Monday, August 25, 2014

Technology for Chiropractors: Activator Method Chiropractic Technique

The "Activator Method Chiropractic Technique" is a system and technology innovation used by chiropractors for the diagnoses and treatment of various types of spinal health issues. The Activator Method encompasses a number of products, but mainly centers on one unique device. It has been used by a large number of chiropractors for more than 30 years as it is a safe treatment technique that doesn't require surgery or drugs.

How The Activator Method Works for Chiropractors

The Activator Method is a low-force technique where a small instrument known as the Activator Adjusting Instrument is operated by a professional chiropractor to generate a controlled and light force and deliver it to the spine. While treating any spinal dysfunctions, this hand-held activator works without causing any straining in the joints. The Technique is a perfect blend of the advanced neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic analysis and study with a distinctive system of regulating spinal adjustments.

The accurate point of problem or joint on the spine can be targeted with the activator and the best part of the treatment is that it doesn't let your problem bounce back in maximum cases. It can analyze the dysfunction as well as restore the motion to the targeted joint. The Activator Technique helps in maintaining the vertebral balance providing you with a safe treatment while taking care of your comfort.

Apart from analyzing the spine and its dysfunctions, the technique can help in the diagnosis of neurological reflexes and body mechanics. Thus, the activator effectively and gently reinstates the health of your spine as well as treat any problems in the above stated spheres.

One health problem which is still under research regarding the Activator technique is the diagnosis of inequalities in the length of the legs. differences in the length of the leg can be an indication of the location of any spinal vertebral misalignment. As there are no enough proofs and concrete research material to support the evaluation by far, medical science is still working in the direction.

Development of the Activator Technique

The technique was designed in 1967 and the Activator Methods International Incorporation patented the very first adjustable Activator instrument in the year 1978. Since then, the method has been growing rapidly throughout the world and delivers a very secure and relaxing medical assistance to the patients. The chiropractors and doctors are required to go through a detailed comprehensive training in order to work with the Activator Method.

The Activator and the technique, both have been designed with an amazingly efficient scientific research and makes the best use of the medical principles regarding spinal dysfunctions and their treatments.

Although most professional chiropractors have yet to adopt this instrument into their practice, research has shown that the growth of the Activator Method has substantially increased over the last few years. For example, the Illinois practice of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL has read into the compelling research, and head chiropractic Dr. Timothy Bly is receptive to adopting such technology into his practice.

The Activator is designed to be capable of making adjustments in a quick as well as controlled fashion that the patient's body doesn't resist the gradual changes. This principle behind its making allows precise adjustments to be done as the body adapts to them conveniently. To learn more, visit

The method is convenient and easy which makes it suitable for people of all age groups including the children as well as the aged. The Activator method offers subtle and careful handling as well as doesn't disturb any other body functions or muscles surrounding the area being treated.

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