Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 Security Systems That All Small Businesses Should Consider

There are critical and important elements even in small businesses that require protection such as files, computers and other assets. Business security system should not be seen as expensive or extravagant because its overall contribution to the business security and success is overwhelming. You should not ignore incorporating security systems for your business, because they not only protect your business against tangible breaches, but also digital theft and online security threats.

The type of security system you install for your small business depends on what you want to protect in your business. Below are three types of security systems that you should highly consider:

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems monitor and protect your business both from the inside and from the outside. Video surveillance cameras are essential in case you want to monitor the progress of your business through the day. Many video surveillance systems can be integrated with your mobile device or even the web for easier access even when you are far from your business premises.

This system helps you track the action of your customers as well as your employees round the clock. It also gives you a video proof in the event that you need to file an insurance claim for damages or theft. You can easily install this systems via a vendor who sell them to you and also help you in setting up the necessary software to run the system.

Alternatively, you can turn to the web and purchase the security cameras and other accessories and install them yourself. When you opt to install the system yourself, the cost is significantly reduced because the only cost you incur is that of the security cameras and their accessories. On the other hand, a professional vendor will charge you an initial installation fee and monthly maintenance fee which will sum up to a large chunk of money.

Digital Security System

Digital security and surveillance systems protect your computer and web-based documents and files, customer information, online transactions, and other software programs that helps your business run smoothly. These systems are crucial to your business especially considering the current risk of hacking and identity theft. It helps protect your business from hackers, viruses, spyware and other threats.

Another key importance is protection from massive losses in terms of hours of productivity, interruptions in conducting normal business and potential loss of customer in case the business information is compromised. Such consequences can affect your company greatly even to the extent of bringing it to its knees and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Viruses and spywares can be avoided by installation of a good antivirus program and a firewall program that will protect you from malicious websites. You can also protect your business information by hosting it virtually via online services. You should look for the best service that will not lose or compromise your information.

Access Control Systems

This system prevents access of certain rooms by all employees. Employees with security clearance are the only one allowed to access those rooms. This system can help you keep sensitive or branded business information from falling on the wrong hands. They can also restrict access to certain risky sections of the business to inexperienced employees in case it is a production company.

These systems are easy to use because all you require is to set a keypad entry to a door you want to restrict. You can also setup a networked system that involves access cards. This system is very essential in businesses where certain information is classified and cannot be released to all employees. This includes government institutions and other hierarchical form of businesses. The cost of installing this system depends on the type of hardware that you opt to use and also the number of doors involved.

These three small business security systems can help you in running your small business smoothly without fear of compromise or vandalism. These systems will always keep you appraised of the day to day activities and occurrences in your business premises even when you are away.


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