Monday, January 11, 2016

An Inside Look at Wheel Loader Scales from Walz Scale

walz scale on-boardWhen it comes to fully-functional, dependable wheel loader scales, Walz Scale is an industry leader in various types of industrial weighing systems for a wide range of large hauling vehicles and earth moving equipment. Walz Scale's wheel loader scales use on-board weighing technology. These advanced systems are installed right on the wheel loader and digital readout displays are integrated in the cab so operators can see the load weight in real-time and while in motion.

On-board loader scales ensure the ultimate in accuracy and convenience without any need for frequent calibration. These wheel loader scales from Walz Scale have proved to be an ultimate tool to boost the overall efficiency of the entire payload management process. Walz Scale offers wide range of loader scales that have been designed to work on-board any type of wheel loader used worldwide. Once installed, these weighing systems can efficiently and seamlessly provide you accurate weight measurements of the vehicle load.
wheel loader scales walz scale
Some of the features offered by these loader scales include:
  • Simple operation
  • Works with all wheel-loaders
  • Precise results
  • Graphical operator interface
  • Robust scale design
  • This scale is field installable
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • In-motion weighing
  • Multiple communication protocol options
  • Field serviceable
  • Field installable
Walz Scale offers three types of on-board wheel loader scales to its customers, each with its own specifications and levels of capacity. No matter which of the model you choose, an on-board loader scale is going to boost throughput with timely and accurate load weight measurements. Let’s have a close look at each of these three scales.

WK50 Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50 scale is the ultimate in efficient payload management. These on-board loader scales are built on rock solid foundation, and bring many advanced functions and features to today’s operators. You can also add a ticket printer (optional) to loader terminal. The company’s integral printer has been designed to provide continuous operation in tough conditions.

WK50S Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50S loader scale delivers highly precise data collection. You can use these on-board loader scales to maximize throughput and efficiency. Simply add a ticket printer (optional) to WK50S weighing terminal. This printer offers 24/7operation in tough environmental conditions.

WK50XS Wheel Loader Scale

The WK50XS wheel loader scale provides you accurate and reliable weights at the most affordable price. Its reliability and durability is due to company’s accurate and reliable sensor technology. These on-board weighing systems allow users to interchange up to five different attachments.

wheel loader scaleThe WK50XS scale is best for all those who want to track production data and maximizes truck loading time. The integral weighing system allows for field installation and also provides accurate weights. This scale system offers all necessary tools to operators to perform operations accurately and efficiently. Unlike other scales, the housing of these loader scales is designed to relentlessly work continuously in the toughest environment.

You can easily use the running total function to manage production. You can manage production by day, shift, week or month. It comes in the form of kit with all necessary components required to easily install the system.

Like all on-board truck weighing systems, the installation of WK50XS is simple and easy. In fact, customer can easily install their own scale system if they choose. The beauty of this on-board scales system is that it comes with a backing of largest service force. Installation, calibration and onsite service support is available through their network of service offices.

Walz Scale also offers certified test weights for accurate scale calibrations and verifications. Their ability to bring these certified weights straight to your site, ensures you’re using the systems that are proven accurate.

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