Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Truck Scale Software Helps Maximize Operational Efficiency & Output

Farmers, mining site operators, and other industry professionals who rely on truck scales to calculate payloads can benefit from integrated software. Such software is designed to be connected to the truck scale systems to help manage and analyze weighing operations. As a result, operators can further maximize the efficiency while streamlining output.

In this article, we are going to dive into two different types of truck scale software solutions: Yield Pro for farmers and agricultural producers; and Payload Pro for mining and resource extraction operators.

Both software applications are offered at Walz Scale, a leading global provider of heavy duty truck scales and advanced weighing solutions for all industries.

Yield Pro: Farm Truck Scale Software 

Farmers and agricultural producers are challenged enough with various elements like weather and market prices for crops. In short, farmers need ever edge they can get to maximize revenue and get the most from their harvests. Yield Pro software from Walz Scale is designed just for that.

Farmers can monitor, analyze, and report on a wide range of aspects, beyond just yield weighing. Producers who own multiple farms can organize and track activity on a per farm, per field, and per driver basis. This enables farmers to see which aspects of their operation are producing the most, and which are falling behind.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect about Yiel Pro software is ability it provides to track moisture inputs per yield. Because moisture can greatly influence the weight of yields overtime during both extraction and shipping, this feature enables farmers to accurately handle harvest management.

With Yield Pro, even truck drivers can use the software platform with ease. Seamlessly compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, Yield Pro allows both producers and their drivers to interface to their truck scales and axle scales. This enables drivers to capture yield weight data from the comfort of their cab.

Payload Pro: Mining Truck Scale Software

Very similar to farm truck software mentioned above, Payload Pro is designed specifically for mining and resource extraction sites. Because most mining sites break-down production and operations into specific segments, Payload Pro enables operators to fine-tune production across the board.

From mobile crusher scales and rope shovel scales to the conveyor belts in which material gets transported, Payload Pro software can help track performance and output on a number of processes in the mining system.

Also highly advantageous for mining is the automatic vehicle recognition features in which this mining truck software provides. This precise tracking feature helps users to increase the accuracy of payload weights per vehicle all the while eliminating errors or bottlenecks.

The primary mission behind Walz Scale's truck scale software is to help users optimize operational efficiency and overall productivity. By offering an easy-to-use interface that's device compatible and capable of automating weighing operations and measurement reporting, operators can invest their time and energy in more important aspects of their business.

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