Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Forms of Technology That Are Revolutionizing How We Live

Designed to make life easier, advancements in technology have come a long way over the years. These advancements continue to take things to the next level, whether via the delivery of services or making leisurely activities more enjoyable.

Revolutionary innovations in tech are countless these days, however there are those that have made a significant impact on how we live today.

1. Smartphones 

Mobile devices are arguably the most used device in the world right now and they have come a long way since their inception years as just simple cellular communication devices to acquiring the tag smart.

Right now smartphones are capable of just about anything from reminding you about meetings, opening your garage door, the list goes on and there’s no telling how much more they could do. Smartphones have revolutionized how we bank, how we network and just about every aspect of our daily lives by seamless efficiency bundled with a host of creative features.

2. Drones 

Drones are essentially advanced aerial vehicles that are controlled on the ground by a person or travel on a pre- programmed command. With their introduction as military surveillance tools, drones have gone out of their way to serve more un-military’ functions.

Nowadays it is not uncommon for RC drones with cameras to be spotted hovering above homes to take shots of real estate and property for prospective buyers as well as landscapes capturing amazing photos that were not previously possible. Drones have also formed an important part of service delivery as they save a lot of time particularly during shipping. This has seen a lot of companies incorporate drones as a system of service delivery to clients.

3. Social Networking

Owing to the huge strides in Information Technology (IT) courtesy of computers, social networks are now a part of daily life. Communication has changed from a tasking formerly expensive venture to a relaxed, affordable and fun activity that is now done especially for the latter.

Social media has seen tremendous changes over the years and will continue to grow. By virtue of social networks, you stay connected to the world both socially and professionally, you are able to access tons of information on the go as well as a platform to interact and share ideas. In addition to this playing a huge role in business information technology, all this is now a part of daily life.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Increasingly, robots and other forms of artificial intelligence are slowly but surely integrating themselves to our daily lives and becoming a basic need. The idea of creating technologies that can work in harsh conditions where human beings wouldn’t survive is one that has put a smile on many a face.

With artificial intelligence we are now able to make more accurate prediction pertaining to nature and climatic conditions. Space exploration has been on the forefront of employing this form of intelligence we are now able to look at our planet more differently and put measures into place to make this world a better place.

5. Electronic Funds Transfer

What would you without PayPal or your VISA card? Access to your money has become a breeze with the advent of electronic transfers, shopping is now a very enjoyable affair both in physical stores and on online ones.

With money being instantaneously transferred globally (even via smartphone) you get to have your money with you everywhere you go with security as an added assurance to ensure money is never an obstacle to doing anything anywhere.

With the above as just a small portion of what technology has done, there’s no telling what more can be achieved at this pace.

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