Friday, April 17, 2015

Industry-Defining Truck Scale Technology of 2015

For many years, truck scales were cumbersome systems that were usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation. But today, there are many different types of truck scale technology, such as portable (or movable scales) as well as in-motion scales.

The load cells are the key component used by a truck scales in order to measure weight. The load weight of the vehicle is calculated by first using truck scales to weigh the empty vehicle (for calibration) and later when it is loaded.

Now in 2015, there are many types of truck scales used today. They can be classified based on the technology used, their applications, and whether or not they are portable, semi-permanent, or fixed. Below are some of the most industry-defining truck scales on the market today.
  • On-board Truck Scales
  • In-motion Portable Axle Scales
  • Heavy-Duty, Steel-Deck Weighbridges
  • Portable Wheel Weighers
  • In-motion Rail Scales
  • Grain Dump Truck Scales (Farming)

Heavy-Duty Truck Scale Technology

Heavy-duty truck scales, such as weighbridges, can be surface mounted or they can be pit mounted. They are typically built from concrete or steel and are extremely robust in order to sustain the weight measured. Modern weighbridges use multiple load cells connected to an electronic equipment that receives the sensor inputs.

In case of semi-permanent scales the weight readings are recorded in a nearby office. Many modern weighbridge truck scales are linked to a computer running truck scale software. They are capable of additional features such as providing reporting or printing tickets.

Truck scales are used in various industries that manufacture or move bulk items, such as in agriculture and farming, garbage dumps and recycling centers, mines or quarries, household goods, bulk liquid and powder movement, and electrical equipment.

Easy-to-Use Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales can also be found in various applications around the world. They have lower frame work that allows placement on non-typical surfaces. These portable truck scale systems are designed to allow a simple low cost installation.

In order to install this scale systems is required only a very simple low profile shallow pit. Axle and gross vehicle weight measurements can be done when vehicles drive over the scale system in-motion.

 Examples of portable wheel weigher solutions are the AXW-45, 95 and 110 Series of portable axle scales by They are ideal for in-motion weighing, off road conditions and applications requiring weighing large vehicles.

The benefits of the in-motion portable wheel weighers are:
  • Removable ramps
  • Tough, durable, and dependable construction
  • In-Motion weighing (weighs truck loads while the vehicle slowly passes over the scale unit)
  • Weight terminal included with ticket printer

For those applications requiring tracking and managing a multitude of data advanced weight study software is also available. This software can be used for vehicle weight studies and tracking in one central database various payloads, vehicle weight, and tire load data.

The technological trends in the truck scale industry in the year 2015 show an integration of recent developments in load cell technology, an increase in demand for high performance scales, an increase in demand for automated weighing solutions, emerging of using wireless technology for load cells, and the tendency to use electronic scales rather than mechanical scales.


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