them anywhere you buy your lawn professionals' supplies.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Walz Cube: New Dimensioning & Cubing System from Walz Scale

Are you in the retail business or provide warehousing and distribution solutions? Perhaps you run an online store that ships purchases to customers on a daily basis? If your business is involved in shipping packages, you already know how astronomical shipping fees can be.

Shipping costs have long been solely calculated based on weight. However, with rising costs of fuel and other factors, charging by weight only has become unprofitable for mail and freight carriers since lightweight and low density packages tend to take up as much room in cargo carriers like ships, airplanes and trucks. So, freight companies have gone to using dimensioning systems to calculate and charge by dimensions rather than solely on weight or volume.

A dimensioning system (sometimes called a cubing system) uses a measuring process that measures the cubic space an object occupies. This method calculates the dimensional weight a package or object uses. This information is then used to calculate the cost of handling, storage and transporting of the object.

Features of Walz Cube 

Walz has brought new technology to customers searching for a dimensioning system to capture weight and dimensional data for the packages they ship. The Walz Cube is a new cubing and dimensioning system has changed the way businesses manage their shipping process by giving them the dimensional and weight data they need to ship via major carriers.

Below are a few of the exciting components and features the new Walz cubing system offers:
  • Dimensional and weight software for PCs
  • DHL and TNT Plug-in
  • On Demand Plug-in Feature for the UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT Online systems
  • Standard Data Transfer
  • Affordability

A Revolutionary Dimensioning & Cubing

The revolutionary cubing system from Walz also boasts:
  • Real-time data transfer
  • PC client data transfer
  • Constructed of 5 mm aluminum for long-lasting use
  • Plug-in to third party transport booking systems online
  • USB power supply that can be used on mobile cart as a mobile device
The Walz dimensioning system can also provide:
  • Data management: The dimensioning system can measure dimensions, volume, weight and volume weight.
  • Definable dim factors by the user
  • Allows users to save their data as a .csv file
  • Provides internal AUTO calibration for both volume and weight
  • Provides users with counting pieces for totalization of the counting data

Seamless System Integration

Integration of standard data transfer into ERP or WMS has been an expensive challenge in the past, but the Walz cubing system has made it a standard feature.

The Walz Cube dimensioning system can also be used as a stand-alone system. Whether you choose to use it on a table or integrate it into a conveyor system. It’s your choice!

If shipping costs are a factor in your business, you can’t afford to be without a dimensioning system. Why not make sure that you have the best in the business?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yield Pro: Advanced Harvest Management Software for Truck Scales

Yield Pro is the latest in harvest management software that allows the farmers and agricultural producers of today get more out of truck scales and yield weighing operations. The software has a simple but very intuitive interface that anyone can understand and use in less than 15 minutes. In short, Yield Pro offers the critical features and functions necessary to manage harvest yield and data, all while making the most of a farmer's truck scales and weighing systems.

Yield Pro Software Features

Yield Pro offers farmers cutting-edge features that help optimize their harvest and yield management processes. Below are some of the features that the software offers:
  • Intuitive Interface. A simple tile design graces Yield Pro's interface, with helpful labels in a non-cluttered screen. Users can learn the ins and outs of this advanced harvest management software in minutes and start sharing critical data to all the other users.
  • Truck Editor. Manage your fleet or trailers and trucks using the Truck Editor. Just type in the information and it will be stored in the software system.
  • Moisture Meter Integration. Test your weight data in each load and manage moisture in a very accurate calculation.
  • Load Management. A comprehensive transaction screen provides all the load data and lets you manage and view it whenever you want.
  • Built In Reporting. Real time data can now be shared and updated to any computer or device. Farm and Field, Bin inventory, Tickets and Production information can be managed on this screen.
  • RFID Integration. The RFID system is a convenient add-on that you can use along with the Yield Pro Software. This device automates the weighing process without the need to operate or see the interface. This can help immensely with busy harvest seasons, where every helping hand is appreciated.

Yield Pro: Benefits of Advanced Harvest Management

Agricultural producers and farmers now have advanced harvest management software that they can depend on. They can completely control farm operations down to the smallest detail with the Yield Pro, and anyone who has a basic grasp of computers and mobile devices can operate the software easily. The software is versatile in itself as it can be installed in all smart phones and tablets, and allows real time updating and sharing across all users.

Pair this software with farm weighing scales from AgWeigh and other applicable scale systems, and you can have the truck drivers access the weight and manage the loads without getting off their trucks. Farmers will have an easier time managing production in individual yields, and specific farm production areas can be controlled and organized with ease.

One of the hardest tasks that farmers are faced with is determining the amount of moisture in a given load. This is also one of the most important part of yield management since moisture calculation is directly related to the produce's true value. Doubtful guesswork is taken out of the equation as Yield Pro takes care of it with the advanced moisture meter integration. The software also provides farmers and agricultural producers a high-tech system of managing inventory records in a highly accurate account of various farm activities such as bin inventory and all production information.

The software developers have also made provisions for the Yield Pro to be compatible and integration-ready in a wide variety of modern equipment and a large range of farm scales. This invaluable software shines and truly shows its usefulness when harvest time comes by being able to weigh large amounts of produce at a faster speed than most weighing equipment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 Security Systems That All Small Businesses Should Consider

There are critical and important elements even in small businesses that require protection such as files, computers and other assets. Business security system should not be seen as expensive or extravagant because its overall contribution to the business security and success is overwhelming. You should not ignore incorporating security systems for your business, because they not only protect your business against tangible breaches, but also digital theft and online security threats.

