Friday, August 7, 2015

Walz Cube: New Dimensioning & Cubing System from Walz Scale

Are you in the retail business or provide warehousing and distribution solutions? Perhaps you run an online store that ships purchases to customers on a daily basis? If your business is involved in shipping packages, you already know how astronomical shipping fees can be.

Shipping costs have long been solely calculated based on weight. However, with rising costs of fuel and other factors, charging by weight only has become unprofitable for mail and freight carriers since lightweight and low density packages tend to take up as much room in cargo carriers like ships, airplanes and trucks. So, freight companies have gone to using dimensioning systems to calculate and charge by dimensions rather than solely on weight or volume.

A dimensioning system (sometimes called a cubing system) uses a measuring process that measures the cubic space an object occupies. This method calculates the dimensional weight a package or object uses. This information is then used to calculate the cost of handling, storage and transporting of the object.

Features of Walz Cube 

Walz has brought new technology to customers searching for a dimensioning system to capture weight and dimensional data for the packages they ship. The Walz Cube is a new cubing and dimensioning system has changed the way businesses manage their shipping process by giving them the dimensional and weight data they need to ship via major carriers.

Below are a few of the exciting components and features the new Walz cubing system offers:
  • Dimensional and weight software for PCs
  • DHL and TNT Plug-in
  • On Demand Plug-in Feature for the UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT Online systems
  • Standard Data Transfer
  • Affordability

A Revolutionary Dimensioning & Cubing

The revolutionary cubing system from Walz also boasts:
  • Real-time data transfer
  • PC client data transfer
  • Constructed of 5 mm aluminum for long-lasting use
  • Plug-in to third party transport booking systems online
  • USB power supply that can be used on mobile cart as a mobile device
The Walz dimensioning system can also provide:
  • Data management: The dimensioning system can measure dimensions, volume, weight and volume weight.
  • Definable dim factors by the user
  • Allows users to save their data as a .csv file
  • Provides internal AUTO calibration for both volume and weight
  • Provides users with counting pieces for totalization of the counting data

Seamless System Integration

Integration of standard data transfer into ERP or WMS has been an expensive challenge in the past, but the Walz cubing system has made it a standard feature.

The Walz Cube dimensioning system can also be used as a stand-alone system. Whether you choose to use it on a table or integrate it into a conveyor system. It’s your choice!

If shipping costs are a factor in your business, you can’t afford to be without a dimensioning system. Why not make sure that you have the best in the business?

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