Tuesday, August 4, 2015

3 Revolutionary Weighing Systems That Are Redefining Industry Standards

Technology is expanding in every industry, and high-volume weighing and measurement has not been left behind. There are three different types of technology focal to truck scales or industrial weighing systems that are helping to advance the overall efficiency and productivity of operators (i.e. mining companies, construction projects, farming applications, public works programs, etc.)

Over time, new developments are cutting out the bottlenecks that can arise in industry when trucks, equipment, products, etc. must be weighed both accurately and efficiently. In the past, this necessary step could result in a significant loss of both time and money. 

Recent advancements have caused many industrial trailblazers to reassess the way they do business; resulting in streamlined, efficient industrial, mining, and agricultural methods that improve safety and management. Below we profile three revolutionary weighing systems are redefining the industry standards.

On-Board Weighing Systems

The first technological advancement is defined as on-board weighing system. These scales are integrated directly on vehicles and equipment to provide seamless, highly efficient weighing methods. On-board weighing systems allow for an efficient use of time. Instead of bringing a product to a specified location for measurement, the truck is equipped with this technology can be taken to the products. Not only does this option save time, but it could prevent costly mistakes and verify accuracy onsite. 
on-board loader scales in action
For example, wheel loader scales allow one to use onboard weighing to optimize throughput and efficiency. Many loader scales work with multiple wheel loaders and are designed for simple operations. The operator interface has been programmed to give information in graphs for ease of interpretation of the data. While there are many different on-board weighing systems from various industry suppliers, many systems also provide multiple communication protocol options including mobile access. 

In-Motion Truck Scales

The next technological advancement is in the development of In-Motion Truck Scales. This method uses portable truck axle scales that enable users to drive over portable weighing pads at slow speeds. This method provides an 'in motion’ method that is easy to use and yet provides accurate weight measurement. 

Weigh in-motion scales have many practical applications, including roadside inspection stations. However, they can save time and money in many industrial applications as well.

This technology allows one to accurately weigh a vehicle quickly. By utilizing advanced sensors, these systems can measure the vertical force of a vehicle so that the accuracy is not altered by the rapidity of the measurement. 

Volumetric Load Scanning Technology

Finally, Volumetric Load Scanning Technology, while not an actual truck scale, has provided a revolutionary alternative by using laser scanning technology to scan truck beds or other contained spaces to generate 3D volume metrics that can be converted into weight metrics based on material density and other operator inputs.

This load volume scanner system can be executed rapidly and accurately. Because of the low cost of installation and maintenance costs, such as calibration and repairs, this method is gaining in popularity. The calculations are accurate for almost any application because the operator input allows one to customize the system readily for different scenarios.

The accessibility of the load scanner system, including mobile applications, makes it a good option for communicating and sharing information. Learn more about the industry's most advanced load scanner system by visiting WalzScale.com.

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