Load Scanner Technology

The volumetric load scanner is unique and highly revolutionary piece of technology that has optimized the operations of a number of business. If your business operates using hauling trucks for load transport and payload calculation, then your business could thrive from the volumetric load scanner by Walz Scale. All the products that Walz Scale has introduced into the industry have been completely revolutionary, and the volumetric load scanner is no different.

The volumetric load scanner is an advanced form of technology has been designed with a set of automated components that help to increase the efficiency of your trucks. This will definitely help to save a lot of time as the previous manual systems were limiting the number of trips your trucks can make. You can now look forward to an era of business proficiency as this new scanning technology will lead to a profitable future.

A Load Scanner That's Easy to Use & Install

Installation of the volumetric load scanner requires minimal setup costs, and what's even better is that the costs of maintenance are just as low. The previous full truck scale systems have been known to be very cumbersome to install and they are also very expensive.

Walz Scale provides you with a revolutionary load scanner product that takes a short amount of time to install and it will also save you a lot of money. We all know that for any business to be successful, you need to reduce your expenses as much as possible and focus on the profits. This is exactly what this new truck scanning technology offers your business hence you have every reason to go for it.

Complete Load Scanning Package

The components needed in the installation of the volumetric load scanner include 3D laser scanners, a PC or a laptop and the respective mounting hardware. These components will work hand in hand with the load management software to produce the relevant data which you can use to analyze the activity of your trucks.

Each scanning system contains a payload pro operating system which will come in handy at providing real time data on each truck. The software is up to date and it's capable of producing high quality 3D images for each and every truck load.

The images from the load scanner will not only provide information on the activity of the truck, they'll also come in handy in streamlining a number of business operations. Just by studying the 3D images, you'll be able to manage load position, material compaction, monitor carry back and spillage on each truck.

Such occurrences tend to go unnoticed and this can end up costing the business a lot of money. The new Walz Scale system ensures that your hauling business doesn't incur such losses as the scanning technology will provide you with real time data which you can use to manage the business better.

The volumetric payload scanner uses the latest technology and it can provide automatic customized reporting. Each and every log file is stored in the system and the data can thereafter be used to analyze the performance of the trucks. Walz Scale also provides you with additional scanning systems that are portable. The portable units are ideal for projects such as road construction which requires materials to be moved on site.

With the portable scanning systems, you won't need to install the traditional full scale truck scales on site and therefore saving a lot of money. There is no disputing the fact that Walz Scale has come up with a top notch volumetric scanner system that will bring plenty of benefits and convenience to your hauling business.

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