Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truck Scales: Advanced Weighing Technology for Precision And Accuracy

Trucks are indispensable modes of shipping and transport, as they are used in wide variety of industries and applications. In countless situations, trucks are often weighed at truck weighing stations and terminals to ensure legal load weights for transport. Trucks that carry overweight loads are subject to severe fines. As a result, many companies and contractors invest in reliable, dependable and accurate truck scales to ensure their shipments are of legal weight.

Truck scales are typically heavy-duty scale systems that are mounted on a concrete foundation. Although this is one of the most popular forms of truck scales, there other forms of truck scales that offer different designs, and as a result, advantages in their typical use.

In this article, we define four of the most common types of truck scales, as well as the engineering and design that goes into each. Many of these truck scales can be found for sale by manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad.

Full-length truck scales

Full-length truck scales are touted as the most dependable truck scales as they provide accurate weights and are put to use in mining and other volume applications. This operates on a simple mechanism and the driver has to just position the load on the weighing platform.

This advanced truck scale is commonly available in eight different varieties. The pit, full electronic, bumper bolt restraint, steel deck, concrete deck, check rod restraint, low profile and the electromechanical. You can choose the one that best fits your requirements. The full-length truck scales are the most commonly used ones but they are a bit expensive in nature.

Truck axle scales

These scales are touted as the most portable, adaptable and economical solutions for vehicle and truck weighing purposes. Their low profile design and high precision levels deliver exceptional performance when compared to all the other scales available in the market today. These forms of truck scales are also available in a multitude of lengths, configurations and capacities.

Truck axle scales incorporate the wheel weigher system which makes this scale ideal for locations where permanent scale installations are not possible. The portable nature of these scales makes them more practical and functional in nature. They are built tough with heavy duty steel and hence assures excellent longevity and durability. However these scales are bit less accurate when compared the full-length truck scales.

Onboard truck scales

Onboard truck scales are systems designed to accurately measure the load weights in order to measure operating efficiency and to prevent overloading of truck that may result in huge fines. There are four types of onboard truck scales, these incorporate the following technologies: load cells, air suspension PSI gauges, wireless on-board and analog on-board. Onboard scales help to accurately monitor and manage weight compliance which allows for maximum load efficiency.

Truck weigh bridges

Truck weigh bridges incorporate a bridge-like framework and consist of scales that are used to measure massive amounts of raw materials and finished products. They are available in various sizes, shapes and designs. The most commonly found designs are the pit mounted, transportable, surface mounted and modular.

All these designs ensure accuracy, sturdiness and reliability in their operations. The truck scales are indispensable devices as almost all goods are transported by trucks. Most companies use truck scales as running an overload truck results in unnecessary fines and heavy wear and tear of the truck. Once you have decided that your operation requires a truck scale research well and buy the one that best fits your needs.


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