Thursday, December 31, 2015

Strapping Machines: Breaking Apart Today's Strapper Technology

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The most important job of a strapping machine is to ensure that users deliver goods to their customers safely. By not selecting the right strapping machine, no matter how effective your quality control is, if the product doesn’t get packed properly, then it won’t satisfy the customers need.

This article is intended to offer insight on various forms of strapper technology and how to get the perfect strapping machine specially designed for your application. But first let’s clear the confusion that exists between semi-automatic strapping machines and automatic strapping machines. These two are the basic types of strapping machines for sale, but we there are also other types that you will find on the market.

Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

  • Semi-automatic strapping machines: Semi-automatic strapping machines are ideal for low volume operations, backups or offline strapping. They are not very long, and their typical size is that of a small desk. Unlike the fully ones the semi- automatic strapping machines requires an operator, where he or she picks the loose end of a strap fed on the machine, and using his hand loops it around the package and feeds it to the other end of the sealing area. The machine then tensions the strap as per set tension.
  • Fully automatic strapping machines: Unlike the semi-automatic they do not require an operator, they allow hand free operation and the operation of strap process is usually by a foot pedal, or a push button a little bit pricier that semi ones. They are high-performance machines ideal for heavy duty use and the strapping time on them can be less than 3 sec.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Strapping Machine

There a wide range of features in today's semi-auto and automatic strapping machines for sale on the market. Some of the primary features you'll want to consider include:
strapper machine for sale
  • 1. Auto feed: without having this feature, strapping a package can be extremely difficult. But sometimes you do not need it if you are changing your coils ever month, but if you are doing it each and every day, then do not overlook this important feature.
  • 2. Loop Ejection: Loop ejects feature increase reliability and the production continuity. Without it, you will have to re-set the machine manually if there is any jam. If you have high volume operation this a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • 3. Size: it is important to size your strapping machine according to your package volume. It would be very wise and less costly if you choose the semi-automatic machine when performing low-volume operations. The semi automatic strapping machine might also prove valuable in the event of your fully automatic machine is down or jammed.
  • 4. Strap type:- Just like any other industrial equipment, a strapper requires a certain amount of maintenance. So make sure you use a good strap, one that is consistency in width and the gauge and one that has minimal curves. I find many machines problem resulting from the type of strap in usage.

There are other features like the strapping speed, the power supply and consumption and the strap width, thickness and length, all that should not be ignored.

There are huge selections of strapping machines currently on the market, some of the very brand new and some comes as second hand. Some people prefer going for the second hand because of the price factor, and if you decide to own a second hand strapping machine make sure it’s refurbished and fully working and, if possible, find one with parts and labor warranty.

If you use the above checkpoints when selecting the right strapping machine, you will definitely get encouraging feedback from satisfied customers.


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