Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Athletic Apparel Technology Behind Today's Top Cycling Jerseys

Cycling is passion that many individuals enjoy for countless hours at a time. For this reason, it's essential for cyclists to wear top-quality jerseys made from premium materials and fabrics to help keep them dry and comfortable.

In this post, we're going to take a close look at some of the athletic apparel technology behind today's top cycling jerseys. So if you're shopping for a new cycling jersey, you may want to consider buying a product tailored from one of the follow types of fabric.

Airpass Pro+

Airpass Pro+ Cycling Jersey
Primarily composed of polyester, Airpass Pro+ is one of the most popular and widely-used material for cycling jerseys. This type of fabric is common because of the advanced moisture-wicking technology used in its manufacturing. Due to this technology, the perspiration is wicked from the body, and even after copious sweating, the jersey can still remain dry. This feature makes it very comfortable for the cyclists.

The material of Airpass Pro+ is also designed with AIRthrough for ensuring maximum breathability. Airpass Pro+ also provides 30+ SPF UV protection. The fabric is used by many companies, including Sobike, Excelsior, Brainstorm Gear and cycling jerseys. The many benefits of this material include its quality of being able to dry quickly, sun protection and breathable.

Bio-Ceramic Cycling Jersey

Bio-Ceramic has been recently introduced to the market of cycling jerseys and is gaining a lot of attention and demand. It is being appreciated by professional cyclists for its high level of comfort. Bio-Ceramic is composed of ceramic oxides and natural minerals. Both these elements are then mixed together at very high temperature. Due to this composition the material is able to release far infrared light which then helps in stimulating the blood flow by penetrating deep down into the muscles.

As a result, the stamina is improved and helps to reduce the body aches. Bio-Ceramic material is also very absorbent in nature and it has a very soft touch. Due to all these features the jerseys made from this material are very expensive. Ale, Santini and arragons do make use of this material for their cycling jerseys.

Merino Wool 
Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

Merino Wool is another popular material used for manufacturing cycling jerseys, particularly vintage-style cycling jerseys. The material is the most water resistant material available in the market. It has around ten times more ability to absorb and release the moisture, if compared with polyester and nylon based materials.

Merino Wool acts according to the weather. In warm weather, it keeps the cyclists cool by using the quality of heat absorption and evaporation. While in cold weather it traps the body heat so as to keep the athletes warm. It can be used in sunny days as well as it is UV resistant. It also has the quality of being odorless and hardly gets any stain. Merino wool is very soft in touch and perfect for sensitive skins. Isadore, TORM and jura cycle clothing are few brands that manufacture merino wool cycle jerseys.

All the cycle jersey materials have their own features and qualities. The type of material chosen by the cyclists depends on many factors like weather, area and skin type. Choosing the right type of clothing improves the performance largely.

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