Friday, January 22, 2016

Load Volume Scanner: A Revolutionary New "Weighing" System

The load volume scanner has gained immense popularity and has been significantly used by many companies because of its advantages and roles in the industrial technologies and processes. The load volume scanner uses an entirely different technology that entails the use of volumetric scanning that generates 3D images of the load in the truck.
Load Volume Scanner System
The basic inputs define the general weight per cubic meter and material density because the system takes scanned volume data and converts it to the preferred weight metrics. It is considerably used for excavation and in the mining industries mainly because it generates accurate weight and volume metrics as well it helps in ensuring that the haul trucks are loaded with the right and expected amount before it leaves the mining site.

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Next-Level Volumetric Scanning Technology

load scanner 3D imageThe load volume scanner integrates an advanced patent with pending algorithms that works with laser technology whereby it allows delivering of dynamic non-contact solution used to monitor the material loads on the trucks. The scanners have many features that ensure reading and analyzing of payloads is easily done. The scanners have lead profiling features that analyze the density of the loads accurately hence can be able to tell whether the loads can overturn the truck.

The load volume scanner is a revolutionary high capacity weighing machine that has been proven to offer great wealth and benefits many companies that include those in the construction industry, agriculture, and mining. The load volume scanner technology has been considered to provide an alternative that is cost-efficient as compared to the truck sales. Here are surefire reasons why this revolutionary system offers a sound solution for mining companies engaged in high-volume payload management operations.

Affordability & Efficiency 

portable load scanner unit
The technology and components behind the load scanner has been proven to be affordable as compared to the heavy duty truck sales such as axle scales and weigh bridge scale systems. This makes the load volume scanner a very affordable investment in both industrial companies. Moreover, the load scanner can also be rented for short term use hence makes work easier and affordable.

Portability & Versatility

The scanner is easily transported from one job site to another that makes it an ideal machine needed by the mining and construction industries. The machine can be towed by any operator when they need the load volume scanner in a particular mining or construction site.

The load volume scanner executes the payload management results accurately concerning the review of different items that are loaded on the truck sales. The scanner has been considered to be suitable for a person who seeks to manage both their mining and shipping needs quickly and confidently.

An Accurate & Reliable "Weighing System"

The load volume scanner generates accurate volume metrics and converts them to weight metrics accurately. The machine generates accurate volumes and weights calculations as many times as possible and does not require to recalibrate its system. The load volume scanner has been proven to offer exceptional accuracy when determining the volume and weights of the loads on the trucks.

Load Volume Scanner Means Functionality

Besides measuring the weight and volume of the loads on the trucks, the load scanner functions by ensuring the loads are properly distributed in the truck beds. The 3D imagery by the scanner gives real-time data, and immediate feedbacks concerning any inadequacies of how the loads are distributed on the truck hence enables operators to optimize the high volumes operations. Moreover, the system gives real-time data with a variety of variables that influence the actual performance of the loaded truck.

load volume scanner software Kiosk Display & Software Integration

The load volume scanner system allows users to manage and operate loads on the trucks using an exceptional touch screen kiosk system. The system is fully dynamic and integrated software that conveys comprehensive solutions to the payload management operations. The load volume scanner has been proven to be suitable for an advanced industry application and its payload management systems.

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