Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 5 Automation Systems for Packing, Shipping, & Logistics

At the end of every production process, the finished product has to be efficiently and functionally-packed and secured for shipping. However, the growing volume of smaller, more regular and frequent orders has challenged conventional means of storing, packing and shipping products, but it is also forcing companies to look at their logistics operations in ways they never considered necessary before.
Automation Systems

For this reason, automation systems are now the future of industrial and logistics automation. Some processes have been completely automated. This has the advantage of saving labor, but automation systems are also used to save energy & materials as well as to enhance quality, accuracy and precision.

This same code of automation systems, to reduce labor time spent on manual entry in the planning process of the movement of procured and sold products in the supply chain, also known as logistics system, helps lower costs and impact the end result, all while reducing error and enhancing overall customer service. In this article, we are going to have an in depth look at five automation systems that provide the greatest impact on packaging, shipping, and logistics processes.

Strapping Machines 

Strapping Machines are the perfect way to secure goods, packages, or cartons for safe hauling: quickly, efficiently and with nominal use of materials. Essential for many types of logistics and fulfillment warehouses, strapping machines are suitable for all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes. Cardboard boxes which correspond to the European packaging standards are particularly well-suited to strapping.

The strapping machine functions by pulling and fastening a band of plastic and metal around the products, thereby keeping them immobile during transport. Depending on the needs of the logistics company, there are you semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping machines which enable you to reliably and efficiently bundle your packages, boxes, parcels or other items, or have them secured for shipping – all with maximum availability.

Cubing & Dimensioning Systems 
Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Cubing and dimensioning systems have been central pieces of warehouse and logistics equipment for decades. They offer precise and real-time parcel size and weight data since they are equipped and integrated with software. This allows workers to store materials safely on racks, collect them on pallets, and then load them on trucks.

Many operators opt to use the new dimensioning and cubing technology systems and equipment because of their precision, dependability, and turn-key installation. Unlike the conventional cubing and dimensioning systems, these new automation systems are effective, convenient, cost effective and durable. Like mentioned above, the logistics company can integrate them with their business’s existing system (e.g. conveyor systems) and this helps reduce setup costs.

Automatic Box Cutter Machines

Automatic Box Cutter MachinesAutomatic box cutter machine is a technology in the logistics process which automatically opens boxes on a conveyor system or other “pass through” environment. These automation systems was invented because of a gap in automation technology which exists in large warehouses and distribution centers. Looking at few advantages of using an automatic box cutter machines, you can see the how their function is highly valuable in a variety of high volume industries.

The speed and accuracy of this system aid in numerous key areas. These include repacking mixed cases, opening and processing returns, and more. Since the machines are programmable and are completely safe to products, there is less product waste and you save more labor time on being cautious with a box knife. Therefore, besides increasing the speed and accuracy of workflow, the automatic box cutter machine also reduces strain and likelihood of injury on the personnel. From modular to intelligent you’ll find automation systems that engage you and suit your needs.

Applicators & Labeling Systems

Applicators & Labeling Systems
Automatic label applicators can rapidly apply pre-printed pressure sensitive labels to all sorts and sizes of products and packages. Each applicator and labeling system model is uniquely designed for addressing specific labeling requirements. Any of the automatic label applicator is matched with a labeling head and is capable of delivering repeatable label placement accuracy. These automation systems vastly improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your packaging line.

They help reduce labor costs, minimize operator fatigue and prevent label wastage. Applicator and labeling systems are generally cost effective, and simple to operate as well as maintain. They are widely used in the third-party logistics and shipping process in different industry segments such as cosmetics, fancy goods, gifts article, consumer products, agriculture, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are available as part of the complete logistics system offering. They can transport goods vertically, horizontally, around corners, and also handle declines and inclines. However, market-leading automated conveyor systems range offer more than just optimal transportation. They join processes together, and help deliver and take away products – automatically, as well as on cue.

These automation systems can store products and packages until the next machine or person needs them, sort or merge the packages intelligently, and can facilitate several functions that add value to the order-fulfillment process, like packing and weighing. There are various types of conveyors including roller-type conveyors for cases, chain conveyors for heavy cargo, accumulation conveyors, and inclined belt conveyors. They are available in flexible designs to match and accommodate the features and installation requirements of customers’ loads.