Friday, October 2, 2015

Has Technology Made Web Presence Optimization Easier for Businesses?

Technology has transformed how people carry out their businesses nowadays. In today's digital age, the secret to attaining success in business is to expand one's web presence and generate more traffic to a company's web properties. 

As a result of this business marketing shift, web presence optimization has become a buzzword in today's business communities. In its very essence, web presence optimization is a strategic integration of various digital marketing channels to be more cohesive and even synergistic in nature. Improving a company's web presence aids in generating solid leads, cultivate a reputation, and entice visitors to take action.

The advantage of developing and executing a web presence optimization strategy is that it's dynamic and constantly evolving with technology and new innovations. Technology, through various aspects and such as social media, search engines and SEO, mobile marketing, and other web-based platforms, has elevated how businesses invest in marketing and optimizing their web presence.

Social Media & Web Presence Optimization

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have tremendously changed internet marketing to most small, medium and large businesses. Social media aids in generating potential leads and interest in businesses.

Adding links to social media accounts a crucial step in making visitors and clients navigate a site freely. Since a majority of the people currently have social media accounts, it is, therefore, important to make clients updated on a regular basis regarding what is happening in a business. A post on social media can reach a wide range of clients. Social media hence have smoothened how clients communicate with their customers.

Social media, therefore, improve a firm’s brand recognition, brand loyalty as well as conversion rates. A business can easily convert potential visitors into loyal customers through social media. Social media, while reducing marketing costs, aid in giving a business higher brand authority. It is thus a powerful tool for enhancing the internet presence of a firm.

Mobile Marketing & Web Presence Optimization

Mobile marketing is the closest way a marketer can get close to a consumer. Lately, about 90% of Americans use mobile phones, and about 64% have smartphones. It is pervasive and personal thus provide maximum proximity to a marketer seeking to reach their consumers. Perhaps, mobile marketing is an effective tool as it allows for a marketer to contact the right individual at a flexible time and place.

It is important therefore for companies and other marketers to have mobile friendly websites when selling their products. This is because a majority of the people does research for the products they want by the use of their mobile phones. Leveraging web presence optimization with mobile marketing is thus a flexible way a marketer can succeed in their online marketing. Through it, a firm can reach a considerately large number of consumers.

SEO & Web Presence Optimization

Technology through search engines, and improving a site's keyword rankings via SEO (search engine optimization), has undeniably improved how a site can be made available to Internet users. Research shows that most consumers make decisions in visiting websites based on the first few results that they get online.

Sites that rank highly in search engine realize better web presence optimization efficacy. The use of relevant content, a strong and SEO-friendly website, and link acquisition from other sites is ideal formula for a business to improve its web presence in the organic search results. While doing this independently is challenging for most businesses, there are a number of web presence optimization companies adept in SEO, such as the Web Presence Group.

Laying the Foundation to Your Company's Web Presence

Establishing high quality and clear websites aid in giving it the attractiveness that it needs to win browsers stay a bit longer and read more on it. Additionally, such sites have a compelling force that attracts clients and convert them to potential customers.

Technology has therefore led to the building of sites that are simple to navigate provide the best experience to customers. Valuable sites get more target visitors consequently leading to business growth.

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