Thursday, March 10, 2016

Link Acquisition Strategies for SEO & Building Domain Authority

Domain authority (or commonly known as "DA") is a score that measures how strong and authoritative a particular website is and it's overall potential to rank in the search engines. Domain authority is a 100 point logarithmic scale in which you can improve from 20 to 30 upwards to 60 to 70 (depending on your domain) by acquiring strong backlinks from other domains.

In essence, backlinks are the vital source that determines domain authority. And from a general SEO perspective, backlinks and domain authority contribute to higher rankings. As a result, it is essential earn quality backlinks (from relevant sites) to boost rankings. For instance, if you're plastic surgeon, then you want to seeking backlinks from health, medical, and surgery related domains in order to actualize the greatest results for your surgeon SEO strategy. So to help put fuel on the fire, below we share a few link acquisition strategies for SEO.
Building Domain Authority for SEO

Offer Quality & Valuable Content (Worth Linking To)

Offering quality content alone will not ensure that you get natural links. You should develop content that is of great value to your target audience. Further, that content should well-formatted and organized, whether it be a blog post, video, or infographic.

With text-based content, segmenting your content to have smaller sized pieces, headers, lists and bullets will enhance its readability quotient. When you increase this, you automatically increase the chances of people liking your content and providing natural links to it.

In addition, consider having your pages in multiple languages if you have target audience spanning across many countries. Understand that you can take even a great content to the next level by following these tips.

Strategically Interlink Throughout Your Site

Interlink for SEO
Starting on your own backyard and having well-interlinked content is the next stage in maximizing your content’s potentials. You have the right resources in the form of pages and posts on your website.

Develop new content in such a way that you can steer your way into older topics to link to them. This can help pass authority to those pages that are being linked to (from strong content that has earned links from external sources.)

Developing such internal links is huge for building domain authority as you are in total control of the entire exercise. With this control, ensure that you mix-up anchor text so that they're balanced and sensible (and not over-optimized using the same keyword over and over.)

Use Social Media More (& More) 
Social SEO Win

Once you are ready with great formatted content, it is time for you to share it on social media. Taking advantage of social media networks is an important strategy that you must follow in order to get quality links. Search engines see social data as an important parameter since it shows that real humans are consuming your content and are sharing them across the internet.

With social media growing rapidly, it only makes sense for you to use it for building relationships that can drive quality links. Your ultimate goal should be to obtain as many likes, tweets and shares on your pages as possible. These social signals will be vital factors in increasing your rankings in the future.

Use Google Advanced Search Parameters to Find Link Acquisition Opportunities

While there are numerous resources and websites that are relevant to your keywords available in the big internet world, it is not an easy job to identify them to exploit opportunities. This is where Google's advanced search parameters come in. This is one tactic that many SEO strategies overlook when building backlinks.

The advanced search queries provide a great platform to look for link targets in Google. Using these queries you can find many things like guest posting opportunities and sites that link to specific domains which are otherwise hidden from plain view. This information can act as your guiding light in finding appropriate resources that can help you.

The landscape of link building is changing all the time with the demand for building high-quality links at its peak. While many tactics need modifications to stay relevant in this ever-changing environment, these are some of the strategies that stay constantly in the limelight. Adopting them in your SEO regime will ensure that you are ahead of your competitors by a very long distance.

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