Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Woods Finish Mowers for Performance Lawn Care

Do you desire a professionally groomed lawn? Are you looking for the ideal Woods finish mower to fit the bill?
Woods Finish Mowers

If yes, then you're making a great decision to invest in a premium lawn mower manufacturer. Woods finish mowers better ensure that your lawn is not only clean, but also crisp and well-manicured all year round.

There are many manufacturer that offer finish mowers, and each of them comes with unique features. The main reason as to why Woods finish mowers are popular among homeowners is that they come with a unique rounded front and tapered-side rear discharge features that increase maneuverability. This increases productivity while minimizing trim time. Some of the most popular models include:

Woods PRD6000 Rear Mount Mower

Woods PRD6000 Rear Mount MowerThe PRD6000 finish mower from Woods comes with a three-point hitch Cat 1 feature, a 60-inch cutting width at the rear discharge, a 15-40 HP tractor power range and a strong eight gauge steel deck. This mower is perfect for mowing sports fields, parks and large lawns. Because it's a popular model that's been produced in volume, it's easy to find replacement Woods finish mower parts for the PRD6000.

This Woods finish mower is equipped with floating lower hitch terrains that manage uneven terrain. Its Kevlar belt and clutching cover protect delicate components hence increasing the lifespan. To reduce shock loads, this finishing mower has anti-shimmy caster wheel springs. Other compelling features of the Woods PRD6000 finish mower include: powerful 60hp gearbox, tubular caster wheel arms for strength and a 6-year gearbox warranty.

Woods RD60 Rear Mount Mower

Woods RD60 Rear Mount Mower
Among the line-up of Woods finish mowers, the RD60 model works best with 15-35 HP compact tractors. It has a 60-inch cutting with and an overall width of 61 inches. The three-point hitch on the Woods RD60 rear mount finish mower is that of Cat1 make. For high quality cuts and great material distribution, this machine has a 4.6 inch deck depth together with baffling and rear discharge design.

For better maneuverability and better grass discharge, the Woods RD60 has rounded front corners and tapered deck sides. Its ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures that hook-ups are safer, the machine is faster and easier to use.

Woods RDC54 Rear Mount Mower Woods RDC54 Rear Mount Mower 

The RDC54 model has a 54-inch cutting width and a rear discharge. It uses the limited Cat 1 make in its three-point hitch. This mower is perfect for 15-25 hp compact tractors. It’s rounded front corners and tapered deck sides improve grass discharge and maneuverability.

The Wood RDC54's idler pulleys are loaded with springs. Lastly, this Woods finish mower has a 4.6 inch deck depth in-built with a baffling and rear discharge design for even material distribution and state-of-the-art cuts.

Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing Mower

The Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing mower has a 12.5 foot cutting width and is ideal for 25-60hp tractors. It has three decks that can be mounted to a heavy-duty tractor for triple cut capacity. This implies that you can mow up to 7 acres per hour at 5mph. With its superior cutting capabilities and contoured wing decks, you can mow uneven fields of turf while maintaining quality cuts.

Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing Mower

For strength, the Woods TBW150C Turf Batwing mower comes with round skid rods at the deck. Its rounded front and tapered deck design makes it easy to mow close to objects without damaging them.

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing mower has a 17-foot cutting width and is designed for 40-80hp tractors. It has carrier bearings on the input driveline that provide support required for making tight corners. This Woods finish mower also has a rounded front and tapered rear deck design that makes it easy to mow close to objects.

Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower

Other features of this mower include an optional mulching kit, an anti-scalp roller kit, countered deck wings and a three-year spindle limited warranty. The Woods TBW204 Turf Batwing Mower is premium machine that will deliver an incredible ROI.

The Woods finish mowers are designed to offer high quality cuts while making the work easier for the user. Ensure that you pick the mower that suits your needs.


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