Friday, October 9, 2015

Neopost USA's neoShip Software Streamlines Shipping & Receiving Operations

Shipping and receiving operations have long faced challenges as a result of growing cost and changing rules. Today, Neopost USA has a solution for all businesses and individuals who would love to mainstream the process by making it efficient and cost-effective. They achieve this with the advent of neoShip, one of the most advanced mailing management software solutions for shipping and receiving.

Over the years, Neopost USA has played an instrumental role in providing mailing solutions, shipping services as well as digital communications to people across the 31 countries in which they operate from. Their mission is to connect and help further interactions regardless of the distance. But they do it in a new and innovative way, thanks to the age of multi-channel communication which provides room for speedy delivery and response.

neoShip Software Overview

The Neopost neoShip software platform offers a holistic solution when it comes to shipping all types of packages. It can actually be accessed from a desktop computer by logging into MyNeopost online account. The process should end with a creation of a USPS compliant shipping label. It is as follows:

(a) You will choose your package type and its weight
(b) Fill in the destination shipping address
(c) Choose the date in which you want it delivered, rate and perhaps some extra USPS services
(d) Print the shipping label so it can be affixed on the package

neoShip Software Features

USPS extra services include signature confirmation, parcel tracking, return receipt, electronic return receipt, adult signature-restricted delivery, and many more. With such features, you also expect the software to provide free web-tracking capabilities, address verification, postage refunds, pickup requests and canceled shipment. These features make it convenient to use the platform when shipping a parcel.

neoShip software is a revolutionary piece that will change how people deliver items through shipping. Below are just a few features that provide the advantages and edge that most logistics business, mailing divisions, and shipping and receiving operations demand.
  • Save money with commercial base pricing - When you use their two products -- Prior mail and Prior mail express, you will enjoy huge discounts, whether you're shipping a single package or multiple of them.
  • Save time - Through its powerful built-in features, you can process all your mail and packages efficiently, thus helping you cut down on your trips to the post office.
  • Printing your shipping labels - Using an inkjet printer, laser printer, or a Neopost's thermal label printer, you can actually enjoy the kind of convenience and flexibility never seen anywhere before.
  • Ability to track your package and work with detailed reports - Ideal with most bulk mailing machines, you can confidently track your parcel each step of the way until it arrives at its intended destination. You can also create detailed reports guided by your shipping history and transactions.
  • The free address corrector - Even if there's a mistake on the 'ship-to' address and you didn't realize it, the platform will automatically correct it for you so your parcel doesn't have to end nowhere or in the wrong hands.
  • The free insurance on all mail - Both priority mail and priority mail express products have free insurance you can take advantage of. Priority mail has an insurance value of up to $50 while Priority mail express has $100 attached to it. 
As long as you're using a Windows PC computer coupled with a compatible printer, you should be able to comfortably take advantage of the service. As the perfect complement to support high-volume shipping warehouses and small mailing operations alike, neoShip from Neopost USA is one of the fastest and most efficient way to send packages across the globe.

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