Tuesday, December 8, 2015

3 Bush Hog Loader Attachments That Make Earth Moving Easier

When a farmer, excavator, landscaper, or similar professional sets out for their day, they seek ways to make their work a bit easier and less complicated. While still showing pride in the work that needs to be completed throughout the day, many people from different professions rely on quality equipment to remove obstructions and obstacles from the terrain.

Bush Hog The landscapers, excavators, farmers, and agricultural professionals show unmatched pride in their life's work of keeping the country moving forward. In order to do that, Bush Hog has created certain attachments for equipment that can make excavation and other types of earth moving easier. There are three types of Bush Hog loader attachments that offer the ability to freely do their work.

Bush Hog LLR Series Landscape Rakes

Bush Hog LLR Series Landscape Rakes
The Bush Hog Landscape Rake comes in the LLR Series and is rather a light and compact landscape tool. It can be essential for such jobs as removing debris and brush from a certain area while still maintaining a well-groomed appearance. It is built with a tubular type of construction and has tines which are heat-treated.

The widths, which range from 4 feet to 7 feet, gives the operator a good amount of space for the area to be cleared. The typical tractors that this rake is suitable for is the 35 PTO HP. In order to move any debris or other obstacles in order to plant seeds and ensure the appearance of the landscape, the Bush Hog Landscape Rake is a must have for farmers and landscape artists everywhere.

Bush Hog Speed Seeder Series (with Speed Drill)

Bush Hog Speed Seeder Series
After the landscape has been cleared with the rake, the Speed Seeder Series with Speed Drill is uniquely created to enhance its versatile nature. In agriculture, it is important to ensure that there are enough crops.

With the Speed Seeder Series, the customer is able to use various types of seeds with the exact same seed box. Primarily used for pastures and other types of large food type of plots, the Speed Seeder Series also has a gearbox that can be easily accessed in the instance that a change needs to be quickly made. Many Bush Hog loader parts are made available for this series of equipment.

Bush Hog Rear Mounted Blades

Bush Hog Rear Mounted Blades
For other projects, such as clearing ditches and other essential road maintenance, the Bush Hog Rear Mounted Blade is perfect for the job. Able to be used for tractors with a horsepower of 90 PTO, the Blade is proficient with its function in both the reverse and forward positions as it tilts and angles at any required alterations.

The mainframe of the Bush Hog Mounted Blade is created with a heavy duty style and has the necessary high level of strength with a moldboard which is reinforced. Created with every need taken into consideration, the tubular and A Frame proves that this machine can handle the most difficult of jobs.

While excavating and moving the earth can be a difficult task, Bush Hog has strived to use all the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure the job is done in an easier manner. The project that needs to be completed will be done right the first time with these three Bush Hog front-end loader attachments.

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