The type of security system you install for your small business depends on what you want to protect in your business. Below are three types of security systems that you should highly consider:

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems monitor and protect your business both from the inside and from the outside. Video surveillance cameras are essential in case you want to monitor the progress of your business through the day. Many video surveillance systems can be integrated with your mobile device or even the web for easier access even when you are far from your business premises.

This system helps you track the action of your customers as well as your employees round the clock. It also gives you a video proof in the event that you need to file an insurance claim for damages or theft. You can easily install this systems via a vendor who sell them to you and also help you in setting up the necessary software to run the system.

Alternatively, you can turn to the web and purchase the security cameras and other accessories and install them yourself. When you opt to install the system yourself, the cost is significantly reduced because the only cost you incur is that of the security cameras and their accessories. On the other hand, a professional vendor will charge you an initial installation fee and monthly maintenance fee which will sum up to a large chunk of money.

Digital Security System

Digital security and surveillance systems protect your computer and web-based documents and files, customer information, online transactions, and other software programs that helps your business run smoothly. These systems are crucial to your business especially considering the current risk of hacking and identity theft. It helps protect your business from hackers, viruses, spyware and other threats.

Another key importance is protection from massive losses in terms of hours of productivity, interruptions in conducting normal business and potential loss of customer in case the business information is compromised. Such consequences can affect your company greatly even to the extent of bringing it to its knees and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Viruses and spywares can be avoided by installation of a good antivirus program and a firewall program that will protect you from malicious websites. You can also protect your business information by hosting it virtually via online services. You should look for the best service that will not lose or compromise your information.

Access Control Systems

This system prevents access of certain rooms by all employees. Employees with security clearance are the only one allowed to access those rooms. This system can help you keep sensitive or branded business information from falling on the wrong hands. They can also restrict access to certain risky sections of the business to inexperienced employees in case it is a production company.

These systems are easy to use because all you require is to set a keypad entry to a door you want to restrict. You can also setup a networked system that involves access cards. This system is very essential in businesses where certain information is classified and cannot be released to all employees. This includes government institutions and other hierarchical form of businesses. The cost of installing this system depends on the type of hardware that you opt to use and also the number of doors involved.

These three small business security systems can help you in running your small business smoothly without fear of compromise or vandalism. These systems will always keep you appraised of the day to day activities and occurrences in your business premises even when you are away.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3 Revolutionary Weighing Systems That Are Redefining Industry Standards

Technology is expanding in every industry, and high-volume weighing and measurement has not been left behind. There are three different types of technology focal to truck scales or industrial weighing systems that are helping to advance the overall efficiency and productivity of operators (i.e. mining companies, construction projects, farming applications, public works programs, etc.)

Over time, new developments are cutting out the bottlenecks that can arise in industry when trucks, equipment, products, etc. must be weighed both accurately and efficiently. In the past, this necessary step could result in a significant loss of both time and money. 

Recent advancements have caused many industrial trailblazers to reassess the way they do business; resulting in streamlined, efficient industrial, mining, and agricultural methods that improve safety and management. Below we profile three revolutionary weighing systems are redefining the industry standards.

On-Board Weighing Systems

The first technological advancement is defined as on-board weighing system. These scales are integrated directly on vehicles and equipment to provide seamless, highly efficient weighing methods. On-board weighing systems allow for an efficient use of time. Instead of bringing a product to a specified location for measurement, the truck is equipped with this technology can be taken to the products. Not only does this option save time, but it could prevent costly mistakes and verify accuracy onsite. 
on-board loader scales in action
For example, wheel loader scales allow one to use onboard weighing to optimize throughput and efficiency. Many loader scales work with multiple wheel loaders and are designed for simple operations. The operator interface has been programmed to give information in graphs for ease of interpretation of the data. While there are many different on-board weighing systems from various industry suppliers, many systems also provide multiple communication protocol options including mobile access. 

In-Motion Truck Scales

The next technological advancement is in the development of In-Motion Truck Scales. This method uses portable truck axle scales that enable users to drive over portable weighing pads at slow speeds. This method provides an 'in motion’ method that is easy to use and yet provides accurate weight measurement. 

Weigh in-motion scales have many practical applications, including roadside inspection stations. However, they can save time and money in many industrial applications as well.

This technology allows one to accurately weigh a vehicle quickly. By utilizing advanced sensors, these systems can measure the vertical force of a vehicle so that the accuracy is not altered by the rapidity of the measurement. 

Volumetric Load Scanning Technology

Finally, Volumetric Load Scanning Technology, while not an actual truck scale, has provided a revolutionary alternative by using laser scanning technology to scan truck beds or other contained spaces to generate 3D volume metrics that can be converted into weight metrics based on material density and other operator inputs.

This load volume scanner system can be executed rapidly and accurately. Because of the low cost of installation and maintenance costs, such as calibration and repairs, this method is gaining in popularity. The calculations are accurate for almost any application because the operator input allows one to customize the system readily for different scenarios.

The accessibility of the load scanner system, including mobile applications, makes it a good option for communicating and sharing information. Learn more about the industry's most advanced load scanner system by visiting