Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 3PL Software Solutions in Review

Third party logistics (3PL) providers rely on advanced software platforms to manage all aspects of their clients' supply chains. From streamlining communications to keep track of inventory, 3PL software is vital tool for success in managing logistics.

There are constant new advancements in today's 3PL software platforms. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing system or introduce a new platform for your logistics operations, below are three top 3PL software solutions designed for advanced 3PL's and in-house supply chain managers alike.


This 3PL software is designed specifically to optimize how third-party logistics service providers operate. 3PLink is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is fully automated and can help to increase productivity, responsiveness, reliability, and accuracy.

With clients’ web visibility security 24/7, wireless scanning or EDI, and automated reporting, customers are guaranteed satisfaction, as it also leads to top quality power with a quick Return on Investment (ROI). With this kind of software, you can add new technology and buy what is needed today as your client base demands.
3plink software 3pls

3PLink has been a market leader software since 1987 and continues to use cutting-edge technologies in order to help companies increase accuracy, reliability, and productivity.

Benefits of 3PLink 3PL Software

  • This software is user friendly, fast in operation, and very easy to learn.
  • Customer response and service is excellent.
  • It can help you to design or configure reports hence making your customers happy, as these reports are custom designed just for their specific needs.
  • It is also robust in configuration options.
  • It can guarantee satisfaction on the part of customers by offering automated reporting, wireless scanning, and KPI dashboards.

Slingshot Enterprise Business Suite Software

Slingshot 3PL software offers resource planning solutions to small and big businesses. Slingshot software offers a good supply chain planning, forecasting, order fulfillment and the best breed procurement, supplier management, warehouse management and demand planning within the suite.

Slingshot 3pl softwareApart from offering advanced technical applications to their customers, they also deliver their ERP software on the internet hence there is no need for additional programming or hardware, giving you constant access no matter where you are.

When you have Slingshot software, it can accelerate communication between you and your suppliers, decrease error caused because of manual entry, and increases your procurement options.

Benefits of Slingshot Enterprise 3PL Software

  • The software is flexible and can adjust to fit your needs.
  • Apart from having a cloud-based deployment, Slingshot is also scalable.
  • Has a friendly user interface, which is easy to use.
  • It can help you define time, resource needed, and deliverables for proper deployment.

Infor Supply Chain Management Software

Infor Supply Chain Management software is designed to help businesses by optimizing their supply chain. The software platform can be applied to demand planning, strategic sourcing, supplier management, procurement, sales planning, manufacturing planning, and operation planning.

infor supply chain management
With analytics from Infor SCM’s core, it can help companies or organizations to gain greater visibility on every aspect of supply chain ranging from scheduling and focusing to planning and execution.

Benefits of 3PLink 3PL Software

  • Infor SCM can help you improve shipping and inventory operations.
  • Can help companies optimize labor and resource utilization.
  • With this software you can improve both internal and external communications. External communication includes customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • It can help organizations develop the ideal network for their supply chain that can meet their current needs.
  • The software is also designed to improve worldwide supply chain collaboration.
  • It allows companies to respond quickly and effectively to the market’s fluctuations.

Therefore, in order to use the 3PL software you need to understand the requirements for your business, have the product in-depth demonstration in order to determine the software capabilities and domain expertise of the vendor.

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