Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In-Motion Wheel Weighers Make Wake in Truck Scale Technology

For freight forwarders, shippers, and companies associated with logistics and transport functions, establishing internal systems to comply with highway truck weight regulations is critical. Stats reveal that overloaded trucks enhance damages to infrastructure and really pose greater hazards such as traffic accidents among the issues of other roads. With truck scale technology evolving, new systems and methods of weighing trucks are available.

In-Motion Wheel Weighers
Wheel weighers have become very advanced, low-profile weighing tools for many
different applications, including mining, farming, logistics, and freight.

In-motion wheel weighers, a type of portable truck scales, are one of the most highly-sought weighing systems in logistics and distribution sectors (as well as various other industries.) Highly-enforced regulations have prompted a lot of companies to adopt accurate, durable and reliable weighing devices to remove guess work. Offering optimal accuracy, efficiency, and portability, in-motion wheel weighers are among the best options available, and some truck scale companies are offering this advanced system for rent.

New Cutting-Edge Technology & Design

In-motion wheel weighers are lightweight and also completely mobile systems which can be used almost anywhere for heavy-duty vehicles weighing. They are really low-profile systems which feature an easy weighing platform in which trucks drive on.

As a truck passes over the weighing system, the scale will record the real weight of the vehicle and axle weight. They usually come with highly sensitive load cells which are capable of recording the exact weight of a truck. The system can then send the data to a particular remote terminal or mobile application.

See the in-motion axle scale model from AgWeigh. This video is of the AXW-Series axle scales from AgWeigh, a specialized truck scale supplier that offers weighing systems specifically for farmers and agricultural producers. Learn more about this company at

This portable truck scale is also equipped with rugged ramp enables trucks to drive over the wheel weigher slowly at 3-5 MPH speeds, just slow enough in order that the wheel weigher could calculate the axle of the truck and even load weight while in a specific motion.

As you measure the gross weight of a particular vehicle, the axle weight has to be measured first. And then, any addition gives the total weight of the truck. As an empty truck’s weight is determined, then it easy to calculate the transit goods net weight.

Benefits of In-motion Wheel Weigher Scales

In-motion wheel weigher scales offer a wide variety of benefits for customers. Some of the most notable benefits of utilizing portable wheel weigher scales are:
Wheel Weigher Scales

  • High degree of accuracy. With the load cells being ultra-sensitive, these truck scales give accurate weight readings therefore becoming the wide-known solution in vehicle weights measurement.
  • Highly portable. It comes in a package of wires, terminal and weighing pads. It is too easy to carry and also takes the least space in the cars back. The huge portability has really made these the most sought-after scales available.
  • Easy to install. Wheel weighers are pretty simple to install than other weight measurement system. It needs the least time to install and then record truck weights. Due to their compact sizes, these portable truck scales could be installed by one person. It doesn’t need any additional infrastructure to set up.
  • Cost-effective in truck weighing. They can be really used at any time or place. Additional, these portable axle scales record vehicle weights irrespective of the time, axle number, and speed.
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