Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3 Revolutionary Surveillance Systems Redefining Security Monitoring for Businesses

We live in an ever more threatening world with criminal element of all kind feasting on the civil morality of society, Injecting grief and distress in victims of their sinister plots and plunders, leaving sadness and chaos their wake. We watch the stories on the news each night and sympathise, but is there a way to prevent these nightmare from happening or catch the evil doers before they dissolve into obscurity?

The answer is yes and various systems and methods have been used for decades to increase the chances of catching perpetrators before they strike or before they escape the scene of a crime.

Identifying a crime before it happens is possible with the right tools, expertise, and some amount of luck. Building a profile on a particular individual that displays signs of potential assailment is one way to catch a criminal before a crime is committed.

This involves meticulous monitoring of the area being protected, may it be a building or an entire city. Such mammoth undertaken is made possible by the advancements in modern surveillance systems which include but not limited to: digital IP surveillance, transaction surveillance and social network analysis.

Digital IP Surveillance Systems

IP Surveillance provides a modern alternative to analog video surveillance. IP surveillance uses an IP camera to record video footage which is then sent over an IP (Internet protocol) network.

This method provides numerous advantages over regular CCTV systems which includes; quicker search, improved convenience, higher quality and more durable content, also the ability to view real time video footage from any geographic location through the network. Banks and other organisation make full use of this surveillance method which is effective in not only catching perpetrators, but also acts as a deterrent with cameras in clear sight.

There are many digital IP surveillance systems coming out onto the market, such as Pelco, Arecont Vision, March Networks and Axis Communications, all of which you can find at

Transaction Surveillance Systems

Transaction surveillance is the auditing of individual customer transactions within a financial organisation in order to identify fraudulent activities or terrorist funding. Companies use monitoring systems to identify potentially suspicious activities which are reported to the relevant authorities. The areas monitored are currency activities, funds transfers, monetary instruments sales, ATM transactions, significant balance change, nonsufficient funds and non-resident alien accounts.

Monitoring these activities helps to prevent criminals using the system to fuel their unlawful endeavours. Transaction surveillance can be an invasion of one’s financial privacy, but it is necessary for macro security in the banking sector. Unlike most systems that demand comprehensive surveillance system equipment, these are mostly digital based in the form of advanced software.

Security Media Security Monitoring (Social Network Analysis)

Social network analysis (also called social media security analysis) is the monitoring and filtering of vital information generated on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to identify a pattern of interest to authorities. These patterns of interest are generated by criminals and terrorists who use social network sites for communicating with associates and search for potential recruits.

This is a fast growing problem and governments worldwide invest heavily in research involving social network analysis. Powerful data filtering systems capable of sifting through terabytes of information in seconds, search for keywords and phrases used on social network sites to identify wrong doers. There are many social network analysis and security solutions out there, such as Signal, and more are coming out every year. For a great introduction on social networking analysis, visit

The monitoring and surveying of various sectors of society helps to restrict the progress of unlawful activities and maintain confidence in the business community. It may be intrusive and even offensive but the benefits far outweigh the insults.


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