Monday, April 28, 2014

Pfreudt Weighing Technology for Onboard Scale Systems

One of the most important process in the mining industry is accurately weighing each load. Typically every load is carried to a weighing unit, and are put on a stationary scale to get the accurate measurement. This is not only common in the mining industry, but several manufacturing industries use the same method to measure each load before they are carried off towards their destination.

Carrying the load to a isolated stationary scale has been the norm for years. However, this additional trip to the weighing unit increases the overall cost of transportation. This may not seem much but in an industry where large shipments needs to be weighed everyday this can add up to be quite a cost.

The people at Pfreudt has an ingenious solution. Their onboard weighing systems can be fitted to a loading vehicle such as a fork lift, wheel loader or an excavator. Once fitted, the system measures the weight of each load while they are being loaded. This completely eliminates the need to carry a load to a distant weighing station saving both time and money.

Although Pfreudt is an international company, only select companies in the U.S. specialize in Pfreudt onboard systems. One of the most trusted sources is Walz Scale, a leading global supplier of Pfreudt-based onboard scale systems.

Realtime Measurement: The fact that onboard weighing systems are capable of weighing loads during the loading process eliminates the need of correction post loading. This is because the operators are armed with realtime data and can make adjustments during loading avoiding overloading.

Saves Time: As mentioned before with loading vehicles capable of measuring loads there is no need to carry them to a stationary weighing unit. This real time weighing eliminates the need to correct under or overloading. This significantly reduces the overall loading and transportation time. This means the consignments reach their destination faster.

Saves Money: This technology saves money in two ways. Firstly by it saves fuel cost which would otherwise be spent to carry the load to the stationary weighing units. More often than not, weighing stations are owned by independent businesses, so it also saves the service charges of weighing the loads.

Increased Connectivity: These ingenious weighing scales from Pfreudt automatically stores weighing data which can be later transferred to PC for analysis. This data can easily be used to keep an eye on the loading details and can be used to calculate annual savings. The scales are USB and wireless compatible making them perfect for most computer systems. Users are also given access to Pfreudt webportal which allows them to access the data from any location in the planet.

To learn more, visit the pioneer of onboard wieghing technology.

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