Monday, July 11, 2016

3 Sources of Industrial Loader Scales & On-board Weighing Systems

Wheel loaders have become a boon to transporting heavy-duty loads in many industrial applications. From farmers to miners, wheel loaders have become such a staple that weighing systems are installed directly on these machines. These on-board weighing systems enable users to calculate the weight of these loads while the loader is in motion.
Loader Scales On-board Weighing
Although the use of loader scales is relatively straightforward, it is best to know exactly what to look for in such on-board weighing equipment. To help narrow down your search to providers of premium loader scales and quality weighing equipment, below we profile the three best manufacturers in the industry.

1. Walz Scale 
Walz Scale Wheel Loader Scales

Walz Scale is a highly recommended and critically acclaimed producer of loader scales and other onboard weighing systems to fit particular needs. The primary principles that define Walz Scale among other sources is the unbeatable accuracy, pricing, ongoing support, and exceptional products the company offers. With expertise in on-board weighing systems for many industrial applications, Walz Scale offers a wide spectrum of options when it comes to loader scales. Learn more at

VEI Group2. VEI Group 

Just like Walz Scale, this manufacturer and distributor doesn't just produce load scales but dabble in the production of other weighing machinery. VEI Group has a wide range of weighing devices from light weigh pads to the loader scales themselves. Learn more at

3. Load Masters

Load Masters, as their name plainly suggests, is another high-caliber producer of load scales and weigh equipment and they also assure high quality, but paired with low affordable prices to boot. See more information about Load Masters at
Load Masters Loader Scale

Some other load scale suppliers that you can visit include: Loup Electronics, Loadrite Scales, and a long list of other high quality producers loader scales for various industrial applications.

Last Word on Load Scales

In summary, the need for properly calibrated on-board weighing equipment doesn't have to be explained. No successful business would run without appropriate and authoritatively accurate machinery for measurement, and thankfully no successful business will have to. For any of your industrial loader scales and on-board weighing system needs, visit the aforementioned sites, especially for dependable and accurate products.


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