Friday, July 31, 2015

The Best of Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Technology in 2015

Bush Hog is an authoritative name in producing high-end rotary cutters and landscaping equipment for both light and heavy duty work.

Bush Hog products are designed to trim grass to desired heights all while pack a lot of features for easy handling and maintenance. Here are some of the top Bush Hog rotary cutter models that offer the most advanced mowing technologies in 2105.

Bush Hog Single Spindle Cutters

The single spindle rotary cutters from Bush Hog are compact lightweight units used for simple clearance jobs like cutting lawn grass or in small farms. These Bush Hog models feature durable blades and easily replacement parts with cutting widths of 4 to 6 feet, while some models boasts of widths from 5 feet to 7 feet.

These single-spindle series of Bush Hog rotary cutters can trim lawns with 1" grass or raised bushes with a height of 3" from the ground. Inside these cutters is a gearbox with a PTO rating of 60HP, enough to rev the engine to different powers to easily cut through the toughest grass and leave a well manicured lawn behind.

Bush Hog Multi-Spindle Cutter

Compared to the single-spindle cutters, the multi-spindle models are engineered with extra features to make them unbeatable in heavy duty jobs. A typical multi-spindle Bush Hog rotary cutter is the 3308 series build to prune and maintain orchards. It can either come with an economic twin beam axle or a heavy duty cushioned axle. The bottom is heavily rugged with deep side-bands that ensure more volume is covered when clearing through orchards no matter how dense the bushes are.

An additional feature, which is a plus for this model, is the hydraulic cylinder which offsets the rotary cutter 13" forward, and to the right, making it the ideal cutter to access those unreachable patches of grass or weed. The multi-spindle Bush Hog cutter can either be a lift, semi-mount or pull model, depending on what's convenient for the buyer. For safety measures, the cutter is fitted with tow chains, on the pull model, or shield combinations protecting the rear band, front chain and rare chain.

Bush Hog Flex Wing Rotary Cutter

The Flex Wing Bush Hog cutters are ideal for the gardener or farmer who wishes to cover a wider area, than that which can be covered by the two spindled models mentioned. One model that stands out in this category is the 2820 series Flex Wing cutter. It packs 20-foot wings that freely float with strategic up and down movements that enable it to uniformly trim through irregular terrains. The cutter axle is halved for quick performance and are fixed closer to the wheels for maximum shock absorption.

Additionally, Wing Skids are fixed at a 45 degree angle allowing the blades to dig in with causing damage to the side bands. Any farmer or gardener will appreciate the compact design that does not expose any of the components inside; like the double decked center section or single-decked wings to ensure no structure is exposed, thus reducing wear and tear.

The axle pivot points are reinforced steel bushings and grease fittings to further protect the machine from rapid wear. The 2820 Flex Wing Rotary cutter boasts of a wider blade coverage and a cutting height of up to 14" high, making it the most ideal when dealing with rugged terrains.

All these features in the Bush Hog rotary cutter 2015 models are geared towards creating high performance models that are easy to handle and durable in the long run.

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