Friday, December 12, 2014

Portable Weighing Scale Technology for Heavy-Duty Trucks

From mining to agriculture, trucks need to be weighed in almost any industry that require load transport. Although fixed truck weighing scales are most vastly used for high volume applications (i.e. logistics and shipping operations), sometimes more versatile and simple truck scale systems offer greater functionality and efficiency.

Portable truck weighing scales are more and more popular because of the massive advantage they have over fixed scales: mobility. Portable truck weighing scales usually are designed using one of two common types of technology: Load Cell System and Bending Plate System.

Load Cell System 

Load cell is the most common and popular method used in portable scale’s functionality. Each cell is made of steel or such strong materials and they are accompanied by straining gauges that transmit electrical currents.

Whenever trucks pull over the cells, the amount of current that runs through the gauge changes and that change is interpreted by a junction. The difference between the primary and the changed currents determines the weight.

Bending Plate System

Although bending plate truck scale’s working principle is quite similar to the load cell scales’, they use plates instead of cells. When a truck pulls onto these plates, the straining gauges attached to them calculate the amount of stress being applied on each plate. This in turn determines the amount of weight needed to produce the determined stress.

There is another type of portable truck weighing scale system used in portable scales but it is highly uncommon. These scales are called piezoelectric scales and they use conductive material wired with sensors to weigh trucks.

Benefits of Portable Truck Weighing Scales

The benefits that AgWeigh's portable truck scales for sale have over fixed scales are clear but let us take a better look at them below:
  • The most obvious and attractive benefit is their mobility. Today’s industries are all about moving fast. Failing to keep up with the speed is enough to ensure steep falls in profits. With these scales any truck can be weighed anywhere and at any time as they can be carried around and set-up at will.
  • These scales are lightweight so they are easy to carry around. There is no need to attach an extra trailer to carry it around. The assembly process is also very simple and does not take more than a few minutes to make them usable.
  • They can literally be used in any kind of surface. Especially designed to be used in rugged surfaces, they do not require completely flat and smooth places to function properly.
  • Portable truck scales do not need any kind of special maintenance. Regular servicing is enough to ensure years of functionality.
These benefits together can make a company more efficient in terms of time and profit. Depending on the company’s management skills, this efficiency helps in capturing a loyal portion of the total market as well.

Portable truck weighing scales from companies like offer all the functions offered by a fixed scale while keeping the service mobile.


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  2. This sounds like a really handy thing to have around. I like the fact that it's portable as well. I work at a warehouse and we send out trucks all the time. We usually just estimate the weight, but there's obviously some room for error in that. It would be good to have scales like this around the warehouse to make sure that we get an accurate reading on the trucks going out.

  3. I can see why portable transportation weigh scales are so appealing to trucking companies. Like you said in your article, today's industries are all about moving fast. The portability of the weighing scale helps with that.

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