Friday, May 30, 2014

Revolutionary Load Scanner Technology by Walz Scale

Having a reliable load scanner system is an important investment for business that need to calculate the load volumes within large trucks and equipment. Whether for mining or farming, acquiring the best load scanner that's dependable and accurate is key.

Once system that's revolutionized load scanning technology is the load scanner by Walz Scale. Offering the ideal solution for companies needing a cost-efficient alternative to a truck scale, Walz Scale's load scanner provides optimal accuracy for payload management.

How? Below we go into detail about what makes the load scanner system by Walz Scale so powerful.

Volumetric Load Calculations

Automation is king in today’s businesses in order to boost competitiveness. Volumetric load calculations allow managers to take note of the loaded products in their trucks. Being a new-age solution, this load scanner feature is designed for different businesses and industries that deal with loads and hauling like mining, waste transportation, construction, and many more.

Automatic Operation and Monitoring

One of automation’s benefits is enabling business owners and managers to monitor their trucks from the warehouse up to the time when they are in transit. The list of empty trucks is recorded on the system.

Once they are scanned loaded, the system will calculate the load’s weight and compare it with other trucks in the system. This record is kept while on the road until the truck arrives at its destination and emptied. Managers will know if the loaded items arrived on time or not.

Compatibility with Other System Components

A load scanner functions on its own, but maximizing its features for the business’ benefit is only possible by working with other components or electrical devices. Examples of these components are computers, 3D scanners, mounting hardware, and other programs that can be used for reporting. The scanner comes with these components to make reporting and documentation possible.

Real-time Data Reporting

As automation is important, real-time reporting also becomes a vital feature business owners will need in running their business. This will ensure that the truck’s load is acceptable before it starts to travel for delivery. Knowing if the truck is also emptied to its destination will put managers’ minds at ease because they know that the loads have been delivered.

3D Load Images

Trucks used for hauling should not only carry sufficient loads for delivery. They should also make sure that the items loaded inside the trucks are stacked properly to prevent spillage, particularly for containers with liquid components. Furthermore, appropriate stacking will also keep fragile components from falling off and damaging parts while in transit.

The load scanner will not only scan and calculate the load weight, but will also show 3D images of loads stacked inside the truck. This gives managers an idea whether loads are placed properly before the vehicle runs. They can change their positions and then dispatch the trucks once everything is ready.

Customizable Reporting Solution

Businesses working with large loads have different needs. The scanner’s system lets managers and owners customize reports according to what they want to see. Select report details and graphical images to prepare them for printing.

Portability Features

Programs working with scanners have their own mobile versions, making it possible for managers to monitor truck loads wherever they are outside the office. Load scanners should have these features to promote advantages for your business.

You will find different solutions that will work for your business and customize report deliver according to what you need. Make these solutions as investments to bring your business to success. To learn more about this particular load scanner and other payload management solutions, visit

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