Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Total Control" Home Automation Technology from URC

The Total Control home automation system from Universal Remote Control (URC) is designed to streamline control over various aspects of your home. Some of these aspect that URC home automation systems can handle include your home's lighting, temperature (heating and cooling systems) and entertainment (such as home audio system.)

URC Total Control is made possible by consolidating the basic electronics and devices used to manage these systems into a universal remote. However, beyond the remote provided by URC, you can also take "total control" of this home automation platform by using the universal menu interface on other devices like tablets and smartphones.

Elements to Take "Total Control" Over Your Home

Although URC delivers a complete spectrum of electronic solutions designed to make life easier, their home automation systems are second to none. Homeowners can customize their very own home automation system to include:
  • cable or satellite TV
  • blu-ray and DVD players
  • music and stereo devices
  • speakers and home audio systems
  • heating and cooling (AC) systems
  • lighting fixtures and systems
  • home security and monitoring
And the list goes on and on. When working with the right home automation company, the possibilities to customize your very own home automation system using the URC Total Control platform are virtually endless.

Features and Value of URC's Home Automation Systems

The wide variety of features that URC's home automation systems deliver offer a new way of living around the house. For example, you can:
  • control the dim and brightness of lights
  • drop down window shades
  • turn on music (from CD, Pandora, etc) and regulate the sound volume
  • start a movie from the kitchen while making popcorn
  • kick-on the AC when the house gets hot
  • video monitor areas of your home (like the doorstep or baby crib) from your device
  • lock doors in specific areas of the home
When URC named its home automation system "Total Control," they meant it. All of these functions can be achieved from your smartphone or tablet, even if your thousands of miles away on vacation.

To learn more, visit UniversalRemote.com to discover the possibilities of URC's home automation system.


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