Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Revolutionized Custom Apparel Technology: Software, Screen Printers, & More

Customizable apparel has revolutionized the online market for t-shirts, tank tops, hats, pants, and much more. Offering custom apparel extremely advantageous for a company's marketing efforts, as well as for customers need unique products. For events, organization, and other group gatherings, custom clothing creates a sense of unity with everybody wearing the same customized outfit. If you have a design in mind, then you can turn that design into reality with the help of the various companies and online providers of custom clothing design and screen printing technology.

Whether for custom neon tank tops or custom t-shirts, the primary reason behind the high demand of custom apparel is the fact that it allows individuals to express their individuality and creativity through the clothes they wear. Custom apparel also makes great gift items for loved ones! So how does all of the magic behind custom apparel work? Below we go in-depth behind the technology that creates custom tank tops, t-shirts, hats, pants, and more.

The Hardware Behind Custom Clothing & Apparel

There are many different ways in which custom screen printing can take place, namely heat transfer printing, DTG printing or Direct To Garment printing, and so on. Out of all these, the DTG printing method remains extremely popular and well-favored even though it is relatively new in comparison to other methods. In case of DTG custom apparel technology, a dedicated software program and a purpose-built screen printer are used to produce custom clothes.

Such screen printers print directly on the garment instead of paper, which is very convenient and time saving. The printer is connected to a computer system where the specialized software known as the RIP or Raster Image Processor software is installed. The software allows one to design the design which would be printed on the garment.

Some of the biggest names in the industry use these technologies for custom clothing and apparel. For example, one of the largest online providers of custom neon tank tops and t-shirts, The Neon South, utilizes this technology to print customized tank tops for its online customers.

The Software Behind the Design & Creative Process

The software for custom apparel printing no doubt has to be a highly sophisticated. The average RIP software program comes with features that enables one to produce white basis, manage different colors, printing using a larger volume or a smaller volume and so on. The software program allows one to customize and put anything and everything on to the garment, it can be a picture, text, logo, abstract designs and so on. An efficient software program would enable one to design anything under the sun as there would be no limitations to design or color, therefore one can explore and use one’s creativity and imagination to the fullest!

Just like any other technology, the cost custom apparel technology too decreases with the increase in competition. Since the demand of custom clothing and garment printing is so high and shows no sign of fading away in the foreseeable future, therefore one can expect the cost of custom apparel printers and computers to fall considerably during the next ten years. Irrespective of what kind of custom apparel technology is being employed, there are always a few common factors. For instance, the software program in the computer system would always be integrated with a hardware item, which is the printer. Moreover, another similarity shared by these technologies is that they are always trying to upgrade themselves in order to make the process of obtaining custom apparel even more easy and quick!

In case of DTG screen printers, there are two primary features: the specialty inks used and the transport mechanism for the apparel to be printed. The inks that are generally used here are inkjet textile inks. Thanks to the advancements and constant research, there have been plenty of improvements brought about in such printers. The DTG screen printers today are capable of offering a higher resolution and better print speed than those present a decade ago! This kind of printer is unique because it prints with larger volumes of ink and they are capable of printing using cotton/poly blend apparels and light colored polyester clothes too!

Another type of printer generally employed for printing custom apparel is a screen printer. Screen printing is a very old method of custom apparel printing but it is still widely used all over the world. The process of printing is completely automated, but it can be a bit troublesome to set up the screens and to remove them for cleaning after the printing is done. In comparison to a DTG screen printer, the screen printer is a bit messy to use and it is more time consuming. However, this kind of printer offers a very clean print and the colors appear very solid too. Such prints are capable of surviving washing plenty of times before they fade!


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