Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Evolution of Truck Scale Technology

Trucks that carry various loads or products from one place to another often need to be weighed, either to determine the load weight (and valued) or the entire truck to ensure it's within designated weight limits.
evolutionary truck scale technology

This measurements is often derived using truck scales, which give an accurate value truck axle weight and/or weight of the load carried by the truck. Truck scales may not seem like a big deal but they are quite important for companies to increase their profits and streamline their plans. While some companies may only require to weigh 10 trucks per day, other business models may be required to weigh thousands of trucks in a day.

Advancements & Adaptation of Truck Scales

The truck scale systems of today need to be accurate along with being reliable for providing the most value and use to the business owners. Since truck scales are faced by harsh weather conditions and constant running over by heavy trucks they need to be very durable and also need to provide correct measure for weight under varying weather and environmental conditions.

While earlier trucks were weighed by keeping them on a ramp and then separately measuring them one by one, a number of advancements have made it very easy to measure the weight of trucks. Also, accurate machines give a precise amount of weight of the trucks. Some of the advancements which have propelled the truck scales to a new generation include some of the following features.

Weigh-in-Motion Truck Scales

weigh in motion truck scales
Weigh-in-motion is a feature in new truck scales which are able to measure the weight of a truck while it passes over them. These scales do not require the truck to stop but only require it to be moving with regular speeds or sometimes with reduced speed in the old versions.

Weigh-in-motion scales measure the gross weight and the axle weight of the vehicle as it passes over them. Often integrated as portable axle weighing scales, these systems are used in a number of places such as designing of pavements and bridges, enforcing a size and weight limit on vehicles etc.

Dynamic Design & Impervious Construction

design truck scalesDesign of truck scales has been improved so that they can measure sensitive data without being damaged or needing calibration. Truck scales are made using function dynamics and static design principles using various technologies.

Today's truck scales are also designed to bear a number of unexpected environmental variables or damages such as rain, lightning, sunlight, etc. The weighing scales have been improved and classified into various sizes depending on the size of trucks they would be used to measure.

integrated truck scale softwareIntegrated Truck Scale Software

Software integration into the truck weight scales helps the users to record the data easily at all times. There are also an automatic feature in most of the truck scales which helps them to measure the weight of all the trucks which pass over them.

Software integration into the weighing scales makes them much easier to use without much expertise or hassle. The data can be clubbed easily and also computed using different procedures. The data can also be transferred with ease and sent to various authorities and people for inspection or review.

Overall, the truck scales have gone a massive revolution due to these features making them much better to use for various purposes.

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