Monday, April 11, 2016

Portable Axle Scales: 3 Advancements in Technology & Design

The use of portable axle scales has accelerated significantly in the recent decade. This is primarily because portable axle scales are more convenient, affordable, and versatile compared to more conventional truck scales, such as steel-deck weighbridge scales.
Axle Scale Wheel Weigher

Portable axle scales are also known to be more efficient and accurate. This is a result of advancements in portable weighing technology that have made axle scales and wheel weigher systems advantageous for many different users.

Since these weighing systems were introduced, there have been revolutionary advancements in their technology and design. These advancements have in turn made portable axle scales more functional and efficient for different applications. As a result, more companies prefer to use these types of portable trucks scales to weigh trucks and their loads.

Stronger Components

One of these advancements in portable axle scales technology and design include being made using stronger components. This is an important aspect that gives these modern weighing systems a big advantage. Majority of these systems are being made using stainless steel which is known to be one of the strongest metals. The steel being stainless and strong means that the systems can withstand harsh elements of years of use.
Stainless Steel Portable Axle Scales
The importance of this is that portable axle scale systems are usually used in places with harsh conditions which can easily cause damages if the systems are made using weak components. But the stainless steel ensures these systems do not get damaged easily and therefore they can be used for years without getting damaged. Besides providing optimum efficiency, the stainless steel reduces the repair and replacement costs which would have otherwise been caused by having relatively weak components.

Low Profile Design

Another revolutionary advancement on these axle scales which are portable is being made in a low profile design. This means that the people using these elements do not have to dig small trenches to construct the scales. Good examples are those from Walz scale which come with low profiles therefore allowing them to be used by setting them on the appropriate place.
Low Profile Axle Scales
This increases convenience in their use since there is no restriction that they can only be used in a place where it is possible to dig small trenches. The fact that there is no digging also reduces the time and effort that is used to set these scales.

In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

These portable truck scale systems also have the ability to perform in-motion weighing. This means that the vehicle being weighed by this scale does not have to be static for the measurements to be made. Instead, they are made in a way that users can gather accurate weight readings even while the vehicle is passing over the scale at low speed of 3-5 MPG.

In-motion weighing with portable axle scales also increases the convenience of using these scales and also saves on time. Furthermore, taking the weight readings while the vehicle is in motion captures all the aspects of the weighing process and as a result the recordings are more comprehensive.

Portable axle scales and truck scales from Ag Weigh and Walz Scale come with a convenient carry case for optimal mobility.
All the revolution advancements on these systems are meant to make sure users are able to use the systems in a more interactive manner. These improvements make the scales easier to use while at the same time providing more accurate results. The improvements have been put in place gradually but currently almost all the companies that make these scales ensure their scales have all the modern qualities.

However, it is always advisable to check for these qualities while deciding on which portable scale to use. Therefore, technology advancement and innovations have resulted to helpful revolutionary advancements in portable axle scale technology and design which have in turn resulted to the scales being better.

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