Monday, November 10, 2014

The Technology Behind the Walz Load Scanner

The company that introduced one of the most advanced pieces of load scanner technology on the market is Walz Scale. This load scanner system is designed to provide monitoring and reporting of 3D generated images and data from scanned truck beds as they pass through the scanner.

The system uses the latest technology for load scanning and payload management, enabling real time tracking and management. Below we go into great detail about the technology, functionality, feature, and benefits of the load scanner system from Walz Scale.

Features of the Walz Load Scanner System

The volumetric load scanner from Walz comes with features designed for companies with fast throughput and high volume operations. They are able to monitor the load capacity of hauled materials by using an automated system that provides real time measurements of load capacities for in motion trucks.

The system first scans the empty trucks and then scans them when they are loaded and calculates the actual load capacity. The system uses modern technology to load imagery logs for every truck and to provide a multitude of reporting.
  • Capability for In-motion load scanning
  • Volumetric 3D imagery for truck beds for sufficient monitoring
  • Simple setup of the software platform
  • Capability to take and store high definition load images
  • Low maintenance technology

Technology of the Load Scanner

Load scanners are able to provide high definition 3D load images in order to maximize productivity. The load images provide additional benefits such as monitor spillage, manage load position, monitor carry back, and material compaction analysis.

The systems include a 3D laser scanner, a PC or a laptop, and mounting hardware. The volumetric load scanners come with a user friendly load management software that provides users with real time data logs of the in motion trucks on transit.

 The load scanner can be also integrated with a RFID or a video vehicle recognition system. That provides further automation e tools that allow for un-manned operation and maximize the vehicle throughput to your operation.

The load management software developed by Walz Scale uses a software platform called Payload Pro. The load management software provides real time data and all the tools needed to manage your truck loads. The customized reporting capabilities are enable your system to meet your operation requirements.

The system will automatically generate load tickets that can be emailed, printed, or uploaded to a cloud account. The load tickets can include the following information.
  • Load volume
  • 3D load Image
  • Gross vehicle weight
  • Load net weight
Load scanners can come in portable systems and mobile configurations. These portable units are suitable for applications that require portability, such as road construction projects. Learn more about the Walz load scanner by visiting

Load Scanner Advantages for Payload Management

Compared with other load scanner systems, the load scanner designed by the company Walz Scale offers a very affordable solution payload management. Installing a load scanner is a cost effective way to manage your payload as it is relatively cheaper than the cost of weighbridges.

Other advantages of installing a volumetric load scanner for payload management are:

Accurate Load Volume Calculations

Unlike other systems used for payload management, the Walz load scanner provides very accurate load volume calculations that will minimize any uncertainties and variables in load variation, moisture content and compaction. The load scanner provides accurate load volume calculations without the use of old school methods or simple guessing.

Flexible and Durable

The Walz load scanners are built respecting the highest quality standards and they can withstand decades of use in production, mining, and construction operations. The Walz load scanners can be installed easily on any adequate haul road, access driving, or local scanning site

Reliable Functionality

The Walz load scanners provide reliable and dependable performance, even in extreme conditions and in the most remote environments. A load scanner could last for years with minimum maintenance and without the need of scheduled calibration and servicing.

Optimized Efficiency

A load scanner system could be easily installed on the site and become operational on the same day. Once in operation, the system can efficiently make calculations in just a few seconds and by using the advanced software solutions the data can be easily accessed.