Friday, February 19, 2016

5 Highly-Rated Handheld Mobile Computers from Zebra

There are a wide range of handheld mobile computer products that you can choose for your company based on the functionality, capabilities, and features your business demands. With Zebra handheld mobile computers, you cannot go wrong. Below is a review of five highly-rated handheld mobile computers from Zebra.

Zebra MC17 Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra MC17 Handheld Mobile Computer
The Zebra MC17 handheld computer is specifically intended to be used by your customers while doing their shopping. The Zebra MC17 provides a good opportunity for customers to scan items they want and create the list of items chosen. This enables them to save time at the checkout queue and also improve self service all at the press of button.

Features of the Zebra MC17
  • Large battery capacity to last long
  • Has web explorer to enable applications access internet
  • Durable. Build to withstand drops
  • Color display for rich content delivery to the customer
  • Browser compatibility

Zebra MC40 Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra MC40 Handheld Mobile Computer
The Zebra MC40 mobile computer is designed to perform several functions that will make your associates have easy time executing their duties and in serving the customers. The device can be use to call any person with any mobile computer for inquiries or assistance in the company.

The Zebra MC40 handheld mobile computer can be used to scan bar codes, look up prices or location of goods when serving the customers. And when not serving the customer, your associate can be using the Zebra MC40 handheld mobile computer in doing stock keeping or auditing prices.

Features of the Zebra MC40
  • Durability. Can withstand drops and bump
  • Android OS that can be transformed from customer Operating System to enterprise class Operating System
  • 4.3inch touch display
  • Secure payment processing system
  • Can be customized with your brand logo

Zebra MC45 Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra MC45 Handheld Mobile ComputerThis computer tends to give your workforce with adequate information that will enable them to perform their work effectively to provide customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is because the Zebra MC45 handheld mobile computer is reliable in terms of reliability and durability in using it.

Features of the Zebra MC45
  • Field durability. The computer can withstand drops, bumps, spills, dust and even thermal shock
  • GPS access to directions and navigating in crowded places or in huge buildings
  • Laser scanning tech that can scan bar codes up to distance of 4.5m away
  • Wireless connectivity such as 3G and Wi-Fi enables workers to be connected out in the field and in the office.

Zebra MC55AO Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra MC55AO Handheld Mobile Computer
With sleek design and easily pocketable, this lightweight MC55AO series computer provides the best workforce experience in various sectors that include government agencies, healthcare, retail and in manufacturing companies.

The Zebra MC55AO handheld mobile computer can easily be used both indoors and outdoors as it is designed to withstand various demanding situation. You can also find this mobile computer, as well as great selection of other handheld mobile computers from Zebra at

Features of the Zebra MC55AO
  • Durable because of drop and tumble endurance test results
  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity to various office equipments like printers and modems
  • Keypads for easy data entry like the QWERTY and QWERTZ
  • 3.5inch clear graphic display screen
  • 3.2MP autofocus digital camera
  • 1D and 2D scanners
  • Secured data and network access

Zebra MC55NO Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra MC55NO Handheld Mobile ComputerThis handheld computer is most suited for use by the work force of the company. The device is built with tough cover material that can handle several drops and exposure to elements like heat and cold. This makes the Zebra MC55NO handheld mobile computer suitable to be used outdoors. The device can easily be sanitized with available cleaners without corroding the case or damaging the delicate electronics.

Features of the Zebra MC55NO
  • Powerful Marvel PXA320 Processor at 806MHz
  • Memory 256MB RAM/Micro SD card slot up to 32GB
  • Microsoft windows Operating System
  • 3.5MP autofocus camera
  • Works on any wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 3.5inch graphic display
  • Improved shock and drop resistance
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