Friday, January 8, 2016

3 Cutting-Edge Home Audio Speakers from Sonos

If you want to listen to music anywhere in your house without cables trailing everywhere, Sonos is your answer. Sonos has some of the best home audio systems on the market.

The company's high-quality speakers and home audio systems are known for exceptional sound and ease of setup. Though they come at premium prices, Sonos home audio gives you a great experience that you would not hesitate recommending one to a friend.

Sonos Play:5 
Sonos Play5 Home Audio

For true room-filling sound, Sonos Play:5 is your best bet. The first Play:5 was released in 2009. It was a big hit until other systems came to the market. The new Play:5, according to Sonos, is a quintessential speaker for the age we are in. The home audio system is bookshelf sized and is offered with 6 synchronized drivers; 3 woofers and 3 tweeters. It produces a big and clear sound with a lot of bass and a nice definition in mid and high ranges. Unlike earlier models, the hard-to-press buttons on speakers have been replaced by touch controls which makes selecting songs and adjusting the volume a cinch.

You can orientate the new Play:5 on either side vertically or horizontally. This gives it more flexibility. The front grille of this speaker is made of plastic. Play:5 comes with Trueplay, a software that allows you to optimize the sound of wireless speakers in their position. The software uses the touch of your iPad, iPod or iPhone to measure the response of a speaker in your room and tweak it to sound better. It costs about $499.

Sonos Playbar 
Sonos Playbar Home Audio

Today, not only can you get audio anywhere in your house but you can easily get up to 5.1 surround sound right in your living room. The Sonos Playbar is offered with 6 mid-woofers which does a great job in covering the low frequencies and 3 tweeters to cover the high frequencies (all these operate on 9 class-D amplifiers). The Playbar easily connects to your TV using one optical cable and a power cord. By simply connecting the speakers to your home Wi-Fi system by use of the Sonos controller app, you can play all the music you want without wiring.

The right and the left tweeters are angled out to bring out clearer and louder sound. According to the manufacturer, the Playbar is able to make 24 million calculations to keep the system in a state of balance. Easily create a 3.1 home theater system by pairing the Playbar with a Sub or a 5.1 home theater by pairing the Playbar with a Sub and 2 other speakers. The Playbar costs $699.

Sonos Play:3 
Sonos Play3 Home Audio

In terms of price and size, this is the best home audio from Sonos. Though Sonos products are known to come at premium prices, the Play:3 costs only $299. This does not mean that its quality is below bar. Using the home Wi-Fi connection, the home audio system will stream music from NAS drive or a computer, or from online services. At 26cm wide and 16cm deep, the Sonos Play:3 can fit perfectly on a bedside cabinet.

Just behind the speaker’s grille, there are three drivers – one tweeter that sits in between 2 3-in mid-range drivers. Each of the drivers is powered by its own amplifiers. At the back of the speaker is a bass radiator to improve bass performance. You will need a Bridge unit if you will be using wireless.

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