Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Supply Chain Automation Technology: 5 Systems Revolutionizing The Logistics Industry

The technology used for warehouse distribution and order fulfillment is constantly changing. With such a demanding and challenging business model, it is important that today’s technology matches the needs of the business, workers, and the customers. Here are five innovative advancements in technology which includes the areas of in-motion cubing systems, automated checkweigher systems, cold seal packaging systems, RFID tags, and autofulfillment.

In-motion Cubing Systems

In-motion cubing systems are extremely important to the warehouse and shipping business as they determine the weight, volume, and dimensions of shipping packages. An advancement to this area are the in motion cubing systems from Walz. This innovative system specializes in dimensional scanning and weighing, which is ideal for conveyors.

Walz solutions are some of leading dimensioning system products in this area because they have experience with over hundreds of in-motion cubing systems all across the world. There are options for dynamic conveyor belts as well as static weighing, scanning, and labeling. The Walz in-motion package scanner is of the top cubing systems for conveyors. The system measures every item to determine the dimensional size and weight.

Automated Checkweighers

The second advancement in technology is in the automated checkweigher systems. This innovation is also from Wakz. The Walz checkweigher systems offer extreme precision when it comes to scaling.

This is an advancement because it is a far better system than the traditional load cells. There is also a food and drink option that comes with the ability to choose a metal detection. The checkweigher systems under the Walz umbrella also have extremely fast services which makes their systems more leading edge than the others.

Cold Seal Packaging

The third advancement in technology is in the cold seal packaging systems. One of the leading brands in this category is WalzEQ's cold seal packaging machines. This system has several specifications that are above the other cold seal packaging systems. One specification is a touch screen, which allows operators to make easier adjustments.

The Walz cold seal packaging machine has the material for the sealing head where both rolls form the protective pouch. Another is that the machine uses two Rolls of cold seal material that makes the pouch. In terms of the sealing head, the systems does the length cut and end seals all at once. The length for the products is also unlimited for feed models.


The fourth advancement in technology is the RFID tags. Before the RFID tags were invented, monthly inventory counting was laborious. Each and every product total had to be counted and entered in manually. The RFID tags are barcodes that allow products to be scanned. This is a great innovation as it increases the accuracy and cuts down on time.

Autofulfillment Machines

The final advancement in technology is the autofulfillment machines. These machines combine with prior warehouse machines to pull paperwork once an LPN or SKU has been scanned in. With technology changing every day, these five innovations may soon be a thing of the past as more and more logistic warehouses start implement new and advanced technology into their supply chain management operations.


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