Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Industry Innovator Scales Back On Weighing Systems With New Load Scanner Technology

There is some welcoming news coming from truck scale innovator, Walz Scale. Truck operators that depend on truck scales and heavy duty weighing systems to determine load weight on a regular basis can leverage a revolutionary new technology for the measurement and management of truck loads.

This new technology comes in the form of a laser-generated, 3D volume scanning system otherwise known as the Walz Load Scanner.

For those who haven't heard about this innovative load scanner, it is perhaps the most efficient, non-contact technology that scans material truck loads as they go under the scanning unit. It uses laser technology and advanced patent pending algorithms to accurately calculate and display the volume of the truck load, which can then be converted into weight metrics with a few basic operator inputs.

Further, the Walz Load Scanner shows 3D imagery of scanned truck bed loads, enabling operators to pinpoint insufficient loading processes that may be hindering productivity. To learn more about the Walz Load Scanner, keep reading this article, or visit the official website of the load scanner system to get an inside look at how the system is revolutionizing payload management processes for many industries.

How The Walz Load Scanner Works

First and foremost, trucks are fitted with RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) tags which communicate with the overhead scanners to automate the process. Starting with an empty bed truck driving under the scanner system at speeds of less than 3.5 mph, the scanner calculates and gives the 'empty volume'.

Next, with a truck load of material, the truck again goes under the scanner to record the new volume. Using these two measurements you get the accurately scanned imagery of the load, in 3D, and the volume calculations. How about that for a hands-off system of managing material truck loads?

The video below shows a great example of the Walz Load Scanner in use:

The beauty of it all is that it doesn't have to be stationary or fixed in one place. There are portable trailer mounted scanners too, which you can tow and station on any temporary sites. Such information can be printed in form of tickets per individual trucks, or emailed and stored electronically for data management.

You can access data remotely and in real-time using the advanced software solutions in an easy-to-use interface. You should see some of the cool interfaces you can choose from, that will help you to easily manage your truck loads. You can use any device; from PCs, to touch screen mobile devices, to outdoor kiosk systems- even from inside the cabin of your truck.

The Next Step in Innovation

This technology can be applied in many other areas where such data is crucial for production management purposes. Think of a production plant that uses conveyor belts to transport material from one point to another. You can easily capture any inconsistencies that are common with automated conveyor belt operations and thus save your company of losses, both monetary and image-wise.

It is cheaper and more accurate than most other truck scales and weighing systems and doesn't require much maintenance. You will get consistent results for many years without having to calibrate or service it, as long as it is utilized correctly.

The Walz Load Scanner can also be very useful in excavation and mining sites that are located in some of the harshest conditions without failure of the systems or the laser scanner. You will no longer need to use expansive payload management systems such as truck scales and heavy-duty weighbridges, once you acquire and install the Walz Load Scanner. Think organized, simple, and efficient, because that's exactly what you will get.

Change the way you do business in the bulk material transportation industry today. Check out the Walz Load Scanner by visiting WalzScale.com.

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