Monday, June 13, 2016

Web Presence Optimization: A New Look at SEO & Internet Marketing

Over the last few years, SEO best practices have significantly evolved from focusing keywords and website optimization to optimize all content and platforms across a brand's entire web presence. This change marks the emergence of Web Presence Optimization (WPO), a new and more cohesive approach that takes SEO and Internet marketing to higher level.
Web Presence Optimization Strategy Ideas

Unlike SEO that centers on a brand's website (and the search metrics surrounding the site,) web presence optimization focuses on an entity's website, blogs, social media profiles, and search engine presence (organic and paid) to improve its overall visibility, findability, and engagement with users. The main aim of the web presence optimization is to optimize across all possible platforms in an all-inclusive manner.

WPO is beneficial to businesses as it gives an insight into the business digital footprint by tracking, managing and measuring the entire web presence for organic search without breaking the budget, which makes it suitable for all businesses small and large.

How WPO is Reshaping SEO

WPO is Reshaping SEO
The web presence optimization brings together social media, SEO, and content marketing as an integrated practice that ultimately leverages the power of earned and owned media for greater discoverability of the business content in social and search platforms. In making this success, the methodology used takes into consideration all essential factors such as the recent Google’s algorithm changes and the role of the content marketing as the basic ingredient of a strong web presence for effective content marketing and greater content discoverability.

Some SEO and internet marketing companies are really making a push for web presence optimization. is one such company that has created specific programs for web presence optimization and marketing.

In addition to the primary factors, the smart marketers are also focusing on two related secondary trends that help set their outcomes and strategies apart from the competitors. These secondary factors include the keyword-driven content for the sales funnel and content distribution. By using data to inform their content marketing, the digital marketers have an opportunity to deeply understand how their prospects search terms change as well as possible content gaps throughout the sales funnel. This allows businesses to create content that is relevant for each stage of the sales funnel based on the relevant keyword progression.

Where to Focus Your Web Presence Optimization Strategy

With web presence optimization, digital marketers also understand that although businesses invest a lot of resources and time in creating content, they do not do enough on distributing it through the right channels at the right time and to the right audience to fully maximize the returns of their efforts. Businesses need to understand that a published and minimally socialized blog post or any other content through the business social channel is only scratching the surface. The best WPO strategies should focus on social influencers and utilize every social influencer as a distribution point for the content to create a strong web presence.

A strong web presence gives the business an opportunity to audition for the attention of prospects based on who, what and where they are seeking. In web presence optimization, focusing on who offers your business with an opportunity to create positive attributes by creating a strong foundation that reduces the chances of negative attributes in the future. It also enables customers to aid your sales team in reinforcing your brand reputation and trust through association.

WPO enables the business to be found for what it is offering leading in early-stage opportunities. By focusing on the where aspect, the WPO helps your business put efforts and resources into channels that generate quality backlinks, grow domain authority and increase keyword rankings naturally and sustainably.

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