Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 Innovative Solutions Revolutionizing Bank Security

Banking security has been in drastic development and advancement for a number of years as most processes become more digital. In fact, some of the best security innovations are used in the banking sector today. Many of the largest banks out there use these systems to effectively manage the security of their customers at all times.

These bank security systems must be reliable and be able to deliver undisturbed performance in the toughest of times. Below we delve into three innovative products revolutionizing bank security systems.

Mobile Banking Payment Security

Mobile banking payment security is emerging new security platform for banks. Many financial institutions have encountered that the major hurdle to overcome is user adaptation and the lack of confidence in the security of mobile services. Integrated biometrics and specialized mobile banking applications are working together to provide a service beneficial to financial institutions and their patrons.

Mobile banking is not a new concept, and is the target of heightened security critique. As we all know mobile devices get stolen or lost quite often. The physical of your mobile device is not the problem. The amount of mobile anti-malware apps have a smaller availability on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops. Instant push notifications and geolocation tracking, mobile banking allows for custodians to monitor any fraudulent transactions in real time with their banking institution.

More recent developments allow for improved banking security systems by using biometrics and a specialized applications. This also harness some self-help features which decrease customer calls to the customer care service.

IP-Surveillance Monitoring Systems

IP-surveillance monitoring systems are also widely used in banking security systems out there today, allows financial customers remote, real-time control of all their branches, ATM’s and their corporate offices, verify alarm events immediately with integrated video capabilities, search and report easily on a specific site or event or even generate customized reports from thousands of sites while being anywhere on the network.

This digital IP-surveillance technology can be adapted based on the requirements for every individual institution. This technology uses the client’s internal IP network and requires no dedicated phone lines. This technology enables remote management eliminating the need for constant site visits, and the client can monitor the whole system internally. For instance, see the video below to understand the comparison and value between digital IP-surveillance systems versus more conventional CCTV surveillance.
This will eliminate operational costs from external management contracts. These surveillance solutions all the use the most leading brands in digital video systems, video monitoring, intrusion panels and wireless devices make this kind of security solution a truly open system that offers integration on any level, by providing reliability and maintaining flexibility.


Cash in transit is another area of banking security, this is the physical transport of banknotes, coins and other items of value. To many different locations including, cash centers, bank branches, ATM points, very large retailers and a number of other premises holding large amounts of money.

Most cash in transit organizations are private security companies that offers the handling of money as a service. By law the cash in transit companies are seen as logistic companies within the private security industry and must comply with certain legislation. This may impose restrictions on the use of firearms, kind of vehicles used, the amount of members to be used in a crew, or even the use of an intelligent money neutralizing system.

These companies are very specialized in the transportation of money, the drivers are never allowed to leave the vehicle until it returns to the keeping premises, all of the crew on a vehicle like this must wear bulletproof vests or ballistic helmets.