Monday, April 14, 2014

Computer Optimization Tips for Basic End-Users

Knowing and understanding some of the basic optimization procedures for a computer are crucial and vital to prolong the life of any computer and its operating system. Basic end users can increase the performance and longevity of their computers by educating themselves about the essentail elements of computer optimization.

Understanding the Basics of Computers

Computers are composed of two basic components: hardware and software. The term hardware is used to describe or refer to any tangible or physical component of the computer such as the monitor, the central processing unit (CPU) also known as the power house, keyboard, mouse etc.

Hardware components are usually categorized in two that is the input devices and the output devices. The software, which may also be called a special type program, is the instructions that make computer executions possible.

Software components include the operating system software and application software. The operating system is also referred to a special type program and runs automatically when the computer is turned on. The operating software allows you to use the advanced feature of modern computer without having to learn details of how the hardware works.

The application software on the other hand is responsible task execution. Some application software includes word processing application e.g. Microsoft word, Spreadsheets e.g. Lotus 123, Database e.g. Microsoft access. The Information Network is made of local area network (LAN) and the wide area network (WAN).

The Essentials of Computer Optimization

Configuration hardware or connection of computer parts is just a basic task that users should also learn to perform. The harder part of any computer configuration or optimization happens in the programs or the software part of the computer. Computer programs require some settings or configurations for them to work in harmony with the hardware.

To minimize the need for computer repair services or professional virus removal, consider the following elements and considerations to help your computer perform at optimal levels.

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are the first precaution that every computer owner must consider. Malware are destructive computer programs that can be tapped while surfing the internet. This malware software may damage your computer or destroy some of your vital files. To be on a safe side, computer owners are advised to purchase antivirus programs which act as virus detection software and protect against any malware injection to your computer.

Computer viruses are dangerous because they can be able to hide in computer diskettes. In addition to why one should install an anti-virus program is the fact that computer viruses can spread from one computer through media such as disks or computer networks. These measures are critical to avoid having to invest in professional computer virus removal services which can often times be very expensive.

An owner of a computer should also make sure that he or she is operating on genuine computer software for example the Microsoft or the Mac software. This ensures that your computer is running as expected without any hindrances to all your tasks. Computer software should also be updated and optimized regularly to ensure the efficiency of your computer’s operations. In addition genuine software reduce risk of malware injection thus in some way protecting you from the common computer viruses.

Error Messages Handling

This next tip we got from a professional computer repair shop in Bloomington, IL while inquiring about their services and programs. The name of this Bloomington, IL computer repair shop is Nerds on Call and the tip centers on handling error messages. Windows and applications in computers often display error messages. When this happens, an error message, which is usually within a dialog box appears. This message appears with an “OK” or a “Continue” button. Most of these error messages are usually cryptic for end users and they can cause a session to hang if the user gets disconnected.

With the error message displayed, it’s possible to configure the system in order to suppress these error messages by writing them to the event log automatically, by selecting “continue” or “OK” for the user. Increased errors may also mean an outdated application. In such case, the respective application should be optimized and re-installed.

Take these computer optimization essentials to heart, as they can help you in the long-run to maximize the performance of your machine.

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