Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yield Pro: Advanced Harvest Management Software for Truck Scales

Yield Pro is the latest in harvest management software that allows the farmers and agricultural producers of today get more out of truck scales and yield weighing operations. The software has a simple but very intuitive interface that anyone can understand and use in less than 15 minutes. In short, Yield Pro offers the critical features and functions necessary to manage harvest yield and data, all while making the most of a farmer's truck scales and weighing systems.

Yield Pro Software Features

Yield Pro offers farmers cutting-edge features that help optimize their harvest and yield management processes. Below are some of the features that the software offers:
  • Intuitive Interface. A simple tile design graces Yield Pro's interface, with helpful labels in a non-cluttered screen. Users can learn the ins and outs of this advanced harvest management software in minutes and start sharing critical data to all the other users.
  • Truck Editor. Manage your fleet or trailers and trucks using the Truck Editor. Just type in the information and it will be stored in the software system.
  • Moisture Meter Integration. Test your weight data in each load and manage moisture in a very accurate calculation.
  • Load Management. A comprehensive transaction screen provides all the load data and lets you manage and view it whenever you want.
  • Built In Reporting. Real time data can now be shared and updated to any computer or device. Farm and Field, Bin inventory, Tickets and Production information can be managed on this screen.
  • RFID Integration. The RFID system is a convenient add-on that you can use along with the Yield Pro Software. This device automates the weighing process without the need to operate or see the interface. This can help immensely with busy harvest seasons, where every helping hand is appreciated.

Yield Pro: Benefits of Advanced Harvest Management

Agricultural producers and farmers now have advanced harvest management software that they can depend on. They can completely control farm operations down to the smallest detail with the Yield Pro, and anyone who has a basic grasp of computers and mobile devices can operate the software easily. The software is versatile in itself as it can be installed in all smart phones and tablets, and allows real time updating and sharing across all users.

Pair this software with farm weighing scales from AgWeigh and other applicable scale systems, and you can have the truck drivers access the weight and manage the loads without getting off their trucks. Farmers will have an easier time managing production in individual yields, and specific farm production areas can be controlled and organized with ease.

One of the hardest tasks that farmers are faced with is determining the amount of moisture in a given load. This is also one of the most important part of yield management since moisture calculation is directly related to the produce's true value. Doubtful guesswork is taken out of the equation as Yield Pro takes care of it with the advanced moisture meter integration. The software also provides farmers and agricultural producers a high-tech system of managing inventory records in a highly accurate account of various farm activities such as bin inventory and all production information.

The software developers have also made provisions for the Yield Pro to be compatible and integration-ready in a wide variety of modern equipment and a large range of farm scales. This invaluable software shines and truly shows its usefulness when harvest time comes by being able to weigh large amounts of produce at a faster speed than most weighing equipment.


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