Friday, November 20, 2015

An Inside Look at Land Pride Mower Technology

Land pride technology
Land Pride has devised some of the most advanced landscaping technology to date. Take a look and some of Land Pride's mowers and grooming equipment and you begin to get the idea this is a company that has invested in research and science to its engineering and design.

Land Pride has a reputation for high quality mowers and rotary cutters. Below we profile a few of Land Pride's most state-of-the-art mowing and grooming machines designed for serious land clearing and landscaping jobs, not small yards. When it comes down to mowing large estates and cutting vast, open fields, Land Pride has the advanced mower technology to handle the job.

Land pride all flex mowerThe AFM4216 All-Flex Mower

You are looking at a mowing angel with this innovative Land Pride design. This awesome mower has a slim design with independent deck floatation and a turning radius of zero so you can mow a clear zone all around the machine with precision.

Sporting three wing decks provide a transport width of 8’10” which will work perfectly for larger public areas, the AFM4216 All Flex can reduce cutting time for larger areas, this is the model you want.

The AFM4211 All-Flex Mower

When it comes to finishing mowers, this particular model from Land Pride offers you the perfect cut quality you are going for. Again, deck floatation independent of the body allows you to cut expansive areas with precision. You can catch those spanning edges and produce a good finish mowing job in less time than you would normally expect with the AFM4211 All-Flex mower.

Land pride all flex mower

Then some of the real beauty comes in. Sometimes you have to transport the mower for some distance. Using hydraulic cylinders, this amazing Land Pride finishing mower actually lifts the wing decks to narrow down to a width of 7’8”. You can ride fast and far through narrow territory to get to the next spot.

The FDR36 Grooming Mower

If you need power, durability, and functionality, the FDR36 Grooming Mower offers the muscle to create perfect edge mowing and steady flow over unsteady territory. The mower alone gives you professional appeal because of such advanced capability. Need replacements parts for this Land Pride grooming mower? No problem. This popular model is designed for decades of maintenance with easy to find Land Pride mower parts all over the web.

Land pride grooming mower

This is a rear discharge mower for commercial use. It has a 90” monster width to consume huge amounts of grass at a time. The blades spin at 16.500 fpm, making this one of the best grooming mowers on the market. There is also a Category 4 drive to quick-couple this through harsh terrain, but you come up with the best results every time.

Land Pride Disc Harrows

Whether you're building a large garden or maintaining a large farm, you need to have a competent disc harrow. Land Pride makes some of the best disc harrows in the industry. Land pride disc harrow

There are the DH1560, the DH1572, and finally, the DH1590. These numbers and letters may not mean much but they describe a line of powerful disc harrow models with features like blades which are heat-treated which is perfect for tilling good farming beds. You can order different disc gangs depending on applications. You get strength and speed with all models of disc harrows and Land Pride rotary cutters. Look into this company’s products for all your professional or high-scale landscaping needs.

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