Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Advanced Conveyor Belt Scale Systems Used for Mining

In the mining industry, a conveyor belt scale is among the most important assets as it aids in the screening and measurement of material quantities from extraction to storage. To optimize mining operations, the exact quantities pre-crushed quantities of minerals should be known and this is required through the entire process until the last desired size is stored.

This information is important in improving and optimizing mining equipment efficiency in order to ensure maximum production at the lowest possible costs. Since mining processes involve heavy relocation from the extraction point to the first and second crushers, accurate measurements is very fundamental.

Conveyor belt scales are of different types and efficiencies which call for keen evaluation and considerations when choosing one that will ensure maximum cost-effective productivity. Conveyor belt scales also have varying weight capacities.

 For improved production. a conveyor belt scale system is more ideal than single idling scales since it emulates consistency all through the measurements. The Pfeundt conveyor belt scale will ensure accurate measurements on your valuable minerals from extraction to the final phase at precise speeds involved in the operations.

Features of the mining conveyor belt scale

The Pfeundt conveyor belt scale has various features that are designed to ensure ultimate accuracy in measurement and result relaying including calculations of totals and averages. Some of the features include:
  • Dynamic weighing including pre-mounted frames exclusive with mounting brackets.
  • Ergonomic large and clear illuminated display and keypad.
  • Enhanced internal memory that stores daily totals as well as measured belt speed figures.
  • Target weight input and relay
  • Simple operations and modular construction for ultimate accuracy.
  • Hand-held user friendly interface.
This conveyor belt scale system enables effective measurement of minerals providing important information including belt speeds and wheel weights.

Benefits of Pfeundt conveyor belt scales

There are many advantages of using Pfeundt conveyor belt scales. The underlying benefit is accuracy which is integral for any form of measurements and this is certainly ensured. Besides weight precision, this scale measures other relevant information and has advanced internal memory for information storage.

 These details can be analyzed and used to identify quality addition points like equipment efficiency. They are also central to production monitoring and site tracking. The pre-mounting frames and brackets allow easy on-site installation and the clear screen illumination enable easy reading of measurements. This scale is also efficient in energy consumption.

Why this technology is so revolutionary?

The high amount of investment in both financial capital and labor needs not to be wasted through ineffective measurement from lowly performing equipment. Accuracy in mineral weight measurements underlines the success of any mining organization. Poor inconsistent results may lead to unfavorable decisions that can potentially result in under-production.

It is therefore important to choose the right scale system that will ensure all the weights are recorded exactly and accurately regardless of the conveyors speed. Pfeundt onboard scales exhibits easy to use interfaces and sufficient storage of recordings including daily total weights, wheel weights and belt speeds. This system is designed specifically for use in mining operation and provides consistent accurate measurement from extraction to actual mineral standard size storage


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